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  1. Restarted the quest and this time the "go back into the cell" thingy fired correctly. Great Update so far! Can't wait to play the rest of it. 😀
  2. Pretty much the same here. Read the Ledger and advanched the quest to "wait for Katarina". Holden intercepts ("follow Holden" queststage starts), leads me to the front of the cage and wants to shag. No matter my choice, after the dialog (follow Holden stages finishes) my character freezes in front of the cage and Katarina never appears.
  3. So I checked all of the colored rope restaints (I'm using the CBBE HDT Body) und noticed the following: - Everything aligns nicely with HDT physics working - All of the crotchropes were working as intended - The black chaotic rope corset (exp) apperead with the standard brown color - The arm and leg cuff variants didn't have any special rope text to them wheil (un)equipping) - None of the restraints had working images in the inventory menu Hope this helps and thank you for your amazing work! Hopefully these restaints will find their way into DCL, too. ☺️
  4. Rope Binder looks good now I don't get the second change. I managed to fire the hood animation (event?) after wearing it for a while (tugging at the face) but nothing ever happend while wearing a gag / hood / gloves / boots (tried with black ebonite set). What's the trigger for these animations to start und could you explain the difference between a "struggle animation" and the "corresponding event". I'm not sure about the terminology here
  5. The rope armbinder now misses the unlock button for me.
  6. Wait what? Shield Timers (as in: The lock is shielded and cant be accessed right now?) are still a thing in DDv4? I never had a lockshield, no matter what difficulty setting I chose. Did I miss a setting or messed up an install somewhere?
  7. I'm using CBBE HDT - Curvy, too and I just tried every fetter item in DDx (steel, black steel, silver, iron ball&chain, rusty ball&chain). Everything worked without a problem.
  8. I came across the same "bug" and I think it's the "manipulate the lock" function. You're able to remove manipulated restraints even with bound hands. I was unable to unlock properly locked restraints while wearing a straightjacket/armbinder. But I came across other bugs: The (short) catsuit gloves float behind your ass when wearing a straightjacket. Catsuit long gloves & restrictive gloves work just fine. Also, pretty much all hoods (except for the standard rubber one) and gas masks do not hide hair and I've got some nasty clipping. Is this a prob
  9. Catsuit long gloves aren't working for me, either. Same problem?
  10. Love the new animations! They worked fine for me. although the red (non ebonite) armbinder still produces keyword error messages for me. Rest of the DDx armbinders were fine. Input for # of struggle attempts: It is very much a matter of philosophy. I like to get restrained often, but escapes are plentiful and it shouldn't be too hard / time consuming (I don't think clicking on a button once every 30 secs for 10 minutes is interesting gameplay) to get out of the restraints. That being said, I've never been a fan of simply struggling out of restraints since it feels "cheap" and should b
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