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  1. i tuoi sim sono più grandiose dei miei che modalità usi? STP ... i tuoi sim li adoro

    1. Biondoadar


      😃 grazie... ma tu non sei italiano vero? perchè non capisco la tua domanda.

    2. nikossbx


      why your sims are higher than mine ?

      what is the mods you used ?

      I'm french

    3. Biondoadar


      My sims are no higher than other sims... or maybe just their neck is slightly longer. I use several sliders. You can find them all in Siler folder that I have attached to all my sims. I don't use any other mods. If you want to know how to use the different sliders, You should search in Google their name. Each author explains clearly what they do.

      However, you must be careful that many sliders are in conflict with each other.

      If you have any questions write me.

      If you want to send me some of your sims I will look at them with pleasure.

      I hope to be proved helpful. Sorry for my bad English.


      Ciao 🙂


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