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  1. My wife and I met online in a forum we mutually belonged to. I live in the mid-west and she lived in the south-west at the time. We talked for hours every day and finally met in person after 2 months of talking. We have been together 17 years now and it has been the best, most fulfilling relationship in my life.
  2. Good start, looking forward to see where you go with this.
  3. Hot and wet! And the tub wasn't bad either.
  4. Glad to hear it. I really enjoy your narratives that accompany the photos, the story is much more engaging with them included.
  5. Wonderful storyline. looking forward to seeing where it goes next.
  6. I hope you will share more of your adventures here.
  7. Nothing better than a well stocked dungeon and an obedient girl to play with.
  8. Very nice use of the toys! A dungeon like that should be well and often used.
  9. Sounds like a wonderful bondage adventure that really gave you a feel for the punishment.
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