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  1. I'm a perv with a rift and I've tried all of the above mentioned, except for the Maid 3d game. So here's my summation: Waifu Sex Simulator is promising, but the models aren't exactly easy to change. It's a complicated game. I do like it though. SixyVR is another game that I support. It's got that heavy anime feel, is being updated still, and while the models are possible (one of my favorite features) the current beta build removes that option for Rift. But the animations and auto poses are great. The best is VIRT A MATE! The customization you can do on this game is amazing. As a backer (I'm a backer of both WSS and Virt A Mate) you can create your own scenes and the model editor is top notch, with regular improvements. You can edit the models like mad in the demo mode even, so try that first, then support if you want to load whole user created scenes (theres a subreddit just for that, just look up Virt A Mate User Scenes Reddit) and create your own animations. There are vampire scenes, GOT scenes, mother/daughter, strippers, Avatar, Giantess, zero G, etc. My third favorite, and most polished, is SinVR. The scenes are very polished and the touch controllers are implemented nicely, but sadly there is little to no customization. But there are some nicely done scenes (only available for backers, the demo kind of sucks) with fake Jessica Rabbit, fake Harley Quinn, Milf of Mothers (got it?), and even a possible Silent Hill rip off. Hope this helps you find some great stuff and hopefully you support these amazing creators so that they keep it up. I am in no way affiliated with any of the creators besides buying all three products and loving them, figuratively and virtually.
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