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  1. What's the latest version?
  2. Every few seconds the game pauses and when i check the dev mode error logs this is what seems to be causing it. Exception in rjw.ThinkNode_ConditionalHornyOrFrustrated TryIssueJobPackage: System.MissingMethodException: Verse.Pawn rjw.JobGiver_JoinInBed.find_pawn_to_fuck(Verse.Pawn,Verse.Map) at (wrapper dynamic-method) rjw.JobGiver_JoinInBed.rjw.JobGiver_JoinInBed.TryGiveJob_Patch1(rjw.JobGiver_JoinInBed,Verse.Pawn) at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.AI.ThinkNode_JobGiver.Verse.AI.ThinkNode_JobGiver.TryIssueJobPackage_Patch1(Verse.AI.ThinkNode_JobGiver,Verse.Pawn,Verse.AI.Jo
  3. Hello i seem to be having a problem with the latest 2020 file for sexout, since installing it via Vortex the game boots as far as the menu screen image but no longer displays the actual menu, i didn't have this problem when i activated the 2018 version before checking to see if there was an update and then was told by the game to update and the game closed so i did just that and the problems started. That's my load order, not changed apart from the new sexout files that i had to update to so im rather at a loss as to what the issue could be.
  4. Yeah and you're totally stuffed in terms of that mod, it's a hard requirement for BB and her work can't be posted elsewhere on the net "legally" except Nexus but i'm sure someone has done just that regardless.
  5. This may sound a bit off putting but from what i've seen (going through old posts she's replied to on the nexus regarding her mods) Eli strike me as a "My work is perfect and does NOT require any fixes what-so ever and it's totally YOUR fault" kind of person...Not the best mentality to have when making mods as mods are never going to work 100% right at any point due to a number of factors, the biggest one being a game/engine update that makes said mod either not work like it should or is some cases the mod literally breaks the game and crashes it every time. Also i can't help but l
  6. You need the sleeveless outfits for the follower you can get (Jade?) otherwise you either get purple/invisible if you don't...How can one be banned from viewing clothing mods anyway?
  7. Something about the power armor that in A friend in need that April wears got me thinking, is the paint scheme meant to be a nod to the outcasts from FO3? They too had black/red paint for their power armor paint scheme.
  8. Is yours stuck on find the deathclaw? how can one "find" it if it walks down the hill and just parks it's scaled rear outside the house?!
  9. Hmm, i seem to have a problem with that deathclaw near sommerville place, can't interact with him...pretty sure i asked this before but i don't think i got an answer.
  10. it turns out each sentence under the magazine in question is a location, didn't realize that until i mozied into the Diamond city schoolhouse and found a copy there...i just thought the top one under the magazine was the only proper clue
  11. i decided to bring Dogmeat along and not even HE can find the thing and i checked in every classroom!
  12. I double checked all of them and the sex ed book isn't on or around any of the desks at the school, only burnt magazines/books.
  13. That would be nice, i have about 20 or so hanging out in Diamond City....
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