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  1. My ENB has an option called EnablePrepass. It also gives characters and objects a black outline. Maybe yours has it too. It looks like this: On: Off:
  2. I noticed this too. I wanted to use straitjackets on NPCs for my mod, but I also noticed that their hands were still visible. I asked my testers and they all had the same thing.
  3. You're not stupid and probably also not a moron. I have been playing with a modded game for about 7 years now and I only encountered it 3 times and I only realised why it happened the third time.
  4. I think that that would be too much. That's what I was going for. That could work. I like both methods, but I don't think that I'll change it for something I like just a much.
  5. I agree that not having a message box would be a lot cleaner and I thought about doing it like that at first. I saw that I could put the prices in the dia choices, but not in the NPC's responses. It would be a bit weird to me that the player would suddenly know how much they were. It makes more sense to me this way, but it currently isn't as clean as it could be. I'll consider it.
  6. It's in bold red lettters at the bottom of her post.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I already have something in mind for an advertising quest. But this also sounds interesting.
  8. 220 mods is a lot for a weak PC. I don't know what you've done with it graphicly, but weaker PCs can also struggle to handle scripts. I see a lot of armor mods. Those usually only increase load times, so they're probably not to blame. But I suggest that you look at the bigger mods that run scripts in the background and decide which one should go. When you do uninstall something, remember to start a new game. Also, make sure that the MCM settings for the bigger mods like DD and DCUR are as light as possible. Setting things like Slotted NPCs lower in DD MCM could help with performance. I understand that you probably don't want to remove Cursed Loot, but you can disable the rape and public indecency features if you haven't already. Those features scan the area regularly. That's usually not a big deal, but it is when your PC is struggling.
  9. I also noticed that it has gotten a bit slower. It's not that bad, but I'm concerned that it'll get worse.
  10. I don't know why it happened, but it sounds a lot like script lag to me. I think you've already done everything to optimise it, but I could take a look at your loadorder if you want.
  11. How future proof you need it depends on what you want to play. I only actually play Borderlands 2, Skyrim, For Honor and Warframe. Those all run really smooth, so I don't really need a $500 card. If I had to choose, I would go for dudette. That's the first time that I heard about this issue. Like you said, it's probably because your PC is struggling. That scripts there are really simple, but it's possible that your PC is having trouble processing the scripts due to other mods running scripts at the same time. Do you have script heavy mods installed?
  12. Maybe in a few months. It could be earlier, but I can't predict how the testing will go. I put a lot on my plate, but progress is good.
  13. Honestly, I didn't do something to handle followers because I didn't know how to. I don't want to use something that I don't understand and it could maybe also cause issues with follower framework mods. I'll probably do something about it when I'm ready. I'm glad you like the device cutting at the end of it by the way. Maybe it's because I'm a woman, but I don't like rape at all. It can be fun as a roleplay with someone you love and trust. But it honestly scares me. That's why I tried to make all sex in this mod a choice or optional objective. You don't need a monster PC by the way. I still have only 8 Gb ram and an Nvidia 1050 TI. It runs really smooth with an ENB, lighting mods and texture mods. I used to think that I would need a massively expensive PC, but just bought a kinda good PC and upgraded the PSU, RAM and GPU. I know that it's still not the same as a laptop, but you don't have to aim too high with this. I think I used the wrong word when I said tension. I think intrigue is better. I could easily make a simple repeatable quest like the What She Deserves quest, but people will soon realise that it's just another travel>talk>travel>reward quest like any other. And that gets really boring when you do that multiple times. I know because I did that one about 25 times during testing. When the story and mystery is gone, all there's left is just another talk to person 1 and then talk to person 2 quest. That's why the combat and dangerous travelling is so important for the Seeking The Curse quest. She has a ~1/3 chance that she'll add time to it. But since you can't see how long you have left, it often feels longer and confusing. When you ask her to remove the belt and she tells you that it's going to be longer, there is no point in asking again because you know that she just extended it. But when you do keep asking, the time left can get really long. How many times has she told you that you'll need to wear it longer? How many days do you have set in the MCM? How many days have you waited?
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