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    Attention all yall racist Skyrim modders...

    Racism is a very bad card you played there in my opinion, because even as a joke (i prefer to believe it is one, than think you are actually serious), i still find this very offensive.
  2. chaoswings

    More Cages for SD+

    I believe someone requested this song ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQHUAJTZqF0 Sorry []<------
  3. chaoswings

    Conversions for UNPB with BBP

    I hate making request, but since i believe i have reached my limit in what i can do by myself, i might as well ask. Can you make the Silverlight Armor and Young trap working with the weight slider, i tried to do it myself with bodyslide studio but failed miserably (and i failed even harder to understand how blender work), either the result were disapointing or BBP wouldn't work anymore (and i don't know how to weight paint). I thank you in advance for whatever answer you might give (even a negative one)
  4. chaoswings

    What's Your Dream Mod? (Free for all)

    A lot of custom armors/clothes/lingerie converted for the Skinny version of UNP, because i don't like big boobs and it's either not having that much choice or a body type with too much boobs.
  5. chaoswings

    Mod Organizer

    Because : First Mod organiser has a conflict resolving option, unpacking the BSA permits MO to actually see all the files (textures, meshes and scripts), which permit you to determines the load order of your mod (independantly of the ESP) for (for an example) having the priority higher on a set of textures or script than on another, and that, you cannot do with a BSA, for that you must unpack, of course you can manage priority with a BSA but it does not serve any purpose if you don't know what's actually inside. Second, Unpacking BSA permits you to check the "quality" of included textures, it is not a secret that a lot of textures are not optimized at all, the difference in size can vary from Simple to quintuple, if a texture does not have transparency the DDS file should in the vast majority of the case not be compressed in DXT 3 or 5, and instead in DXT1, because in the end if you have to load 10 times a texture because 10 NPC or anything else uses that texture it is preferable for your V Ram use that this texture is optimized (should you you reach the V ram threshold your game can CTD because of it), and if don't unpack you can't know if the texture is optimized or not, and if it is not, you can optimize it yourself. OK sure, it is slightly better for loading the game that you have BSA, but unkpaking all my BSA to be able to resolve conflicts and optimize textures has proven to render my game (209 Esm/Esp, and even more if you count textures mods) more stable than using BSA and relying on a blind faith in what modders do.