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  1. I could find time this weekend to look into this problem. In the meantime, could you give me more detail on the problem ? - which clothing is giving you this problem ? does this also occur on the original clothing ? and a screenshot would be nice... anyway, thanks for the feedback !
  2. a little progress report. - integrated chinese dev's description systems into the new esp. just need to translate everything tho.... this week AND next week is gonna focus on finding out is there any problem with item meshes, and if there are (i highly suspect the UV is broken again) then find out how to fix it. looks like only some specific models have broken uv, the rest... only look dark because of the texture. trying something... --- been messing with meshes the whole day. managed to remap the texture and have a working version in-g
  3. im not aware of this bug, and i do not have the time to debug this. in the script i modified, there is no verification whether inflated actor is already pregnant or not. this might be an oversight on FHU's part. but it could also be attributed as an oversight on Fertility's part (the way Fertility handles mod event) either way, fixing this bug is beyond what i'm doing here...
  4. A small progress update: - NoStrip keyword implemented. I tried to add these item to Sexlab's internal no-strip formlist, but SL did not recognize the changes I made (despite my form did exist in SL list) Fortunately SL will scan for 'NoStrip' string in keyword so I made a custom keyword and SL did recognize it. One may ask, why not use SL nostrip keyword directly. then you got me. dunno why I did that. cuz no one playing NsG is not gonna use Sexlab. - Reverse engineering of the Chinese team's progress I have a clear idea of what they did and alte
  5. I really cant thank you enough now that you have opened my eyes this could solve all my problems (beef goat duck chicken traditional chinese recipe has it all you name it and i just forgot NsG did not include khajit or argonian recipe. gotta add that to TODO list too. and also for the 'crafting menu' I try to uniform all recipe names, so even if the menu got cluttered one could recognize what recipe are from NsG, and also that using SKYUI filter bar would quickly sort out all stuff on top of name uniformization AND progression unlock, (I dont know yet who
  6. I opened a dev thread, detailing what's been done so far. Also, HELP REQUIRED !! (deadface)
  7. For those of you using Namira's Goat, this mod hasn't been updated in a very long time. This thread's main focus is to report on the progress made by all parties (including I suppose the original creators ?) ...and to announce a remake project on my part. I'm not a native english speaker, and I'm new to modding, so I thank you in advance for sticking with my rambling. What's been done so far (by other parties) My main goal is to make Namira's Goat a more feature-complete mod, fix the left-over bugs... ...and attempt to flesh out some
  8. I should have spotted this thread sooner... was remaking Namira's Goat (scripts, models and all) and I just couldnt fix those broken body normals so I remade one of the 3 models ... Now Im regretting that decision, after seeing RedPassenger's fix (#477) .... and FunnyBiz's (#578) Gotta check how they works in SE... ----- seems UV fix did work as intended, but the position and size of the mesh is kinda odd ? anyhow, it's more material for learning. remaking the rest of the 2 models is still on todo list then
  9. was about to ask where can we get that white veil... then i saw the response. Counting on it ! great work !
  10. Version 2.0


    (Image from the original retexture uploader) About this file : - provide an alternate texture to the original mod Requirement : - BHUNP or CBBE 3BA - Bodyslide - (If using BHUNP) BHUNP 3BBB CHINESE JIANGSHI [SE] 1.1V by BakaFactory - (If using CBBE 3BA) Chinese JiangShi - CBBE-TBD SE by Daymarr - Racemenu (Added 4 racemenu body tattoo, name starting with "Chinese Jiangshi [...]", 3 in front, 1 in the back) How to Use (2.0): - First download the required original mod linked above - Follow the link 'roxkRaAC' in des
  11. hi, 
    in this post i saw your reply about being an 9damao port of the mod. 

    although this link is not working, i can pinpoint which port you are talking about. 

    should be this one "重口猎奇向Mod-不羡羊-Nimra's Goat,旋旋重制修正"


    i contacted you not for this port, but because i had troubles with 9damao itself.

    there is this post (【薪火相传】娜米拉的羔羊(前不羡羊mod)接坑【重口警告】) that im very curious, but it'll take me quite a while to grind all the user score just to see this post. 

    so, i would like to know if you'll be willing to see what's in this post ? since you probably spent more time on 9damao than me...

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