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  1. Unfortunately, I have the same issue when BDIC is installed. Without BDIC I do not get that warning and creature frameworks is shown as vers 2.0.0. With BDIC it downgrades to 1.1.0-pre2. And it never starts.
  2. Is there a DD dll for the most recent skse64 ver Or do I just put "none" when responding to the skse version in the fomod?
  3. I tried with all these mods that you listed, and it worked just great. But I was also able to get it to work with only the HDT-SMP and of course, the XPMSSE skeleton.
  4. If I understand this mod correctly, it is supposed to replace the male aggressor voice during Leito's Aggressive animations when the actors are both female, is that correct? If so, this is not working for me. I installed The One Patch and definitely clicked female as character type, then installed this patch, but when I go to AAF and set a scene with two females using, say, Leito AggressiveBlowjob - I still hear the male raider voice. I tried sexchange console command and get the same results. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. It appears to be Camp Kendall. But I know now that it must be another mod interfering because I started a new game installing mods and at one point the radiation didn't happen intially, but now it does. I just don't know which mod is causing this. Thanks. EDIT: So after looking at mods installed after CSA, it appears that the mod 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's is the culprit. (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25564). Might be useful to someone in a similar situation.
  6. Question about abductions: My character and companion were abducted and sent to some cell that looks like a town, but where I was sitting I was getting tons of radiation damage. Once I moved to the limit of my freedom, the radiation reduced to zero, but by then I was at very low life. I have Advanced Needs 2 so the rad damage is pretty lethal. Is this working as intended? Thanks.
  7. Is this going to be updated in conjunction with updates for Expansion 4 of Advanced Needs 2? (Answered in the Nexus Mods AN2 replies.) Does this mod require tampon usage? If so, where are they? I typed "Help tampon 4" in the console and got nothing in response. Thank you.
  8. AAF is not recognizing the crosses and pillories. When I select a couple of actors, while standing near the furniture, the ZazOut4 animations are not appearing in AAF Menu. I have verified that all the files have been installed in the directories as seen in the downloaded .7z file. I can build pillories and crosses, I can use the cane and crop, but I cannot get animations for ZazOut4. I can get animations for all the other packs I have installed. Any ideas? Also - should I be overwriting the zaz extended skeleton from this page? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36702
  9. Hello - in the AAF Admin mode I am seeing error [10] Animation ID "SIXFF_SC_FF-Dance-02-01TwerkStart" not found. Yet when I use AAF I can activate that same Twerk animation. EDIT: I can activate the Twerk animation solo, but this seems to be Female to Female animation, I do not have a Twerk option when I select two female characters. How do I resolve this error (if it needs to be)? I believe this came from the XML Extended, so that's why I am asking here, but please let me know if I am wrong. Thanks in advance!
  10. I realize this thread may be old, but I too am getting three AAF ERROR: [049] OverlaySet ID "Vaginal" not found in the AAF Admin mode, even after reinstalling AAF patches for Crazy & Leito mods [V2.1 : more CUM OVERLAYS] . However, when I go to the Overlays in Looks Menu, there are two overlays from CumNWealth. So what is missing? Or does it matter? Thanks in advance!
  11. I am having an issue where my female character uses the MCG dialogue to initiate masturbation and I am getting random animations that are not masturbation. For instance, I had Sun's Poses installed and when I used the MCG Masturbate, I would be put into one of those poses. So I removed Sun's Poses and instead got an animation called Test01 (not sure where that came from but it looked like something from Bad Endings), the next time I tried masturbate I got Gray's Bent Staged, the third time I got Gray_Bent_S0, and so on. Non are masturbation. I can manually initiate any of the masturbation a
  12. The problem is that it not only blocks the Respawn system, it also prevents MCG's Defeat system from starting. I expected that while I would have a disabled spawn system, I could still use the MCG Defeat system, even with AAF Violate. The Compatibility notes say: AAF Violate: This mod is not only compatible with MCG but also recommended to use to expand the player aggressor/victim mechanics, but if you use it you should consider to not enabling the MCG Respawn system. Which says to me that not only are we to use AAF violate, but that MCG Defeat system wil
  13. Hello - I have a question; I am using version 2.7.3 and trying to start Player Defeat portion of the mod. The information page says that this is compatible with, and recommended to use with, AAF Violate. However, one should disable the Respawn System. When I go to the player Defeat submenu, it tells me to start the player defeat with the Options hotkey. But when I use the Options hotkey to start Player Defeat System, I get an error saying it will not start because I have AAF Violate installed. And there does not appear to be a button to disable the MCG Spawn System. So how do I get this t
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