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  1. Please elaborate. Just to compare: Case 1: User takes mod from popular mod site (millions of users) Case 2: User takes mod from popular mod workshop (millions of users) Case 1: User reposts mod under his own user account in the workshop, gets attention etc. Case 2: User reposts mod in his own thread on the website, gets attention etc Case 1: User does not give credits to authors, deletes comments pointing out he is stealing mods Case 2: User does not give credits to authors, moderators forbid comments pointing out he is stealing mods Case 1: Most users don't care, just want
  2. Interesting how your views change. When the same happens on LoversLab - except that the mods here are fine with ripping off others modders as long as it's not one of their own mod - you rather "Like" it than feeling utter disgust and shame.
  3. That is a fairly selfish view in this context. So you don't care about modders unless they are part of this board? Because they choose to publish it on Steams Workshop. That is wrong on all levels. First of all, Beth doesn't owns the copyright of plugins. EULA doesn't breaks the Berne Convention. But even if it would be so, then you would need Bethesda's permission. And just as a side note, this is what Ashal (rightfully) requests for his own mod:
  4. I agree. Unfortunatly I doubt many would allow the reposting. And I'll also admit that due to requiring steam with all its known offenses this case might be borderline (again from an ethical POV, legally the case is clear) but due to being free (which takes away some of the problems with steam and property) imho the scale tips in favor for the modders.
  5. I have to say I am a bit divided on this thread. Enough at least to post this response: First let me get this straight: I dislike steam a lot. I do think the current copyright laws do not fit to the current information age. The legal aspect of this is clear too: You are not allowed to upload those mods somewhere else, but I don't mind about laws too much, rather than the ethics and wether it is "right or wrong" to do so. And I personally tend to wrong. Those modders invest a lot time to create those mods and offer them to you for free. Their reward is - besides satifaction of creating su
  6. Follow-Up / Bonus scenes are supposed to be hidden. There are hints in the game which path leads to one and afterwards there are hints where it will be. If you do not want to search in game, you need to read the posts here, esp. those linked right besides the download link and the following spoilers described by others. Completing chapter one will not necessarily lead to a bonus scene.
  7. Yes, thats all for this update.
  8. Use a clean installation without any other mods installed to test it. Easiest way is making a backup of your data folder (copy it somehwere), create a new empty one, copy over the vanilla skyrim files (Skyrim*.bsa/esm, Update.bsa, Video, Strings I think) and then install this mod and try again. You can always revert it be deleting the new data folder and using your backed up one. You can slaughter anyone involved in the follow-up scene at any point you like (well except while the first scene is running).
  9. Guys, the "return the ring" stuff was irony/sarcasm in one of my answers. You can't return it.
  10. You didn't finished the proper branch (Player/Tursam scene, releasing Tursam afterwards), used a save game after the release scene or didn't properly updated your version
  11. It shouldn't be, but I am still using 1.8 (mainly because I don't want to update while working on one stage and get interruped by dealing with the new bugs of a new CK version). So I can't say for sure. Would like to see feedback on this from others which use 1.9 as this would obviously need fixing. Please return your Whiteguard Investigators Ring to Ireleth immediately, she just came to the conclusion that your character is unfit to solve mysteries As a small hint however, try the other NPC in the same room.
  12. x2 Indeed. I will look into it and upload a fixed version once I found the problem. In the meantime, make sure to save before starting the mod. Fixed and updated the version. An empty dialogue line messed stuff up. If you already have downloaded the previous version, you can use that esp file int this post rather than redownloading everything. BTW, as one additional hint: If you don't know what happend to Tursam after playing the bonus/follow-up scene, you missed something. Go back in and investigate dip.esp
  13. Updated to 0.22 The voice acting isn't making any progress (Sons, I am disappoint) while the content for the version which was supposed to have the voice in is finished already. There is not much point to keep it on my harddrive for another few months, so I decided to release it now (with 2 voices finished). This doesn't changes the overall plan however, so I won't work on the main story before I was able to voice the most important roles of the finished chapters. Whats new? As noted, Anray is now voiced by Toasman as major role and Johnny by SkatingJesus as minor role. And there is new con
  14. Looks like it will work fairly well with Skyrim: http://www.gamespot.com/news/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-modded-with-oculus-rift-support-6407323 Can't wait to get mine shipped. And can't wait for the VR age to finally start Being able to create whole world yourself which you can actually "enter" is just fantastic. If this works out, this will have no doubt make a huge impact. I mean how many WoW junkies do we already have? Now add the fact that you don't look at your charater and friends through a tiny 2D image but feel like being really there and this will be as adictive as H
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