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  1. That version only works with the CBBE SE Bodies (CBBE SE, CBBE SMP, and CBBE 3BBB). It was not made for BHUNP or UUNP from what I know. BTW, did you manage to convert the BIkini Mage armor mod to BHUNP?
  2. In my game, I use the SOS ERF High Poly SOS Addon.
  3. Thanks Elxdark. I appreciate it.
  4. That's good to hear. Thanks for making the conversion.
  5. It would be nice to get a BHUNP conversion for this mod: Bikini Mage Robes
  6. Use this tutorial to help convert SE animations back to LE: Animation Backport Tutorial
  7. @alyosh Do you have a link to your bodyslide preset? I've switched to SE recently and I like your preset.
  8. I'm curious about this mod. What is it about? I ask knowing that it's your own personal mod.
  9. See @Blaze69's comment on the previous page: "Nope, not possible. Overlays only work on body, hands, feet and head, any other extra body parts (tails, wings, schlongs, etc.) are excluded from the system. So yeah, you would need to have them fade out right around the crotch hole."
  10. In that case, try this out: Better Khajiit Female Body SOS Texture.7z
  11. @Flawn Could I get an SOS UNP patch for the Better Khajiit textures mod please? Thanks for your help.
  12. I use SAM Full version. A patch would be great to have.
  13. NPCs have to equip the Havok Object ESP file for clothing physics to work. Another user posted something you might want to try.
  14. I use Leyenda Skin for human/elf races, Feminine Argonian Lizard Textures (More Scales Option) for argonians, and Better Khajiit Textures for khajiits.
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