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  1. thedarkwanderer42

    Spectre and Meltdown

    You guys talk about this as if it hasn't been this way for a very long time already https://libreboot.org/faq.html#intel tl;dr on all that: a lot of modern crap really is just crap I miss the days when machines were built with the intention of lasting decades or more
  2. thedarkwanderer42

    Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    paid mods
  3. thedarkwanderer42

    [Starbound] Aphrodite's Bow

    isn't the unfinished version still up on the github page though? And the original creator isn't dead afaik he just went into hiding after that whole PCGamer incident the guy who stepped in after him died recently though if you're decent at making mods yourself these two mods might prove helpful on that https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/datebound.5046/ https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/kids-community-mod.1586/ (this one is super outdated, but someone had started work on a children mod and that might be useful for some sort of familial interaction that you're talking about) there was also this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1214279677 but the mod seems to be abandoned now. Personally I'd love to see more immersion mods like these, even if the lewd bits from sexbound are left out.
  4. thedarkwanderer42

    Vanilla Cream - Sexbound API

    looks like a quick search of the species giving the error brings up this (https://community.playstarbound.com/threads/super-sbg-race-mod.95324/page-6) and that likely is causing at least some of the errors, but I don't see the mod in your .log file Either some other mod is using those assets (which may itself be causing problems) or perhaps you previously had Super /sbg/ Race Mod on this save and have removed it since? I've no clue what mod you've got that might be doing that but I'd guess that is what's causing most of the console errors listed in your log As well I see that you've got the "Sharing is Caring" mod which affects bed properties, which is probably causing the issues with beds that you're having (I use the GOG version of starbound so I can't exactly check it for incompatibles myself but it seems likely this is causing the bed issues) Maybe try removing those two mods, make a fresh save and see if it works? And its looking in your logs this seems to happen when sexbound is used ingame [09:33:19.039] [Info] Chat: <server> Error evaluating script in entity context, check log I'm guessing that's probably a result of it still being a .pak, as red3dred suggested it would probably be best to unpak it as well as a variety of missing asset id errors, those are probably just due to the mod author incorrectly naming an asset, pretty simple and easy to fix those. and if all else fails there's always trial and error (adding in each mod one by one, starting up a new world and character after removing the old universe and player folders, and seeing what one(s) start to cause errors) idk if its still the case for 1.3.3, but for 1.3 I found this https://community.playstarbound.com/threads/crew-not-using-beds-ship-day-night-cycle-missing.134055/ which seems to indicate it is something to do with patch changes to ship day/night cycle in starbound itself I guess its a bug in base starbound then? Or a "feature" lol I think an npc patch for crew members of some sort might work, I don't have the assets on hand from before they made that change though I'll have to look up what patch they made that change in.
  5. thedarkwanderer42

    Vanilla Cream - Sexbound API

    one of the clocks mods states that the time on your ship while parked in orbit remains at 6 am, so I'm guessing since NPCs only use a bed at the time you had specified, and the time on your ship seems to be stuck at a set time, that your crew will never use beds as a result. I believe there are a few crew modifier mods that adjust this however, as well as some bed mods I'm sure.
  6. thedarkwanderer42

    [Starbound] Draenei Race for SexboundAPI

    seems the mod is a little bit outdated. All you should need to do to fix it though is rename a file in the mod's folder path; "SexboundAPI_draenei/scripts/sexbound/" the file there default.config.patch should be renamed to sexbound.config.patch and moved to the mods main directory "SexboundAPI_draenei/" and that should work (and it should be safe to delete the scripts folder within the mod folder since it no longer contains any files after doing this) Also if you're having problems with any other sexbound api mods for the current version of sexbound, this fix should likely work for any of them. Its just an update in the latest version in where and what file it looks for, for the patch for custom species.
  7. thedarkwanderer42

    [Starbound] Aphrodite's Bow

    Been seeing this with a lot of mods since 1.3.3, wonder if it might be something chucklefish botched with the engine
  8. thedarkwanderer42

    Race Support Requests

    they have a guide on it here https://community.playstarbound.com/threads/how-to-successfully-pack-and-unpack-pak-files.66649/ very useful for fixing mods if its only packed in .pak files (which I believe is the only way steam does it)
  9. thedarkwanderer42

    Race Support Requests

    Well, they are supposed to be "raptor" sized, but closer to the irl microraptor rather then the hilarious unrealistic scaled beasts hollywood loves to go on about. I mean, they have their own wiki and everything, look it up. Also they started off as a spore mod, they're their own continuity, not something that originated with starbound itself. Anyways, smolavali mod in general probably doesn't work well with starbound in general, simply due to sprite limitations and the detail that goes into the species. I just love realism in my games mostly, I use realismbound and I'd suggest it if you like a bit more realism in starbound
  10. thedarkwanderer42

    Race Support Requests

    It is supposed to be a patch to make the avali the same height they are in their lore, as it states on the mod page but alright.
  11. thedarkwanderer42

    Mods and Money!?

    its a long story, but its mostly because they were using assets from Fallout 3, to the point of more or less distributing the full game for free via their mod. Idk if they still are doing that. I think they just changed it to check for both game's assets to already be installed. There's also the whole thing with Capital Wasteland mod, though afaik that was more due to fear of a takedown rather the Bethesda actually doing anything. If nothing else, it should be an example of how absurd copyright law is, particularly in the United States. (its been like this for awhile though and nobody's cared. I don't think that many people even remember SOPA and its ilk all that much anymore either.)
  12. There is already support for one of the races you mentioned, bunnykin here https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6190-bunnykin-race-for-sexboundapi/ might want to check this post first to see if the race you want support for is already suppported https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/ Also, base sexbound already has support for Fenerox. Should work fine with them, screenshot attached for proofs (using non-steam Playable Fenerox as I use the GOG version of starbound) As for the other races, the biggest issue is the sprite art for them. If you can get a decent spriter on the forums here you might have more luck, the coding bit is, for the most part, just copy pasting (personally though I would like to see more functionality added to sexbound, lua isn't that difficult to do. I'll probably have to learn how to do sprite art myself seeing as how the guy that picked things up after lox left kind of died irl)
  13. Working on support for smolavali from here https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/smol-avali.5419/ Now, I've got the coding part all done and ready, the patch (using regular avali artwork as a placeholder) is up on the avali page here But it still needs spritework done. Does anyone have any good guides or anything on where to start learning how to do that for starbound?
  14. thedarkwanderer42

    Staxel (Nude mods)

    It'd probably end up like those minecraft sex mods. More useful for how they implement things, as a modders resource then entertaining as a sex mod.
  15. thedarkwanderer42

    New Cuckold Themed Game

    cuck C U C K cuck lol