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  1. Hi, does anyone know how I could possibly make the "female" dance moves available to be used by my male strippers too? I've attempted to change the gender settings in WW but it only seems to make the sex animations available to all genders, not affecting the stripping anims. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, the code works. Still cannot have more than one sim from my active household come on the strip club lot at the same time though
  3. Hi everyone! I've finally started trying to use the strip clubs function and I have a few questions. First, I seem to remember there was a cheat code to allow more then 6 employees, but I can't find it now. Also, I can't have more than one sim from my active household on my strip club lot, is that on purpose? Like if I have a family with 3 roommates and I wanted them all to co-own and work at the cllub I can't? And finally, I'm not sure if that's an EA issue or a WW, but I have Journey to Batuu, and I thought that the stuff from Star Wars were not supposed to interfere with normal gameplay. I haven't noticed it anywhere else, but when I play as a strip club, Kylo Ren and Hondo Ohnaka keep showing up both as clients and potential dancers (which is quite funny, but I don't think it's supposed to happen?), and my bartender makes Batuu drinks. Thanks for the help!
  4. When using a strip club with this, is it normal that I can't have more than one active sim from the owning household on the club lot? Any way to change that?
  5. does that mean that it won't work as normal ww animations anymore? I havent gotten round to use the strip club function yet so idk how it works, but i can't see the animations on the normal ww list for sofas and loveseats, is that normal?
  6. Hi, I really like those, but could you specify which ones of Kritical's sets are needed for tha animations, because they've got like 50 different ones and I just can't download them all lol
  7. you have to use the "get clit pierced" interaction from the computer fisrt, your sim will go off lot and come back with a piercing.
  8. So I'm having a tiny issue, it's not causing problems or anything it's just strange (and a bit hilarious tbh), so I thought I'd see if someone has an idea what's causing it. I have the latest version of ww, mcc and ui cheats, as well as some cc but no other script mods or stuff that are likely to give me weird bugs. I take my household to one of the university lots to have them attend lectures and socialise and all that, everything is good; but then when I take them back to their home lot they all for some reason have the "unsatisfying sex" uncomfortable buff, and I can't figure out why because none of them had sex... I mean I'm sure attending guest lectures on economics is unsatisfying but... 😂
  9. So I'm having a weird issue. I created a family of spellcasters that had 2 adults, 1 teen and chiI ldren in CAS. Then obviouslyI went to move them into a lot. When the lot loaded, the 2 adults from the family did the little spellcaster teleport animation and vanished from the family, they still existed because I could call them over to hang out, but they were not in my played or unplayed families, they were basically NPCs and I couldn't figure out how to add them back to my family.... I exited the game without saving and tried the same family on adifferent lot, and the exact same thing happened. I had a last exception when playing on the same day but not at the exact time this happened so I don't know if it's relevant to that specific issue. lastException.txt
  10. Thank you, I removed Nisa's and basemental drugs, which I did have, and it's working now. Do you know if there will be a fix for this at some point? I did like playing with these two mods lol
  11. Thanks, I didn't think I had any add ons, what would some of them be?
  12. Hi, I've recently encountered an issue with wicked whims; I have the settings set to 'always accept', but on several occasions my sim got a 'so-and-so refused your proposition for sex'-type reaction from npcs (even if said npc had agreed on previous occasions) , and i cannot figure out where that is coming from... Anyone got an idea where the issue might be? Thanks!
  13. For some reason this doesn't work with the body selector? It looks fine as bottoms in cas but when i undress him in cas the bottom disappears, and in gameplay it generates a random bottom instead of showing this. Not sure where I'm going wrong
  14. For storytelling purposes, does anyone know if I can find body cum layers as facepaints or makeup? I currently have some ( I think from karsus' slave tattoos ) but only the facial ones are face paints, the body shots are tattoos only, and I'd like it more if I could have my sim covered in cum only in certain outfits... It's getting annoynig going back to cas to take the tattoos off any time I want them to not look like they're just finished up an orgy lol (Alternatively if someone can just help me with converting tattoos to makeup or accessories that would also work, because I'd do it myself but am completely useless at modding and wouldnt even know where to start) Thanks!
  15. Does anyone know of a mod that gets sims to go into heat? And I mean just normal sims, I want to use it in a high-fantasy kind of situation, not looking for any animals or bestiality shtuff. I stumbled upon a A/B/O mod through a google search but it seemes to include toddlers and children into it so I closed that site off straight away because that's a big giant nope for me.
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