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  1. Hey I love your mod. It really is a masterpiece, I was wondering if there was a status update on the next update for it. Also I had 0 problems with the mod

    1. Laura 'Lokomootje'

      Laura 'Lokomootje'

      Thank you so much. ❤️


      It's really hard to predict when it'll be ready. I've gotten really far, but there's still stuff I want to add. Updating to DD5 will also make testing take longer.

      I really can't say.

    2. Recroid


      Ok, I understand. I guarantee it will be amazing, as the mod already is. Take your time:) 

    3. War1


      Without wanting to clog up your feed, I'd like to chime in and agree! The mod is flawless, thank you for taking the time to continue to work on it!

  2. Do you have this issue with other mods too? If yes, does this also happen with a new game?
  3. Check if your Foz Ro D-oh is up-to-date and the SSE version. That could cause stuff like that.
  4. Glad you found it. I think I remember more reports like this with the SSE version. Have you found similar issues?
  5. That's good. It's really hard to say. I can only really tell in the last stages of testing. Testing is also probably going to take longer because we're updating to DD5. All I can say is that it's not going to be a week. 🙃
  6. Not sure if you already reported it, but it's been reported before. There's a command used there 'ForceEquipDevice()' that doesn't seem to properly work anymore in DD5. That'll be fixed in the upcoming update.
  7. I think I remember seeing it mentioned here, but I don't know if they were talking about it being compatible or incompatible. Either way, if it was incompatible I'm sure I would've heard more about it. You can try it out. Let me know if they go together.
  8. The update I'm working on is still using the old DD version. I'm going to update it to DD5 when that's ready for testing. I always speedrun the thieves guild because the nightingale armor is the best in the game. So I remember hearing about it, but I never really looked into it. Thanks for the link.
  9. I don't really know the Grey Cowl, but someone randomly tying people up for fun could be really cool. Maybe you'll then have to stop them because it's dangerous, but you can't catch her without getting tied up yourself. So you have to come up with a clever plan. I like the puzzle idea. It's going to take a really long time to make a maze, but I think it could be really cool. Also, the heist-like idea of getting a uniform is super cool. Thanks for the suggestions. Yup, the next update will add
  10. Me not adding it doesn't make it a bad suggestion. I'd love to it, but a branching story is way too much work. By the way, the most valuable suggestions are things like puzzles or gameplay stuff. The story is (pretty much) fully already written down, but I always struggle with coming up with puzzles and stuff to do. The line: WHERES THE GAMEPLAY MAKE THE PLAYER DO SOMETHING! appears a lot in my notes. I don't want to lock story content behind a belt, but I really like the idea of having Locked Away specific quests about chastity stuff.
  11. I like them too, but it's so much more work. It already takes months to make an update and I don't think anyone wants it to take a year and a half. It's something I do want to look into after the story is complete, but don't expect anything major.
  12. Thanks. Yeah, it doesn't work with the story, but I also don't want this to be a slavery mod. There are more than enough of those and I will never do that abusive shit to the player. I also don't think Blending In would work without the story and challenges. Making them actually hold you there would quickly get boring. There's no way I'll be able to come up with enough content to keep it interesting if it was longer. But I do want to revisit the cave again.
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