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  1. I use your excellent mod for a long time . No offense,this is just a subjective personal opinion - "dirty talk" is completely unnecessary, stupid function, sorry.
  2. I once put the 2 to 3 version on a clean save without a new game, everything was perfectly initialized and works. And every new version I always set to clean save, completely deleting the old version and there are no problems. Your mod is super ! Thanks !
  3. The follower does not undress during the event,his clothes remain on him + devices.
  4. This version is also not compatible with Deviuos Lore. The guards inside the city and not only always remove the devices with a dialogue from the DL.
  5. I forgot to mention Devious Lore in the first version, too. Inside the city, when the hero was dressed in a pony approaching the guard, he started a dialogue from Devious Lore and removed from the hero those limiters that are dressed by your mod. Is this fixed in the new version ?
  6. Thank you for the interesting mod. Are you planning to add an option for followers ? It would be logical to lock up the followers along with dovakin.
  7. Wow, I think this is a very delicious mod ! Thank you for not requiring Poser Hotkeys.
  8. Thank you for your help, but I will use the alternative ABMM , where chickens are disabled by default.
  9. This is not the way out is to disable animations.For these creatures, there will still be a survey and they will be involved in the mod and then they will just stand motionless with the animations disabled ,which is also distracting and takes time. Suppose there are a lot of chickens ,cows ,goats and there is one dog and a horse-a common picture in Skyrim .Who will the mod choose ? The answer is obvious - the hero will always be fucked (without animation) by chickens, cows and goats. In any case, thank you for your help and participation.
  10. Well, if there is no connection, then the mod is removed. Play with the mod, where the hero is mostly fucked by chickens and rabbits, there is no desire.
  11. I did not set the Quick start option, but when a new game is played, the script for selling into slavery or prostitutes still works.How do I delete a script, which script, so that Maria's scripts do not work at a quick start and a new game ?
  12. Well, since after removing this mod, my NPC became mortal again, it is obvious that this mod made him immortal. Apparently, this is necessary for the implementation of the conditions in this mod.And as I wrote, no console commands helped me .
  13. Cool! Awesome ! Divine ! And these words are not enough to express the delight of this mod ! Thank you, author ! I installed an earlier version of this mod and was pleasantly surprised then, and now the update .Thank you again,we will wait for updates !
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