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  1. Much bigger... if you click the link there will be some preview pictures. But ive got an idea Can i get the caliente bustier body into bodyslide so i can use the sliders there? Or do the sliders not even exist for that body cus its not supported?
  2. or maybe you could just recommend me a good bodymod with both huge breasts and ass
  3. Hello! this is my first post and so i dont really know what im doing... anyway! im really into hyper(freakishly large breasts and ass) and i satisfied my needs with bodyslide and hitting all the sliders to the max till now. But lately im annoyed by the fact that the breast have jags and edges (probably cus they arent intended to be that big). So i tried to get some mods that are intended to make your boobs huge, like Calientes Female Body Bustier Version. the boobs look great i gotta say... buuut the ass looks like a toothpick... is there a way to com
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