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  1. What is this Animated Sword?

    There's no snowflakes or flowers in those kind of animation mods, just swirls, flames, and bolts. Apparently the entire mod is here: http://www.9damao.com/thread-69070-1-1.html and just might include that sword. But now it's the matter of figuring out the password to the baidu download; https://pan.baidu.com/share/init?surl=dTB4p4
  2. Renthal HD Carrot

    Glad I could help
  3. Renthal HD Carrot

    Because even the little things can make a game look better. I was happy to find a simple cooking pot stew retexture because the vanilla looked like puke, and even that was a noticeable change. anyways, redshift, have a carrot. HD carrot-81012-1.7z
  4. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    My mother, how she did everything in her power to make me a worker at McDonalds, and never wanted me to go to college. She even interfered with possible support for me to attend college. Fucking narcissistic bitch.
  5. Does anyone have Bodyslide 3.2?

    Could I have a copy, too, please?
  6. @ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir Thank you!
  7. Same, please. I can't get Baidu to download the file. I tried on my mobile, too, got some .apk file instead. TIA
  8. There's a few in Skyrim I'd like to mod out what they say. Like Olfina and that awful convo between Nazeem's wife and Danica Purespring in the Kynerath temple. Neither my male or female characters like them!
  9. The woman on the right is competition ready. The woman on the left would look the same way if she were readying for a body building competition. It's from going on a fat free diet just before competition to show definition. LOL! To be fair to the guys characters like Olfina annoy me. I don't care for the battle of the sexes.
  10. There's women in there I haven't even heard of! There was also Eleanor of Aquitaine who suited up in armor and went to join her husband in the Crusades. And Tomoe Gozen, Samurai. Perhaps some of these have been exaggerated. But historical accounts tend to exaggerate every one. There were also Anne Bonny and Mary Read, pirates, who stayed up on deck, guns blazing away, while the men cowered below decks when the Royal Navy surrounded them.
  11. That's what "outlier" means. Not a significant amount. If you don't prefer a female Lydia, and house carls like her, there's male replacer mods. The Norse and Samurai trained their women to defend themselves as a last resort, much the same way men today teach their wives and daughters to shoot. Perhaps a mod to make females less aggressive? It's kind of annoys me that female characters in civilian clothes, so to speak, and sedentary males, come running after you with a knife when you have a flaming weapon of doom and full deadric armor when they should be fleeing, at least getting out of your way. It's your game, your options, I'm just trying to give you some ideas, some suggestions. I don't know if you can get to Skyrim to 0% female combatants, due to how it is set up and written. It's not like II Worlds (another of my favorite games) that has only a male protagonists and no females in armor and arms, and maybe two female wizards who happen to be awesome.
  12. I ordered a used Oblivion game from Amazon...

    I'm not sure why people are saying to have a retail disk hook up with Steam?? There's no advantages to that, no mods on Steam for Oblivion, at least none that I'm aware of. (Unless newer versions of the disk have that code?) I'm running a retail version now. With the GOTY you will not need the official patches, so that's checked off. But you will need OBSE, for Oblivion Fast Exit, because Oblivion crashes badly on exiting the game. Also stutter remover, as well a 4GB patch. Then there's the Unofficial Patches. And the OOO, Obscuro's Oblivion Overhaul that a lot of people swear by. Although, sometime after I installed my retail version, GOG came out with the Oblivion Deluxe. Really recommend that, GOG tends to be very stable, installs into it's own GOG folder in the C drive, so no permissions problems, and has 4 GB patch installed already. It also has the Battle Horn DLC like the Steam version, does. The Retail version does not.
  13. LOL, Winny! If you want to be historically realistic, some women were trained to wear armor and fight. The Norse trained their women to fight in defensive to defend themselves and their home, with sword and shield- hence Shield Maiden. The Samurai class trained their women to defend themselves with long reach weapons such as the naginata. Though I'm sure some of them learned the katana well. And the old Germanic tribes had let some women who proved worthy to fight with axes, which freaked out the Romans. Maybe women will attack if the men have fallen? There's been a lot of outliers throughout history, too, such as pirates, and Samurai, it's whatever how much outlier you want to go. Maybe use the no female bandits or the no female Forsworn. And a mod like Run for your Lives, where all non combatant NPCs flee battle from dragons, except for all combat if there is such a mod. Though, I think in Skyrim, everyone will be ready to fight on the home front, like the Norse.
  14. What outfit is this from?

    Thanks, Winny I see it now.
  15. More Vampire Eyes

    Extract the meshes and textures from the SSE Fangs and Eyes using the Bethesda Archive Extractor (BSA and BA2) found on the Skyrim Special Edition Nexus. Let the textures from SSE Fangs and Eyes overwrite the textures from the LE Better Vampires Fangs and Eyes. Using NifSkope 2.0 to view the eyesfemalevampire.nif mesh from the SSE Fangs and Eyes. Under Block List highlight BSLightingShaderProperty, then highlight Emissive Color in the Block Details below. Double click on the colored strip to view the RGB values. Change those values in the LE eyesfemalevampire.nif mesh to match the SSE mesh. Save. Otherwise you will have green eyes instead of Combat Blue. Do the same with the eyesmalevampire if you want the guys to have the eyes too, otherwise theirs will be green with the Combat Blue. Here's my LE female Altmer, using the female vampire eye mesh from HN66's long lashes. Note: use No Sunken Vamp Faces with female elves, otherwise the eyes clip at the bottom.