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  1. You have to do that in Hospital. Click Hostpital->Find, "Get a Penis Transplantation This works for existing sim that is already born. There is option I think that will make new born futa or not.
  2. I got this and the penis doesn't show. Do I have to change setting?
  3. Yup, I also agree with Geck.O. I was thinking exactly same thing.
  4. Oh, ok. Thanks for reply. Cause before (few months ago/ years ago or since you made this mod?), I remember seeing the KinkySituation or something similar. And there was automatic situation of butler asking for Kinky stuffs, but now I see (having newer version of Kinky World) that isn't happening. P.S. Hope you are doing fine with everything you got to do.
  5. jenyeah

    Laudermaunt High School Final Version

    Me too. I have built my own Kinky World High School on 64 x 64 lot first, then built more smaller ones.
  6. Sorry to bring back old thread. This still works with latest KW, right? Cause when I use NRaas's Status Info, the Personal, when I check info about the KinkyButler, it doesn't says anything about KinkyButler Situation, only says Situation: ButlerSituation and Situation: VisitSituation.
  7. Oh, ok. That's awful thing to be happened. I understand.
  8. So, just wondering. Hows the progress on "Fleabottom Beta 1 World Update 25 August 2017" ? I know you reply to KW thread and course you are busy with real life stuffs.
  9. If this is possible or not. Can someone update the Change Log in this Site? Cause so far, it only lists until 390, and I see there are 391, 392, and 393 in OnikiKay's Website.
  10. jenyeah

    WickedWhims - 9 December 2018

    Now that I got the Get Famous, let me ask another question/questions. Does all the animations still works with latest patch and Get Famous EP? Is it ok to install WickedWhims by itself without any animations to test if it works fine or not?
  11. Oh, ok. Thanks for reply. How do I reset the KW Mod?
  12. I have a question about "Kinky World's Menstrual Cycle". Looking at "Kinky World's Menstrual Cycle", in the bottom screenshot: As far as I know, the number of "Kinky World's Menstrual Cycle" is days in sim right? or Is it hours in sim? Anyway, the screenshot also shows "my Edited Version of EA Default Age Days" using, "NRaas Retuner". So, my question is, can anyone help me change the numbers of Menstrual Cycle days, according to "my Edited Version of EA Default Age Days"?
  13. jenyeah

    WickedWhims - 9 December 2018

    You can't do that in CAS, try go to WW Setting.
  14. jenyeah

    WickedWhims - 9 December 2018

    Oh, ok, cool. Thanks for reply. Now then, I got to wait for creators update their animations.