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  1. Does anyone have a link for it? TIA
  2. Daedric_Cat

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    People are so fucking entitled. There have been attempts and petitions to make it so that lottery winners can remain anonymous, but most states won't do this. Even as some people have been killed for the money.
  3. Daedric_Cat

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    I hate this on any site.
  4. Daedric_Cat

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Cigarettes used to be a better mix of tobacco or pure tobacco, If you've ever smelled pure tobacco burning, it's a wonderful smell. Not the nasty stench that cigarettes have. They've been adding crap to cigarettes for years, especially today, even much more than in 1980. That's what kills you. The difference between a cigarette and a combustion engine, is that cigarette smoke tends to be concentrated around people because that is where it comes from. Combustion from engines tend to b dissipated by distance and air, although it is still not good and air pollution can build up to toxic levels. Getting away from concentrated toxic levels of combustion is generally easier than getting away from people who smoke. That's what smokers don't think of when they bingo "what about air pollution? Why don't you focus on that, instead of us smoking in your house, in your face wherever you go?" There was one woman who was a airline attendant in the sixties, seventies, who was in a wheel chair and oxygen for lung cancer. It's not car exhaust that killed her, it was the concentration of cigarette smoke on planes that killed her. Try air filtering systems, like I am right at this moment. I'm not breathing car exhaust right now, But I am breathing cigarette smoke from downstairs. Unfortunately only the best and most expensive filtering systems get rid of that shit. Right now my apartment smells like cigarette smoke. It's the gasses from all the additives that can get through the smallest cracks and travel far that stink and have the carcinogens. I wish there was an easy way to dye gasses from the cigarettes in the air, so people can see how far that shit travels and how it gets into places. Smoker don't realize how much that stuff smells, so they have no idea where it's going and how much other people have to breathe that shit. And, yes, that pisses me off. People saying that smoking doesn't give you cancer, it does absolutely no harm! Ignore the people who don't want your second hand smoke and smoke away! Muh freedomz that George Washington died for! That's a logical fallacy, because one hospital is falsifying records about first hand smokers, and one country doesn't have a high rate of lung cancer, it follows that cigarettes are harmless. Never mind that tobacco company hired scientists have been steadily lying over the years that cigarettes do no harm, over and over, because they were paid to do so. I'm guessing whoever is doing this are either anti-smoking activists who are desperate to stop the shit, or insurance that is tired of paying out more for all tobacco related deaths, trying to stop it at the source, smokers themselves. It isn't right, but I understand the motivation.
  5. Daedric_Cat

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Still hate smoking, still don't want it around me. My understanding is that those who get second hand smoke are the worst affected, as the smokers have filters on their cigarettes. And it certainly feels that way. I don't know why your hospital isn't tracking second hand involuntary smokers, instead of faking results on smokers. I had a bad case of a rare form of pneumonia when I was a child- I nearly died. Doctors didn't know where it came from. Looks like now from the descriptions of third hand smoke, that's where it came from. My mother was a heavy and a very selfish smoker. Between my brother and me, we shared every effect described from third hand smoke. That's not even mentioning problems such as emphysema that is directly tied to being exposed to smoke, first or second hand, which many people have attested to. Certainly industrial pollution is bad, too. Lady who is a religious hermit in Siberia gets sick every time she goes into a town and is exposed to car exhaust and other pollutants,. Cigarette smoke gets into your personal space, and is relatively concentrated compared to the air pollution. Indonesians might have a diet that is effective in preventing cancer. There could be many factors that keep them from getting cancer. Good air might be a help in countering the worst effect of smoking. Anything that irritates the lungs can cause cancer. Think about it. If smoking doesn't have a good chance of causing lung cancer, then why do so many smokers cough?
  6. Daedric_Cat

    No More Shitty Rubble + FPS GAINZ

    Downloading. I haven't played FO4 yet, but New Vegas has a lot of crap like this. Must be a Fallout thing. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Daedric_Cat

    Why do you play as a MALE/FEMALE ?

    Female, I play both. I used to play mainly male in games because the romance options usually sucked more for females- when I played console. Since I've moved to PC years ago I played characters as characters, the gender was secondary. When Skyrim was shiny and new I rolled a male Dunmer and hoped that there was a female Telvanni mage to be his follower/spouse. Brelyna was perfect, so I stuck with my main Dragonborn as being male Dunmer of Telvanni descent. One male character I play through Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim -non main quest- is a male Altmer. I even found his hairstyle in all three games, lol. That's important to him because he's so mindful of style. He's bi, so I've paired him with Crassius Curio in Morrowind, and Vilkas in Skyrim, but I have a female Altmer that intend to make a follower/spouse for him. My Nerevarine is male Dunmer, gay, who I ship with Master Aryon. I even have a female Dunmer who I pair up with Master Neloth, lol. I'm also running a female Khajiit in Skyrim, and a female Dagi-Raht in Morrowind, using Weslty's Khajiit Diversity- think a small Siamese Khajiit who is Telvanni, but gets into everything. My fallout character is female. So I tend to think of the character first, then what gender. Do I like the look of a male, or a female for this character? I don't mind male only games- I loved 2 Worlds. And the first Assassin's Creed. I haven't played Witcher or Kingdom Come yet, but they seem to be interesting and the male characters would be fun to play.
  8. Daedric_Cat

    Refined Argonian Female Head

    Could you PM me the refined female Argonian head files, too, please?
  9. Daedric_Cat

    Vault Girl Nude & Sexy

    I'm more of a vault boy type myself, but these look good. I'm surprised this wasn't done before because how popular she is.
  10. Daedric_Cat

    Sorry, LoversLab

    One thing I've seen some modders do is put into the description that the mod is made for my specs, I'm just sharing, no special requests, no plans to work on this in the future, etc., s don't ask. Then you get those who don't bother reading before commenting. Probably why I haven't released most of my stuff.
  11. I sent him a message. I don't see it on his mods. The Telvanni warriors has a different file name.
  12. Looking for a Morrowind mod that has skyrim style Telvanni robes. It is a Russian mod. Not Uvirith's Legacy. All I have is the name of the file: stav_telvanni robes.
  13. Daedric_Cat

    Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    I did not let my Win 8.1 update for over a year to keep that Win 10 update out. Same with my Win 7 machine. No Win 10 here! It's sad I went from console to PC thinking to get away from control but now it's getting worse!
  14. Daedric_Cat

    Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    Consoles is where the money is. Marketing consoles made gaming mainstream. Dumbing down and all that. Very sad.
  15. Daedric_Cat

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    So sick and tired of this shit. Sins of the Father, right? File it right with the other complaints here against Christianity and a stone aged Jew. We are not advancing as a human species, we are de-evolving backwards.