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  1. 9 minutes ago, donnerwetter said:

    I'm sure you could either copy the weightpainting and xml or retexture the tail to resemble your own.


    My modding abilities are very limited, no idea, how can i change this. I'm not the sharpest tool on this Planet.


    Thank you for the Info. 

    BTW - the longer I look at your girl, the sooner I have to think of a dragon lady

  2. What kind of GPU is in your PC?

    I use a RTX 2060S with AA and working ENB (Mythical ENB) on 1440p with maximum settings


    What Mesh... ahem... The one in Bodyslide, when i need the Body Preferences for (pE ) The Latex Witch, theres only the from the originalc 3BA Mod inside, not yours (for rebuild the Armors with your Vaginaless Body)


    Arrrghh... my stupid and limited school English xD

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