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  1. Your character looks better in this outfit. Pretty nice!
  2. say wuuuut Blade: Hmpt. I should be fighting dragons, not wasting my time with mindless giants...
  3. wut Dragonborn: A single troll and you simpletons can't defeat it?
  4. stuff to get stuffed or something Dragonborn: A single giant, you say? Hmpt. Fine, I'll take of it.
  5. lol really? but it's showing to me! oh man, i'll try again later then. sorry about that
  6. I'm too lazy to setup a better ENB with Reshade. Maybe I'll do that some other time, but here's some dumb and silly stuff nonetheless. What is it called btw? Instant defeat something? lol whatever Dragonborn: Haha! Is this a joke? Can't believe there is a contract to dispatch such a pitful group of bandits.
  7. This outfit is pretty neat. Where it's from, if you don't mind me asking?
  8. meh stuff! Dragonborn: Hmpt! You mages are such weaklings. Fine... I'll take care of the rieklings and trolls that invaded your college.
  9. I see. Thanks for indulging me! I'm usually never really satisfied with the way my pics look, so I guess it doesn't hurt to at least give a quick test. I kinda need to sort it out my selfmade mods as well though. I have a bunch of junk incomplete mash-up sets, so if I like the results, might as well make the transition.
  10. These are picks taken from Skyrim SE, right? I kinda want to try it out since the images are so much sharper than Oldrim, but I'm afraid of the time it will take to set up everything... Not to mention my own made mods. I would have to convert them too, right? Oh boy. Sorry to ask, but how long did it took for you, more or less, to set up everything?
  11. It's from this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10168
  12. Very NSFW. Falmer and Chaurus raping the easily defeated Dragonborn.
  13. Just some pics of the DB in trouble. Didn't like them very much, but here they are nonetheless:
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