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  1. Just wanted to say I've been following this mod for a long time and love both idea and execution so far. Feel like us bloody lurking wankers aren't posting enough to let you know tho Keep up the good work!
  2. Good tip though, thanks. I've been looking for a mod to do just that but didnt find any Edit: Its still pretty gamebreaking though since the AI also seems to do it. My galaxy species screen takes almost a minute to load now...
  3. [Bug] 1: The crossbreeding traits create new species even when just 1 of the partners has it. Doesn't match the tooltip so probably a bug 2: They're actually new SPECIES, rather than subspecies of the parents, like with the vanilla trait. In a larger empire with the main race having crossbreeding, this gives you ~10+ new species per month. Which is horrible clutter with no way to fix it unless your empire has Purging, which Xenophile empires will usually not. Merging them via genetic engineering isnt possible since they are separate species Makes the inter
  4. Love the mod! That said, how come you didn't include all the content from MASSA? Some of my favorite stuff, e.g. the instutionalized sex slavery civic or the sadomasochist evoltion are missing. In general, while theres plenty of traits, theres precious few civics Any chance of it being (re)implemented in the future? Also, are there plans for traditions? Ideally integrated with Steam mods like Plentiful Traditions, rather than vanilla
  5. I have some issues with this mod, for example civics being named "civil_WL_lv_incestuous_dogma" etc. Also happens with a bunch of other traits and events ingame. My load order is LV WL as said in the OP. What could be the issue?
  6. Pretty cool mod, I will be keeping an eye on it! Would be great if it could be integrated with carnalitas and other assorted sexual events
  7. I really like the idea of the mod itself, since this is both sexual *and* even sort-of-historical, but for this very reason I strongly dislike the idea of positive opinion modifiers. It really should be the opposite. There is absolutely no evidence that jus primae noctis - if it ever existed - was seen positively by anyone except the Lord who got his dick wet. In fact all the sources we have showcase it as a prime example of tyranny. And why have the alternative to pay money if the act itself was so prestigeous for the family/groom? Also for many people, myself included, it takes
  8. I was surprised that basic nudity in events (e.g. lay with lover) does not seem to be included? Nor are shafts/slits? Or is this a bug on my end?
  9. Does this include similar mods here (like the ritual prostitution by adroit or the one adding a Lilith based faith) or are these separate ones of your own making? If so, maybe you guys could collaborate?
  10. I wonder why circumcision gives a (rather sizeable) bonus to fertility? Only notable differences I know include circumsized penises being (marginally) easier to clean and somewhat more desensitized because the glans is more exposed to friction from pants etc., but if anything desensitation should have the opposite effect (if super minor) Negative fertility for women makes sense though given the sharp drop in enjoyment of sex. Although I'd be interested in the thinking behind the opinion penalties. 1. The status of your genitals would not be at all apparent to most pe
  11. A feature list would be very cool, as well as some screenshots to get more people interested
  12. What does it do though? Why is it on loverslab?
  13. To me this has been the best early mod so far, but a few wishes/suggestions: I would like the cultural aspects of this to extend beyond just the church events. Like... ... options for priestesses to be naked at all times (except for the headdress ideally) ... options to have this for all women/everyone, similar to Nudity laws mod ... flavor text for feasts etc ... "Training" or Induction events and decisions ... Options to visit the church brothel as a catholic ruler, maybe interactions with the existing rakish trait and decisions Basically rn
  14. I'd also like a baseline nudity system. Don't want to download a separate mod everytime just to get rid of the figleaves.
  15. I think characters under a certain age are hardcoded to never be naked because while paradox could get away with showing tiddies, they would have a hard time getting PG rating with pedophilia I have the issue regardless of age though
  16. Doesnt work for me. I get the option to set the law but nobody undresses. Tried all variants, waited a few days (although in primitivism its instant). Version is 1.02 now i think What may be the issue?
  17. They did not get the portrait as adults either though (playing as Elves in Ireland).
  18. Playing as one of the Dark World races, I noticed my children would not get the new portraits (since those are based on race/culture, not traits)
  19. So is there a reason to download the slavery expanded file or is that obsolete for DW 1.67?
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