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  1. Yes this enb. I love it lol. Haven't had time for gaming lately so now going to find Letterbox code and try and add it.
  2. Letterbox options aren't in either file. Nor the GUI sadly If I wanted to add it myself how would I go about doing so? And thanks for the help.
  3. How do I go about adding it? This is by far the best ENB I have used. And I love letterbox, but there isn't an option for it I don't see anywhere. Help please?
  4. Could anyone please make eye mod of the enchantress from suicide squad pleaseee
  5. Could someone please help me. Idk what's next, I just want to make this custom armor playable. I have .obj and texture files only. I played around with the obj file in blender and 3ds a little that's all. I been at it for the past week and I'm tired, and I give up. If anyone would take this burden I would be grateful please. u_u
  6. Well I made my .obj files of armor i wanted with blender, but i'm kinda stuck as to how i import it to nifskope. Could anyone point me to a tutorial please? Thank you.
  7. Aww, not even for personal use? Understood. Thank you for replying. LMAO, this is not true. there are thousands of people porting stuff over from other games to this one, i will send you a link with a site. if you want of course, i will send you two profiles of very talented people who port outfits from games like RESIDENT EVIL SILENT HILL COD BLACK OPS MORTAL KOMBAT TOMB RAIDER LEFT 4 DEAD And many many other games, lemme know if you want and i'll send ya the link send me that lol
  8. Hello all, I would like to make armor from metal gear 4 playable in my fallout so what would I have to do? More specifically the haven trooper armor, and would there be a way to like cut certain pieces out and add other parts from different armors? Never done anything along the lines of this before, but willing to learn if anyone would help. Thanks
  9. wtf did i do wrong? lol My characters body has spikes all over it when I equip clothes and stuff.
  10. On the first image, Dogmeat seems ready to "eat" you . Nah i'm not that pervert . Can I have ur preset pls lol.
  11. Run Bodyslide as an administrator. Did you already go into your ini's and change what's needed to make mods appear in game? In the bottom right of Bodyslide, click settings and make sure that Bodyslide is putting everything into your game 'Data' folder when you "Build" via 'Game Data Path'. Thank you so much T-T It was set in the wrong path for some reason lol. I would have never thought about that lol xD
  12. What am I doing wrong? I used bodyslide and it didn't transition to the game for me. I hit build after I played with the sliders, but it still looks the same. Please excuse my ignorance I'm just trying to figure this out lol.
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