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  1. This is great. I've been waiting for a immortal/god mod that works with lifestyle system. How does immortality work exactly? Visually age, fertility and such is always different between immortality mods.
  2. That's what i'm wondering too. Does this mod make breast size strictly controlled by beauty traits, or does it just add values to semi-random parental values ? EDIT: I assume this means large breasts can still happen without traits.
  3. This is the error i get at 2.10.93 and 2.10.94. No animation plays and i am not tring any creatures so i dont know why 9.1 error pops up. 2.9.92 works fine but other mods require 2.10.93 or newer... help...
  4. my eng isnt perfect---sorry i got a weird problem. when i try to use "hook up" in my main character it doesnt work. i tried to open a new game and load my VERY old game which i fucked up, it worked at both of them but my main game doesnt work. any idea?
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