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  1. Oh, ok, cool. Great, then all I have to do is, change the privacy/exhibition settings to different ones? Which one should I use?
  2. I hope that setting shouldn't be affected, cause different save games have worked fine for bathroom doors. I'm not sure which mods that affects how sims act in bathroom? I have been having NRAAS mods for long time. Also, I have another problem with Kinky World and NRAAS Mod. In the Master Controller -> Career -> Choose School, it only shows up Default School Rabbithole, not open high school lot that I made. Is NRAAS Mods still have compatibility problem with Kinky World Mod?
  3. Then what do you think my problem is? Cause every sim ignores the gender locks on community lots for gender bathroom doors.
  4. If I gather information right, Kinky World makes all the doors genderless, right? If I'm right, how do I make certain doors in community lot lock out the opposite gender? For example, "He-Door" normally only allows male to enter and "She-Door" normally only allows female to enter without Kinky World. So, even with Kinky World installed, I want those door to have original function on certain Community Lot. How do I suppose to do that?
  5. Please help me with exception error. Here is the last exception text. lastException.txt
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    Download seems to be gone now.
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    When I unzipped, it says this: Jens85_WickedJobs 0.2d.package Is that suppose to be happen?
  8. I think you should only have one version. This is what it says om Cmar's site: It has "either", "or" so, I think you should only use one version?
  9. I think this is good time to ask about feature. Has Modeling Career Kinky World Actor/Acting Career been worked on? Last time I heard, they were being "Work IN Progress" status?
  10. Is it possible for me to have 3 Schools in single world (Bridgeport)? I started to play EA World called "Bridgeport". I have most essential NRaas Mods (including latest versions of "StoryProgressionCareer" and "CareerDataSchool") and been playing with it like few years. Now, when I started to play "Bridgeport", something isn't working properly I think. When I played any other EA Worlds (Sunset Valley, Appaloosa Plains, Riverview, Hidden Springs), I can choose Kinky World High School that I made from: Sim -> NRaas Master Controller -> Intermediate -> Career -> Choose School. But, when I play with "Bridgeport", the Kinky World High School that I made, it won't show up in the list in the "Choose School" option. And by the way, "Bridgeport" already have two Default Rabbithole School ("Redwood Elementary School" & "Alpine County High School") Is this means I can't have more then 3 schools in "Bridgeport" ?
  11. Edit 1: I'm testing various stuffs to check what's wrong with this. Edit 2: Definantly something wrong, cause I play the World called "Alpine County", and it already had 2 rabbit hole schools. And all I did was create my own school as 3rd school and did everything I should do to activate it as Kinky High School, following this link. So, then I tried using NRaas Master Controller to change schools from existing sims, the school that I created, doesn't even show up in the list, compare to different world with only single school as default, placed same high school that I created, it shown up in the list to choose school on NRaas Master Controller. So, only thing I could of is, is it not possible for me to have 3 schools in single world?
  12. I think in the menu called, "Kinky World->Debug...->AlwaysAccept (Currently: On or Off)". I think that is what you looking for?
  13. Oh ok, it was that simple. Thanks for reply.
  14. I want to know how to do Futa Sim that you talked about in here.