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  1. New erotic careers

    Maybe this might help with people that the career not showing up. I was also had problem this career not showing up to young adult. This was what I did before I just fixed the problem right now: So, this time, I have removed this career file (package) to this folder: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods Now, I ran the game and tried to give young adult sim to this career. Guess what happened. Tada~~~~ Now this career shows up in the select a career section. Hope this helped people, who were having problem with this career not showing up. If people already knew this, then wow. Cause I just found out about this. If people didn't know this, hope this helped them working. * One thing I want to know: This career is only for Young Adult and Older, not for teenager, right?
  2. WickedWhims - 5 March 2018

    Weird. I also get the TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Tuning.package . I downloaded the latest version of WW, double clicked with proper program, click WickedWhimesMod folder, and it shows that file.
  3. I don't know but I also use KW with NRAAS Woohooer. So, If KW doesn't get preg, then Woohooer does. For Young Adult and older, pregnancy rate is 75 and same goes for Teen. That's why I use what I put it as link in my other reply.
  4. For individual sim, I use this: Pregnancy Progress Controller - new version 10/31/2013 by CmarNYC If above link isn't what you mean, sorry to bother you.
  5. Thanks for all your support. Getting new UI Cheats Extension fixed the problem.
  6. Yup. that did the trick. I just re downloaded the UI Cheats Extension and re ran game, all works fine.
  7. Thanks for reply.
  8. Thanks for reply. I would check it out. Here is screenshot of Mods's folder only. I have UI Cheats Extension, according to the link you gave me, I have to update those, right? Cause I only updated Wicked Whim mods, not other mods. Yup that did it. Getting new UI Cheats Extension fixed the problem. Thanks.
  9. I think it all happened when I updated game to latest patch and latest Wicked Whim installed. In the above thread, I uploaded lastexception files just so you people can check it out.
  10. Thanks for reply. My Game Version says: Are there mods that are not compatible with my patch level?
  11. WickedWhims - 5 March 2018

    Anyone here knows answer to this?
  12. I just ran game and when I choose to saves to play, I see this: Is there something wrong with my game? My Game Version says: I upload what the lastexception file says. lastException.txt lastUIException.txt
  13. Hi. I have question about Creating Sim and Skin Tone. I was trying to create Asian sims (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). And with newest patch and some custom skin tones, I get lots of them, which shows in bottom screenshot: Which skin tone color should I choose for Asian sims (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)?
  14. Jens85_WickedJobs

    Try this link and you will know what to do.