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  1. Damn, it would've been really convenient to have some extra keys for mods. Thank you for explaining them for me.
  2. Does anyone else not know what half the keys on their keyboard do for their mods, or am I just simple? Is there a mod out there that let's you assign the extra physical keys some keyboards have (G-Keys). How do you keep track of all mod functions on the keyboard?
  3. If I wasn't 600 pounds, diabetic and asthmatic I could probably do it in real life no problem.
  4. That is pretty sexy. I would make an exemption in my skyrim for Soccer balls and red stilettos.
  5. By immersive I'm talking about stuff that doesn't drag you out of the game world. Obviously anything modern does this. Also things that make you realize you're just playing horny Skyrim, for example dialogue that is overly misogynistic and uses weird modern phrases and slurs. I'm looking for a mod setup that adds interesting adult themes but isn't absurdly pornographic. You know what I mean, it's not immersive (for example) for Bellethor to silent-voice call you a cumslut and then attach a collar to your neck just to give you a hard time. In my opinion: A mod that
  6. Stop making out like I'm criticizing anyone. I went out of my way to really emphasize that I'm not doing that. The intention of my original Post was pretty clear, that being : "Does anyone want to share their list of mods" if that topic is considered "talking nonsense" then I'm lost. This is the General Discussion thread, where people with conflicting views can DISCUSS their opinions and come to understand each other, not be called a complainer for bringing up a topic that I feel is relevant to a considerable number of people. The examples I gave were to get a point acr
  7. JUST SO PEOPLE KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I'M COMING FROM. I am not saying any mods are bad or shouldn't exist. I am simply suggesting that many adult mods (that are relied upon and found the basis of adult Skyrim modding) seem to be heavily focused on making Skyrim an absurd medieval porn-scape of fluorescent latex cat-suits and milk-pumps. I DON'T THINK that opening a booby-trapped container and waking up in a machine manufactured corset, high heels and sexy librarian glasses is immersive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these mods or enjoying them, but there is also
  8. I'm not shitting on any mods here. I don't agree with justifying non-immersive mods with how broken or nonsensical base Skyrim is. Rubber does not belong in any believable fantasy world, and that was just one example.
  9. Is anyone else bothered that majority of adult mods feature a bunch of non-immersive / world breaking elements? For example: Devious Devices are vital to the function of so many other adult mods for Skyrim, and I don't know about the rest of you but seeing a purple latex dress and a ball gag in an "ancient" dungeon chest is just about the worst thing for me when it comes to playing modded Skyrim. Does anyone want to share their list of mods that turns Skyrim into a more realistic adult RPG and less into a ludicrous one. I'm not implying that there is an
  10. Whether a game is for me or not doesn't determine if I can justly criticize it. I happen to enjoy some of the other games you listed that are apparently so similar to Kenshi.
  11. Sandbox is a blanket term and none of those games you just mentioned have much in common except for not having a distinct, predetermined goal. Again, not my problem with Kenshi.
  12. I don't think whether or not the game is for me excludes it from being criticized. I want to clarify that I'm not saying the game has to be what I want it to be, of course not, it can be whatever the creator want and if I don't like it then too bad for me. My original post just trying to get a discussion going about how I and other people feel about the game. Also I'm actually super excited for Kenshi 2 and I hope it's more my thing.
  13. I'm not saying the game needs more guidance, I'm saying the "Sandbox" should have more sand it... and less toddler shit, because did I mention in the first post how bad the game looks? But seriously. I'm not asking Kenshi to be more like Fallout (if that's what you mean by themepark games).
  14. I totally get that part. I would LOVE if more game shared the design of a world that treats you as if you were just another NPC rather than all being power fantasies. However the game should make ME care about IT. And Kenshi just makes me feel like I've wasted hours playing a really primitive simulation, and I've spent countless hours modding skyrim.
  15. Not saying the game needs a story or anything, but I think it leaves too much to the imagination. If it's really going to put all it's eggs into the Sandbox basket, then I think it should have some more systems. I think it's cool that you're finding ways to enjoy the game more, but I feel like a game shouldn't need you to deliberately restrict yourself for you to find new ways to enjoy it. I don't know why all role playing games don't have a system where you can be talented at one thing, but then be heavily penalized at another, sort of like the quirks in Fallout New Vegas but more
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