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  1. The scripts telling people where to go are all over the place. Bellamy will suddenly run off to god knows where, my slave follower will, my slave character will. Is there a console command to reset them?
  2. First of all, great mod. tl;dr: Is there a way to *completely* reset NPC's? Remove all flags from mods, relation to the PC etc? Since due to a likely mod conflict, some of mine are frozen in place and don't react to anything (resetAI, recycleactor etc). Full story below: So I'm using this together with TDF Prostitution which lets you pimp out npcs who will then follow you around. Did this to a couple of them while also having 3 slaves at the time. Got into a big fight, things got chaotic and when the dust settled, my hooker followers were attacking my slaves.
  3. Trying to enslave Lydia as a male master. Works fine until she decides to run off at the part where you are supposed to convince her she's a slut. Runs to the new slave dungeon in Dragonsreach and decides to live there. While I appreciate the initiative, it's pretty clear that this is not supposed to happen (yet? Ever?) as she still acts as if we are in front of Bellamy. Worse, I cannot make her follow me anymore. She doesnt react to stay or follow. If i part ways, she follows me briefly out of the dungeon, but then goes back as soon as we're in the main hall. What coul
  4. Already did that, in fact I disabled all armor mods except BD's replacer. Still missing those basic armors. There are definitely meshes for them though and I tried both using the premade bodyslides that come with the installer (which happen to be for my chosen bodytype cbbe curvy anyway) as well as building them myself via bodyslide Really not sure what could be overwriting it at this point. Might also be a bug with the mod itself but I didn't find anything about that on the nexuspage. Also posted my problem there (I usually try to keep questions contained to the help thread for the mods
  5. I got a random girl to follow me after she paid me to watch. Didnt actually recruit her as a prostitute. Might be related to friendship status you sometimes get after sex, but even then I recall being able to tell those guys to stop following me. Not this one. Are there console commands to tell her to go back home? Also useful for girls i DID recruit because i dont want to go through the full 10customer routine just to get rid of them again. Telling them they're off the clock somehow doesnt cut it
  6. Nvm, thought the problem was fixed but it is not. I reinstalled all mods & meshes and while the robes work again, BD's replacer does not. Or rather, not fully. It overwrites some files but not others. I think the reason is that it does not actually overwrite NordWars vanilla female armors because the files are named differently. Which is weird for several reasons. Does the game recognise multiple formats? (e.g. meshes/steel/f/cuirass.nif vs. meshes/armor_replacer/steel/armor1_F0.nif) How come they are both supposed to overwrite the same vanilla files when their names a
  7. Ok good to know that not specifying a path was actually the way to go. Yeah, the overwrite mods & archives are what I use to update my FNIS/Nemesis/Bashpatch. Strangely, neither BD nor the Bikini replacer seem to put any files into overwrite though when I run bodyslide. Still not entirely sure where they put them. Might be the CBBE folder after all Anyhoooo it works now. Thanks for the help mate
  8. Thanks for the super quick answer. Made me realize my noob mistake to not specify an output folder (I was assuming it would go into the bodyslide mod folder by default.) Bodyslider settings say its being dumped straight into the games main folder/Data though, but that doesn't really seem to be the case either. The Data/meshes folder does not contain the files that bodyslide allegedly put there. Where are they, though? CBBE has a whole bunch of armor meshes. That it? Edit: It appears that way...Let's see if this works
  9. For some reason changing my armor packs does not actually change the armor ingame anymore. I use https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/41285 and https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32518 on top of the armor mods in the OP with the aims of having normal high poly armor for males and more skimpy versions for females. Worked like a charm, however, after running bodyslide a couple times the updates no longer appear ingame. As in, they no longer overwrite some vanilla armors or each other. It is very selective (some Armors from BD's replacer mod do appear,
  10. On a scale of 1-10, how likely is BOSSE to mess up my game? It seems very powerful and the idea to have NPC variety sounds amazing, but powerful tools also tend to cause problems. Been experimenting with it a bit building json files of two slider mods with JBS2BG, but applying the more exaggerated one to my character gave me weird clipping and morphing glitches (e.g. tits getting bigger when applying certain armor pieces even though those were fitted to that body with bodyslide) Reading the documentation on its modpage and the manual, but it seems to be very wordy and p
  11. Having the same problem. Does the quest not work if the prequest is skipped via the Simple Slavery start?
  12. Suddenly Sex Animations will make my character run out of the building and teleport her outside of the map where she'll be stuck while the sex partner dies. What causes this?
  13. Is there a way to make this play nice with EVG Conditional Idles? I think that mod adds tons of immersion so I'd like to keep it, but sadly it seems to overwrite everything in DD (and SD+ for that matter), so my char is covering up her privates while in bondage etc.
  14. Why would it do that though, I thought it only added a single auction scene? Also it's weird to be chained to the air etc. during punishment scenes. Whats up with that?
  15. This probably came up already in 700+ pages, but I'm having some serious issues; 1) The mod animations tend to bug out, actors are misaligned during sex scenes and the camera locks itself, also during punishment scenes even though those were supposed to unlock it? 2) I seem to get punished/lose favor for no reason at all. E.g. getting warped around by an animation and then being too close/too far away from the owner. Or a sex animation breaking down for some reason and losing favor because of it? I'm using a bunch of DAR's animation mods and got initially enslaved via the
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