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  1. pretty much yes. this prompted me to make some research, and after some reading... yeah. I am looking to recycle some of the previous stuff into a less 'offensive' work, but will have to learn a lot of new stuffs.... and sadly wont be related in any way to NG....
  2. need help. the mod is running, that I can confirm. Restless hunter exists on the map (but is locked). Slave Camps quest is on. using AIM to get a temporary camp token and using it works (placing and confirming camp placement) (using sqv on PHHSHStorage) the quest is enabled and running. but I cant get the MCM menu to show up. using setstage SKI_configmanagerinstance 1 does nothing. tested on a new save Prereq: - PAH Extended 8.0.2 with all addons SE - ZAZ 8.0+ CBBE HDT Rev3 --------------- I used resaver to check on data. Configmenu script has no data attached to it. other scripts from HSH has their data. and Configmenu is not in Ski_configbase array ----------- so, phhshstoragefunctions this script, despite having data set in .esp, does not have its values in-game so a lot of things attached to it stopped working (MCM requires phhshstoragefunctions, so PHSF failed (MCM also requires phhshmigrate, which require phhshstoragefunctions, so MigrateFunctions also failed... (Slave info spell also stopped working no idea where's the problem. --------- Re-enabled whole modlist. Run Loot. Made tweaks to enabled mods here and there... no idea why, but now it's fixed. always more to learn....
  3. ok. I should have made this realization much much earlier. Continual development of this mod probably will get me into big troubles. So this is the end of it still, was a fun learning experience but I sincerely apologize for giving all you guys false hope of a new update.... ----------------- I'll be updating this post for... related info ? Although I will not be able to release any of this, I'll still provide some update.... might be helpful for anyone that tries the same thing?? I'll provide more detail here since the goal is no longer teasing but provide info to those who might understand it. anyway. Update 1
  4. hmmm this is actually... really scary now that I think about it, I might end up the same...
  5. (speaking on top of my head) I think if the actor is alive then havok wont kick in. make a living copy of the player would allow clipping into the ground. but then the problem would be to 'make a idle animation with player head resting somewhere', and I do not know how to do this yet. as for scripts, I think there is an effect that deactivate collision on an object, so it will froze in place in time and cannot be interacted with. But I dont believe this script is helpful... I mean, the head must first be placed somewhere, then this script (if there exists) might freeze the whole setup. neck armor is doable, transparent body armor with a neck gap filled.
  6. make a copy of player, hide lower body and playidle to fake the head ?
  7. Hmmm... interesting idea. Definitely possible (and requested by more than one ppl), with a few caveats. 1. making standalone assets would mean make an individual plugin for the designated NPC. could be made for few requested NPCs, but that's about the extent of it. 2. the individual part models in NG is ... kinda bad. most likely player won't be able to recognize the body shape of the npc from the parts (could make them individually, but not me. 3. I have yet to look into quests, and so currently I dont even have an idea about how can I manually place a NPC in a designated location. But the idea is good. Funnily enough, currently I was taking breaks (by that I mean modding Darkest Dungeon) and was making something similar in it, sending heroes to slaughterhouse for gold and trinkets. Unfortunately, DD's modding limitation is ...saddening, so I couldnt accomplish much.
  8. I dont think this is possible. take decap head part might be possible with a LOT of workaround (replicate npc, hide body, set pose, add placeholder item in inventory) but I certainly cant do it due to lack of knowledge. equipping is definitely a no. not in 2021, prob not in 2022. unless nioverride can make miracle and I just didnt know much about it...
  9. A progress update : no progress at all. long story short, I want to have a little break, so I first got PF:WOTR, then got a copy of Darkest Dungeon (was on sale), then dabbled in DD modding for the past few days. mod im making has same theme with NG, but due to DD limitations... damn. making DD mods seriously made me appreciate how much freedom Creation Kit provides. Sorry Todd i wronged you. Skyrim GOTY. It just works. jokes aside, probably wont be making much progress for the following month. There's Undertale EP2, then there's Outer Wilds. Work will continue after im done with these
  10. May i get a link for the guro version too ? thanks in advance.
  11. Update. Scripts for modular cuts are finally done. in the OG scripts, there is a bug with equipment not equipping properly. I implemented a fix without knowing what exactly caused it. I now have a better grasp at things (after a whole day getting f**ked by multithreading) Now there is a menu prompt for anyone that wants to customize the cuts, and (to be extra safe) it takes 1.5 second to get everything right. Im now proceeding to isolate the cutting scripts from the cutting ui, and implement some custom preset feature for the cuts. and also modify the cutting ui scripts to also work as a preset editor. Some screenshots of current state. ------- Update Preset system is mostly done. in the cutting UI its now possible to save all current setting to 1 of 5 presets, and using a eligible weapon to cut a target will immediately pull data from saved presets instead of having to manually adjust every single option. I have 3 presets already made, slim normal plump (according to OG namira's goat models) Now I'll move onto MCM part, making a menu to allow easier management of the presets. ------ Update Preset Editor is done. Now, back to... hmmm... uh.... Im still hesitating on how to implement meat drop mechanics. On one hand, I would like player to get the parts 'that were cut off' But if I implement it like this, then most players would cut all parts due to wanting to get the optimum output. Then there would be no variety at all. On the other hand, I could make bodies drop all parts regardless of how it was cutted, but then it'll most likely just add clutters... and no one likes that. Hmmmmm.... headache. nvm i'll just make both of them. kinda lost on what to do next. guess it's time to take a few days of break.
  12. Progress update. So, the base body is done. Tested it in game, work as intended. Works with BS, works with tattoo and everything. Only caveat is it takes most of body slots so anyone wants to use the new body must be stripped clean (and I mean clean, no Devious Devices.) slot 52 is of course not occupied. dont want to conflict with those SOS pubes... ...but I now set the thing to only equip on dead actors, and last time I checked, DD don't hard-lock on dead actors so should be fine. Now I'll move onto making slides for the cuts. --------- Aug 31 Cuts are done. here's a preview. All parts are modular. Basically now I can replicate the old slim/normal/plump at will. Of course the rib bones scaling is kinda weird. I did my best. Should also add some blood splatter on skin, but it's out of my capability right now. Moving onto scripts. Equipping items should be easy. But UI isnt. And I also planned to rewrite MCM. And I plan to delve a bit deeper into skeleton, quite unsatisfied with the scatter limb parts' physic. As such, the "color matching limb parts" feature I mentionned before will need to get a rework. In the current state I can only add hand/foot bit, larger bits will not work with skeleton physics. hmm... on a second thought I'll probably use the existing skeleton, and if I later find the needed knowledge I'll come back to it. One thing I've been holding off is to verify if all useless data (especially spawned dummy actors) gets cleaned up. that might take an extra few days.
  13. SOS Female Pubic Hairs colored for NPCs - BHUNP Bodyslide addon View File An addon for SOS Female Pubic Hairs colored for NPCs This file contains bodyslide files for those pubes. Built them in BS, they will replace the ones offered by said mod. After running bodyslide this addon can be disabled. The two screenshots are on Aruru6Duck max and min. Submitter lk74 Submitted 08/29/2021 Category Adult Mods Requires SOS Female Pubic Hairs colored for NPCs Regular Edition Compatible No  
  14. Version 1.0.0


    An addon for SOS Female Pubic Hairs colored for NPCs This file contains bodyslide files for those pubes. Built them in BS, they will replace the ones offered by said mod. After running bodyslide this addon can be disabled. The two screenshots are on Aruru6Duck max and min.
  15. hmmm, interesting. I didn't thought about wenches mod at all. last time I tried to install it ( about 3 month ago? ) I gave up due to having some problem with its body shape... hmmm... but back then I may not have my brain online. (after reinstalling the mods) ok, yuriana wench doesnt work, she got cbbe body. but immersive wenches does work. hmmm. that's good to know. Sadly I wont be considering a LE version anytime soon. I dont use LE, and there's more I want to do beside this remake. But a LE port is definitely possible, someone could port this so long as he knows how to convert nif back into LE format. all my scripts should be fine, if the prereq (PO3 papyrus extender, SKYUI LIB) still works the same way. ------------ Also, progress update. Finally. Partitioning still works. Thank god I could merge verticles in OutfitStudio otherwise I'm so fucked. Since the NG assets are quite low-poly, I thought it would be really hard to make it fit the higher-poly BHUNP body without touching BHUNP's verticle positions.... but back then I didn't know knife project exists.... IT JUST WORKS. OK knife project is a bad bad idea. the edges are too rough. should opt for manual cutting since the beginning.
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