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  1. This was it, for some reason I thought you only needed to change the bikinimodname line and the mod will take care of the rest. I replaced them all and now it's working, thank you so much!
  2. Yes I did change the name of the esp on the bikiniarmor json so survival can find it, otherwise you can't even build the lists. Thanks!
  3. Not sure why but after installing The Amazing World of Bikini Remastered the bikini list is not populating the world, I can actually build the lists but I can't find any bikinis on vendors or chests. I modified the json file as instructed, built the SSEMerged and Bash patch. I don't know where I'm fucking up please help? loadorder.txt
  4. Anyone else having trouble getting the bikini list to work with the bikini remastered version? I modified the json file, I can build the bikini lists but the bikinis are not showing on chests or vendors.
  5. Oh God I'm blind, it wasn't there a few days ago so I didn't look hard enough. I'm sorry!
  6. Interested in trying out this mod, can anyone confirm that the LE version works fine in SE?
  7. Where do the EasyGirl stuff show up? Do we have to craft them or do they appear scattered in the world?
  8. I don't think it necessarily needs new animations, it could be done with just text, like some actions in the devious devices escape system like cutting, using spells on the device or lock-picking. Yeah, dying is not very interesting, I just threw it out there as an idea for a form of failure and a way to raise the stakes. Something better could be done, the problem would be if you're a punished with a long repetitive sequence, the player might just reload the game and try again.
  9. Ok so, I'm not the most eloquent person in the world, English is not my first language and I don't have any idea how hard any of this would be to implement, but I read both of your posts and I have some ideas to just throw around. How about if player has a new daily global stamina/endurance system (not unlike those found in some dating sims or rags games) that goes down every time she gets punished or raped? If your stamina goes down to 0 either you die, or the current sequence resets as they send you to rest so they can start again. Your goal after all is to survive, the slavers w
  10. This mod has improved so much, I can't wait to try it. I remember in the first versions of the mod the mom's body was noticeable changed after giving birth, is that still in? Because I quite like it that way.
  11. Glad you are having fun. It's always the same tats that are attempted. Would be complicated to do otherwise because it's unknown how many slots are open to use, therefore unknown what was put on last time. I see, I was looking forward for more tatoos on my characters, thanks anyway!
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