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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I think I found the issue and fixed it. There is a 5 sec pauze between the conversations. That makes it seem like it's done and most people just leave. I changed it to 2 seconds in the coming update. It's hopefully less confusing this way. That's strange. I don't think there's a reason to check for other active quests because A Good Fit wouldn't have started if one was active. Do you have a save from before you started A Good Fit? If you do, please try again and post the papyrus log if it doesn't work.
  2. Message Misunderstood
  3. Use the command: ResetQuest Laura_DeliveryIntro_Quest and then: SetStage Laura_DeliveryIntro_Quest 1000. Let me know if it works. Wait, I didn't know it was prone to fail. I'll see what I can do.
  4. Thanks for the update. People almost never tell me if my advice worked, so I never know if I'm doing it right. Thank you so much, ❤️
  5. Sounds like a quest failed to stop properly. Could be because of a heavy script load, but I don't know your game. What was the last LBS quest you did?
  6. Somewhere in the future. We're working on it. Sorry it's taking so long. Your game seems to have issues with scenes. Please make sure you have all requirements installed and make sure they're for the right version. Please also check if this also happens with a new game. If that all fails, please post the papyrus log.
  7. It's not far in the dungeon. Start at the beginning and head left.
  8. Paralysis recovery. (not my favorite, not paralysed by the way but it sounds awful)
  9. It has to do with the mod, but the message itself wasn't related to the mod. It made sense in my head.
  10. Not really related to the mod, but I'm a Contributor now.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. It's not used that much though, and it's always short distances. But I'll keep it in mind. I fully understand that having to walk slowly isn't very exciting.
  12. Thanks. About the leg restraining, is it too much because it's not your thing, or because of the slower movement?
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