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  1. Looking for these

    SG Accessories, https://www.loverslab.com/topic/19129-where-can-i-find-non-adult-skyrim-requests/?do=findComment&comment=1361707
  2. Is Skyrim still available for download?

    It's on Steam, but not showing up on Steam search for some reason.
  3. TKAA Question

    i think 3.93? Altho, maybe that's just the most recent version i have. It's possible there was a more recent release than that. Looking at my Nexus "tracking" page, where i was tracking that mod, it also lists the latest version as 3.93 Okay, thanks! I know the SE version is up to 3.94, wasn't sure of the LE.
  4. TKAA Question

    So sorry to hear that about her. What was the latest version of LE TKAA?
  5. What mod does the furniture come from? Especially the tables. TIA
  6. Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    The freebie Survival mod for SSE, it seems okay, though I haven't played it much. I bought FO4 cheap on a Steam sale, haven't installed it yet. That furniture pack is the only CC that seems even remotely interesting. I think I'll wait to download FO4. I'm sure this is the end of the line for Bethesda for me. I have no interest in ES VI or FO V. Starting with the paid mods and now this CC, and the focus on console gamers, I've lost interest. It's funny because I moved from console some years ago to get better options and gameplay with my games.
  7. This is very true. I don't like having to learn yet another third party program to mod my game- or even learning a new site layout (Nexus) because I have so little time. Sometimes I just want to play because I am so many hours at work, but I don't want dull vanilla. I don't do a lot of microtransactions myself, but I can see where others like me will.
  8. The problem with patreon is that it injects monetization into the modding scene which is a bad thing because people are more inclined to support shiny new things instead of the very foundation that made these things possible in the first place. If we take Skyrim and the adult modding scene as an example, it works roughly like this: SKSE/FNIS -> Body Replacer -> Sexlab Framework -> Sexlab mods -> Animations. Now who sets up patreon accounts? The people making animations who get triggered by people who produce adult videos and make money off of them or some shit like that. 'How dare these people make money with my work REEEEEEE I should be the one getting money', of course being ignorant of the fact that they're doing this very same thing as well when they start charging money for their contributions. This might lead to a slippery slope where everyone starts hiding behind a patreon paywall or where enough people lose any sort of interest in trying to create and preserve a healthy modding scene because why bother when the end result is that some people will just use your work to make money for themselves? And that's not even talking about the people who rip armors from other games and expect to get paid for that. I mean, if you want to replace 'how can I make my favorite game better by doing things I enjoy' with 'how can I make more and more money?', I suppose you might want patreon it its current form. Modding was about passion but I expect that to change if it hasn't already. People shit on Bethesda for being greedy fucks (and rightly so) yet have no problem with greedy fucks in their own community. Suddenly it's okay to hide things behind a paywall because apparently now you need to make money with mods. Fore, the modder who makes FINIS, wanted to keep mods free, so he was going to make those who wanted to make paid mods based on his work buy a license. Remember Chesko's Art of the Catch fiasco? Which would keep FINIS free for the rest of us. Better than the patreon system, imo.
  9. Could you pm me the decryption key or mod? Would be very much appreciated. It's ZuV-tPSoTpCqoqB889Yf-FR596VabvhXIxVSE8BnxIk Thank you and I'm sorry, I thought the key was part of the link. Oops No prob.
  10. Could you pm me the decryption key or mod? Would be very much appreciated. It's ZuV-tPSoTpCqoqB889Yf-FR596VabvhXIxVSE8BnxIk
  11. I'd like it, please. Thank you!
  12. Looking for some Toxa01 mods

    Thanks! At least that's something to start with.
  13. All the download links are dead Fallout New Vegas version of Fallivion http://modgames.net/load/fallout_new_vegas/odezhda/1/93-1-0-6807 ED-E reworked http://modgames.net/load/fallout_new_vegas/replejsery/ed_e_reworked/98-1-0-5773 The Unnatural Selector http://modgames.net/load/fallout_new_vegas/oruzhie/the_unnatural_selector/95-1-0-3945 TIA
  14. I would love to see this, too.