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  1. The objects from poses that involve them seem to be invisible for me, the pose itself works but the object is missing, can I please get some help?
  2. I know the port has been hidden by the author but it doesn’t look like their overhaul is coming out anytime soon since it’s been hidden since May. I’ve already found the mod itself but I’m looking for the other part of the mod that allows you to have more colors for your aspect like blue or green? I’ve already tried Modpiracy on Reddit without luck and I was hoping I would have more luck here. please if anyone happens to have the SSE version of the more colors for more Draconic dragon aspect I’d really appreciate it!
  3. I’ve been having problems with SOS for a while now. It seems to be the cause of most of my CTD’s and they happen rather randomly. But especially when I enter the skill menu. So far the only thing I’ve managed to find is that the Schlongfiy script seems to be the cause more often than not Andy I’m trying to find the option in the MCM to disable the feature but it doesn’t seem available in the current version. Is there any way I can get this option? Or do I just have to remove the schlong from every race in the game and see if that helps? I just want to stop these CTD’s they’re getting out of hand.
  4. Not really, lol I just wanted a bikini armor for my next playthrough where I play as a desert nymph from that new nymph mod lol. This armor seems to fit that redguard nymph lore
  5. Hey guys, I've spent the past hour or two looking for this armor and have found exactly zero leads. Can't even find a name for the damn thing, let alone a link to a download page. And yet it shows up in google images every time I look for skimpy bikini armors. I've only found a pinterest page (ugh) that links you back to an old forum on here that's 800+ pages of mostly broken links. The only other thing I've found is a forum where people complain about skimpy armors. I could really use some help, a download link something, I'm starting to think the damn armor never existed/was never released because so far I've found zero evidence of a nexus or a lovers lab page even existing. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Does this mod work with male dragonborns? I’m just wondering because I know it didn’t specify genders in the description but you never know. By work I mean animations and other functions, pronouns and dialogue I’m less concerned with.
  7. I know this mod is female oriented for the time being, but will it still work if the player character is male? The dialogue will just remain the same? Also another good idea to add in the future is secret admirers and stalkers. A secret admirer is the nice guys version, They’ll send gifts, jewelry, sweets, flowers and poetry and after a while they’ll reveal themselves to you so you can either deny or accept them. The stalker is the crazy version of the admirer, where all the gifts will be disturbing (creepy poetry, dead flowers, “mementos” they steal of you, like an ale bottle you drank out of last night or a lock of your hair etc.) After this goes on for a minute the stalker reveals himself like the admirer only he won’t take nonfor an answer in which case you have to either fight him off in which case you win and kill him, or he wins and either kidnaps you and tries to rape you or rapes you right then and there if no ones around. Maybe when kidnapped you get one more chance to escape before the rape. Speaking of, maybe if you deny someone at a bar there’s a chance that they’ll follow you outside or to your room and try to rape you? And like the stalker you have a chance to kill them or fail and get raped. Just a few ideas I had that could have some complexity to the future.
  8. The way it works is, one of the attackers is marked by a quest icon; he's the one that steals your stuff (if you don't have unequip instead of steal checked in the MCM). After it's over, your quest is updated to kill him to get your stuff back. You can ask the Companions for help killing him, or the Thieves Guild to help negotiate getting your stuff. I haven't actually used those options personally, but that's how I understand them to work. You are correct. You can just go back and kill them after or go to the companions or thief's guild and talk to anyone. After payment "gold" or you know what the abductor will be teleported to you in a knockdown state. You can then just kill him to get your stuff back or what i like to do is use the defeat options which works great here by punching to death. Its pretty satisfying. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hey there! Your mod looks like everything I've been looking for! I don't know if this has already been implemented or what, but can the player track down their attackers after the rape if they want? It would be nice to have a misc quest involving tracking down you attackers (maybe they left a note in your inventory with their symbol, you ask a guard about the symbol and it turns out its from a near by bandit camp or something) and you having the chance to kill them, retrieve whatever they took from you and all that jazz. Also it would be nice if, depending on how many attacked you they might not all be in the same bandit camp? So you have to travel to different camps in order to exact sweet, sweet revenge Also it would be cool to join the Dark Brotherhood or another guild to track down your attackers. Same could go for other encounters too like with Thalmor or with Imperials/Stormcloaks. And is there an option to get assaulted by some Dirty city guards? Riften would definitely be the place for that kidnap scenario if it was. Either way this mod looks amazing and I'm definitely downloading the moment I get the chance.
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