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  1. WickedWhims - 15 January 2018

    That isn't latest one. If you search that in there, it shows this: It shows it is old one. Cmar has new ones here: - Offline Sims - Adult Creations by Cmar for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 (Blogspot), cmar have uploaded "Jul 14, 2017" version. So, latest "cmarnyc (Blogspot)" mod: - Jul 14, 2017 Sims 4 Morphing Anatomy Mod (beta)
  2. WickedWhims - 15 January 2018

    The files you talked about, it says this:
  3. WickedWhims - 15 January 2018

    Can anyone help me with lastException.txt? I have attached it. If this isn't proper place, should I ask in Technical Support page? lastException.txt
  4. Oh, darn it. My sim was sleeping under the blankets. Thanks for reply.
  5. So, does anyone have tested this yet? +New interaction: Masturbate on Sleeping Sim (on Bed). Still tried to do this but can't find it.
  6. How to do this? I have got Version 0.37 . I click the sleeping sim and don't see interaction to choose.
  7. WickedWhims - 15 January 2018

    Oh, ok, cool. Thanks for reply.
  8. WickedWhims - 15 January 2018

    Yes, I'm woman and I know my own cycle, but. My own custom lifespan for Sims 4, it is different then EA Default one and I think turbodriver set up for menstrual cycle data base on EA Lifespan? So, I was going to change it so that it will match my custom lifespan set up: My Lifespan (Edited with MC Command Center) Pregnant: 2 days Baby: 2 days Toddler: 5 days Child: 6 days Teenager: 5 days Young Adult: 22 days Adult: 28 days Elder: 22 days Hope you understood what I meant.
  9. So, here is what I did: Using MCCC, I changed Sim's Lifespan to this: Pregnant: 2 days Baby: 2 days Toddler: 5 days Child: 6 days Teenager: 5 days Young Adult: 22 days Adult: 28 days Elder: 22 days Now, here is what I wanted to do: Looking at this link: Menstrual Cycle Data: Very Long Cycle - Teen: 21-40 days, Adult: 21-30 days, Period: 2-4 days, Cramps: 1-2 days Long Cycle - Teen: 18-30 days, Adult: 18-24 days, Period: 2-4 days, Cramps: 1-2 days Normal Cycle - Teen: 8-15 days, Adult: 8-10 days, Period: 1-2 days, Cramps: 1 day Short Cycle - Teen: 6-10 days, Adult: 6-7 days, Period: 1 day, Cramps: 1 day I should change Menstrual Cycle so that I will match my custom life span, right? Then how much days should I change into, so that it will match my custom lifespan?
  10. WickedWhims - 15 January 2018

    I should have been more clear. When I asked the question, I already read how to set up in the Document. And I have used MCCC to change Life Span of Sims to what I asked, which is this: So, I was wondering how much days should I change for "a Sim menstrual cycle day", so that it will match my custom lifespan for sims. That was my original intended of doing. Hope this time you understood now. Can you help me with above? I need help how much days should I set for each sims when I use custom life span for sims. Or if I need to ask this question in help forum, I will do so.
  11. WickedWhims - 15 January 2018

    Which one of these should I remove? Let's say I have set up the Age Span as these: How much days should I choose, "a Sim menstrual cycle day which determines the fertility of that Sim." ?
  12. Just wondering, do we now download both WW_Azmodan22_Animations_Normal.zip or WW_Azmodan22_Animations_Rough.zip and WW_Azmodan22_Animations_Platinum_Normal.zip or WW_Azmodan22_Animations_Platinum_Rough.zip?
  13. WickedWhims - 15 January 2018

    Something weird happening in downloading the mod. It says, Updated Tuesday at 11:33 AM, but I see the name of download is WickedWhims - 30 November 2017.zip ?
  14. I think they either don't have exhibition skill or low exhibition skill.