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  1. I don't know anything about modding the 'green thumb' interactions. Most would simply make an intrigue decision. That is the same way I would use to marry courtiers together.
  2. Just make a decision in the intrigue menu. Give it the conditions you want (Not a ruler, has x trait, etc.) and then use the move command on them
  3. Pretty sure this above is where you went wrong. You don't need to call the event target in this spot, I am kind of suprised the game is sending it to the npc at all. It should just be FROM = {character_event = { id = 999998}} Any time you get confused on scopes (ROOT,FROM,PREV,THIS, etc.) then it would be simpler to save both the npc and the player as event targets. In this case the event needs to be sent to you, not the npc
  4. If you want to keep the scope to a certain character through an event chain, the best way is to save them as an event target. When you fire the first event by selecting an npc, do ROOT = { save_event_target_as = example_name } Then, in the chain, anytime you want to add a trait to that character, you would script event_target:example_name = { add_trait = genius } The person saved as an event target will stay saved until the chain of events end. The next thing is, you will only see events scoped to you. If the event is fired
  5. Vampires and Werewolves traits were removed some time back.
  6. Auto build was attempted by another mod, just kept confusing people, since their money/prestige seemed to 'disappear' without warning. I did put in instant build for wonders, but regular buildings don't (I think) have command that finishes them instantly. I could set up scripting that does this, but it would not work for modded buildings, and would be a lot of writing. That is why I added the commands that do exist into a cheat trait that builds them in 1 day, at the minimum cost the game would let me. The trait that does this is the Royalty trait. If not using the add-on for cheat traits then
  7. Your missing a bracket in HnnGames.02 just above else, to close the if block
  8. Using a mac? That is the only time I have heard of that happening.
  9. The zip is just to hold the mod folder and the .mod file After you extract the mod folder and it's .mod file you just get rid of the zip and leave what came out of it there. You should never have to pull the .mod file from anything manually.
  10. I haven't touched pussy/anus traits in a long time, so it should still be working fine. Only situations that pregnancy won't affect pussy size is if the pregnancy is mod controlled, or in other words, not a vanilla pregnancy.
  11. Add this and overwrite, or download the AddOn zip again and re install it. Just forgot to update the decisions for those two decisions. ASCM_Decisions_targetB.txt
  12. It is not your install. Thank you for reporting it, the fix will be out shortly. Forgot to update the decisions to the new naming system I made when splitting the traits from the rest of the mod.
  13. No, even if I offered them via ruler designer there would not be a flag set, so the scripting would kick in at game start and change it anyway. This is why the intrigue Fairy Visit exists.
  14. I am getting the choices, but the nudity is not working since 1.0.3, at least for me.
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