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    I mean, I'm mostly here for the naughty Sims 4 mods but these other mods for other games are tempting me and I like it.

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  1. I've been thinking of getting Skyrim and after I familiarize myself with the game I wanted to add some of the mods here. I was wondering which edition would be best to get for the mods here? Skyrim Legendary or the special edition?
  2. Like what Otsuyu said, it's like customizable porn. Plus, it's kind of good fuel for writing personal smut stories and sometimes I have certain perverted ideas that porn and porn games can't satisfy because I have no real control over what I want specifically.
  3. Ok, thanks, I was unsure how this was working but this cleared it up for me.
  4. Does anyone know how to raise the corruption level? Every time I try to get other sims to do woohoo they always say no, even with the willpowerless drug. I thought I had to ease them into it by going in a certain order but now I'm not really sure. Is there a certain skill or trait I need to raise the corruption level/skill? Thanks in advance!
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