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  1. thedarkwanderer42

    [RimWorld] [B18] RimJobWorld 1.6.1a

    Thanks, I'll be sure to post the patches if I can get them working here.
  2. thedarkwanderer42

    [RimWorld] [B18] RimJobWorld 1.6.1a

    I don't suppose there's some sort of guide or something of the sort on how to make a patch if its incompatible in its current form?
  3. thedarkwanderer42

    Future of adult gaming (or gaming in general)?

    Honestly if we had some sort of modern non-proprietary framework in the market we would probably be seeing a lot of quality content coming out (like how the Havok physics engine did a lot for 3D gaming even though it was something that was licensed) These days though all you ever see is everything being increasingly locked behind paywalls in the indie scene (ala Patreon and the like) and of course the big names in gaming getting increasingly invested in profit over quality (microtransactions, lootboxes, etc) Though I've been talking with some devs outside of the western markets (mostly Brazil and Russia, and one guy in Pakistan) and they seem to have a lot less, well, constrictive view on these sort of things, and with the way Projekt Red is in Poland as well, might mean that the future of gaming may lay outside of traditional western markets long term. I've seen increasingly experimental ideas coming from those areas (even if it ends up being a flop, imo one of the biggest flaws in the current gaming industry is the lack of experimentation with gaming these days) and it leaves me with some hope for the market at least. As for adult gaming, Steam's moves this year have been pretty interesting towards it, and while I am no fan of Steam or Valve in the slightest (paid mods, buying what is effectively a license to rent a game through their service, increasingly poor quality on their platform, etc) It would be nice if it set a precedent for that at least in the market. I am concerned a bit with what seems like a stagnation or slowing down in growth across the board for adult oriented gaming sites (server stats have not been looking good past 2-3 years) but I really don't have enough data to tell if its within expected trends or not atm. The move from flash to html5 will be interesting to see on all fronts for this, I've seen a ton of presently prominent communities, both adult and otherwise, reach their popularity thanks to flash media. imo html5 has too many failings to really replace it, but there doesn't seem to be any other mainstream alternatives at the moment. Best that seems to be able to do with that atm is make sure to archive absolutely everything with that (though it would be nice if there was more coordination between services, I'm still wary of places like the-eye.eu going down for good, and other sites that hosted some old content that seems to be lost now (excepting torrent swarms, but I don't exactly have several petabytes worth of storage space on hand nor the means to sort through all that) like theisozone) And that is another thing concerning with the way gaming is heading, as it seems to be heading towards an "online-only" setting like mmos are, and your average mmo player will be able to tell you about times their favorite games have died off and everything was lost with it. A lot of things are uncertain with it all and that disturbs me.
  4. thedarkwanderer42

    [RimWorld] [B18] RimJobWorld 1.6.1a

    Is this compatible with non-human colonists as well? Using the Sergal https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1501315350 And avali https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1314474881 mods
  5. thedarkwanderer42

    Sexbound - Avali as Floofy Raptors

    couldn't you just ask the creator of the avali, RyuujinZERO, for permission considering he owns the IP rights for the avali? for that matter, would permission for an avali patch at all be applicable considering, afaik, no one's really been able to reach him outside of his steam friends and friends discord and such? Just seems the whole permissions for avali are a bit uncertain considering the reclusive state of the creator, who I would think would have more actual say over such a thing considering its his intellectual property and all
  6. thedarkwanderer42

    Sexbound troubleshooting thread?

    Now, the error I was encountering with Sexbound was with sexbound_familymember.npctype and was this [17:19:06.536] [Error] [string "/npcs/bmain.lua"]:162: (StarException) Lua Exception caught running action node sayToEntity in behavior villager: (LuaException) Error code 2, [string "/scripts/actions/dialog.lua"]:106: Dialog type dialog.converse not specified in sexbound_familymember stack traceback: [C]: in function '_ENV.error' [string "/scripts/actions/dialog.lua"]:106: in function <[string "/scripts/actions/dialog.lua"]:101> And while I am not entirely sure what was causing this issue in particular, I did find that adding in the necessary dialog files for an added npctype for it seemed to have fixed the issue so I am guessing that the issue was caused by the addition of a new npctype with no converse.config for the associated .npctype, and something as simple as adding in a test converse.config.patch and a custom converse config file (familyconverse.config using the default converse lines from base assets as a placeholder) fixed this error the error itself does not seem to cause any crashes on its own, but it does clog up the console when trying to find any other errors that might be going on, and preventing chat interaction with the affected npcs, as well as being a bit of a broken asset. I'm guessing its just outdated for the current version of starbound or something. What does seem rather odd is that I do not always encounter this error with one of the sexbound_familymember npctypes each time I try talking to them, but once I do encounter this error with them all I get from them is no dialog and a console full of errors so any help in actually figuring out what is going on here with it, so it can be properly patched instead of just having a hotfix would be much appreciated. the edited files are attached in a zip sexbound faimlymember hotfix.zip
  7. So, after coming across an error with an npc type in sexbound that was having errors due to what appeared to be an issue with converse config As well as a number of mod conflicts for various reasons (mods that edit/patch base npc types tend not to play well) And seeing as how modding for sexbound and starbound adult mods seems to be picking up again, but lacking any sort of clue as to when or even if the main maintainers of Sexbound will start working on it again, it seems best to have a thread for noting compatibility issues as well as present errors in Sexbound
  8. thedarkwanderer42

    Race Support Requests

    Well, you could always try to make the patch and necessary assets for it yourself, but it looks like there will be no actual "official" support for the race then unless someone can get into contact with the mod author and get permission.
  9. links on first post are dead again
  10. I mean, someone always could try working with that sprite adjuster that Starbound Sex Suite had, see if it could be updated to work with how things are with starbound and sexbound now. I mean, its a separate program written in java instead of lua, and a bit more complicated to work with but its an idea.
  11. thedarkwanderer42

    Race Support Requests

    That's because you can't comment on a steam mod for starbound unless you both own the game, and have subscribed to the mod on steam. Idk why its that way, but its one of the many complaints about steam's bs https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/2381701715711036208/ you'll have to try to contact the mod author directly...once again, via steam only it seems.
  12. thedarkwanderer42

    Spectre and Meltdown

    You guys talk about this as if it hasn't been this way for a very long time already https://libreboot.org/faq.html#intel tl;dr on all that: a lot of modern crap really is just crap I miss the days when machines were built with the intention of lasting decades or more
  13. thedarkwanderer42

    Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    paid mods
  14. thedarkwanderer42

    [Starbound] Aphrodite's Bow

    isn't the unfinished version still up on the github page though? And the original creator isn't dead afaik he just went into hiding after that whole PCGamer incident the guy who stepped in after him died recently though if you're decent at making mods yourself these two mods might prove helpful on that https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/datebound.5046/ https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/kids-community-mod.1586/ (this one is super outdated, but someone had started work on a children mod and that might be useful for some sort of familial interaction that you're talking about) there was also this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1214279677 but the mod seems to be abandoned now. Personally I'd love to see more immersion mods like these, even if the lewd bits from sexbound are left out.
  15. thedarkwanderer42

    Vanilla Cream - Sexbound API

    looks like a quick search of the species giving the error brings up this (https://community.playstarbound.com/threads/super-sbg-race-mod.95324/page-6) and that likely is causing at least some of the errors, but I don't see the mod in your .log file Either some other mod is using those assets (which may itself be causing problems) or perhaps you previously had Super /sbg/ Race Mod on this save and have removed it since? I've no clue what mod you've got that might be doing that but I'd guess that is what's causing most of the console errors listed in your log As well I see that you've got the "Sharing is Caring" mod which affects bed properties, which is probably causing the issues with beds that you're having (I use the GOG version of starbound so I can't exactly check it for incompatibles myself but it seems likely this is causing the bed issues) Maybe try removing those two mods, make a fresh save and see if it works? And its looking in your logs this seems to happen when sexbound is used ingame [09:33:19.039] [Info] Chat: <server> Error evaluating script in entity context, check log I'm guessing that's probably a result of it still being a .pak, as red3dred suggested it would probably be best to unpak it as well as a variety of missing asset id errors, those are probably just due to the mod author incorrectly naming an asset, pretty simple and easy to fix those. and if all else fails there's always trial and error (adding in each mod one by one, starting up a new world and character after removing the old universe and player folders, and seeing what one(s) start to cause errors) idk if its still the case for 1.3.3, but for 1.3 I found this https://community.playstarbound.com/threads/crew-not-using-beds-ship-day-night-cycle-missing.134055/ which seems to indicate it is something to do with patch changes to ship day/night cycle in starbound itself I guess its a bug in base starbound then? Or a "feature" lol I think an npc patch for crew members of some sort might work, I don't have the assets on hand from before they made that change though I'll have to look up what patch they made that change in.