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  1. i second HexBolt8's suggestion, these would be awesome with Devious Devices, and they look awesome.
  2. awesome mod, but could do with a changelog section on the mod page so that folks like me can see what has changed, pretty much perfect otherwise, imo
  3. skimmed through all the posts here, and didn't see anyone ask, so i will, any plans to convert this for SE? SE seems to be a little more stable for mods for me, so that's what i mainly mod.
  4. mod looks amazing in the pics, but was wondering if you had any idea how long it would take for the SE version to be ready? i try to only mod my SE because it seems to be a lot less crash-happy and less problematic than the regular verison of the game, so i use the regular version for mod free playthroughs and SE for modded playing
  5. I would really like to see a mod that adds handcuffs and collars like the ones in the Real Handcuffs mod for Fallout 4 to Skyrim SE. I know it would be a little bit immersion breaking, but it would be really cool. Here is the original mod:
  6. just tried with f4z ro doh disabled, and with one patch active, and still missing a ton of dialogue, and it freezes when the first anim starts to play for the mistaken slave bit on the ship
  7. i got the errant page in the milkmaid story as well, but completely forgot about it
  8. yeah, for me, it wasnt even showing half of the npc lines, havent tried with it disabled, been busy as hell the last couple days, but am about to be trying it in a few minutes
  9. going to try with f4z ro doh disabled and one patch installed tomorrow, its already like 5:45 am for me, so im going to bed, lol, also with the expiremental outfit, when i got through the first 3 spots of cleaning, the game softlocked, and wouldnt let me do anything, the girl came and talked to me, and then it wouldnt let me do anything
  10. my character is indeed female, so that might have something to do with it, also, a lot of the dialogue is invisible for me for some reason even though i have f4z ro doh (the silent voice mod that shows dialogue for other mods that would otherwise be invisible
  11. 4: i am running some creature modifying mods 5: i do not run one patch
  12. 1: i am having the same issue with brook as everyone else is, and i tried the move to the guard fix and it didnt work for me 2: the mistaken slave bit on the ship freezes my game to where i have to force quit and restart 3: i cant interact with blackbeard (cant figure out how to) 4: with the vr bit on the ship i get stuck in the vr 5: with the petplay couple on the ship, my game gets stuck because the 3rd anim wont play
  13. so, im having an issue, before i updated to the most recent versions of skse, sexlab, papyrus, additem menu, fuz ro doh, and race menu, my game would launch, even if sexlab was broken, but now that i updated to the most recent versions, my game wont even launch, and those are the only things that changed. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Note that if you have any mod that adds buildings or other stuff to the town, the shop might be inside another building. thanks, i finally found it, turns out a player home mod on the other side of the city was causing it to not appear, i took that mod out, and now its there, thanks for the help
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