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  1. i like both fallout 3 and nv since i use ttw im on the fence about fo4
  2. facebook seems to blocked the authacation to love labs said it was blacklisted fb should be blacklisted for being utter morons
  3. try this see if it allows you to load https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78557/ or google load game ctd fix skyrim idk if it works on the se version too
  4. humm if it crashes if you load and save check the verfcation catch from stream see if anything is missing did you upgrade any mod mid game it could of had a game breaking glitch
  5. move your body mashall jefferson as the so goes got have have house music all night long
  6. try reinstalling all of them mods or start a fresh game see if they are picked up but back the old saves up just incase (scrach that ) try disabling them them boot your save up save a fresh one then re enable them see if that works
  7. i use the siren and triden mod race or one of the default races but still caused issues entring some cells idk if there been modifide and there a bug in the mod
  8. i dont play some how makes my game ctd entering some cells could be my pc idk
  9. yes they was very buggy in the end i turned them off shame it was buggy the armor the valkers wore look freaking sweet
  10. ea and pay simsites done it for years breaking eula now tsr gone free forever be shocked if nexus dont block download if you use a adblocker
  11. huh who trust them on nexus since they had there db stolen i wouldnt but just in case to see if your data breached on any website just put your email in i know the site owner and its safe https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  12. shame backally sims whent under sims 2 t&a and stuff was a great mod by chris hatch
  13. 16th and 17th of june i wont be on for 24h its the le mans race and im exsited around june ?️

  14. you know wot relly brings my piss to a boil is the fact the torys are incomptent i mean camaron got nothing right brit exit is a load of shit may is usless hunt is a utter cunt this why i dont vote the system is corrupt ?? same shit diffrent asshole in charge
  15. been thinking who a better pm for the uk may or a trained monkey
  16. i  had a idea replace song of the battale music for higher level dragons with the theme of guile from streetfighter 2

  17. im suprised that you patrion has not been took down by the patrion fun police i have 1 a husky shame the dog or wolf form i s not in i had to restart my saves got corrupted
  18. sex labs is my first install i ever make on skyrim apart from skse
  19. i love this song by foreigner one of my fave power ballard
  20. hey-yo im reaper i love house and chillout music i do listen to classical that was inspired by fantasia and some stuff from argintina radio via tunin radio and j-pop
  21. mine from the doom movie odst the music was good even tho the move sucked best one was the first person shooter track the ony true part of the doom games
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