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  1. 11 minutes ago, SpyVsPie said:

    It doesn't replace anything the way I have it, I just use the meshes from HN66 and add them in as part of each girl's hand and glove nifs (if they have long nails) so I can have as many colors as I want. If you tell me which color you'd want replaced (maybe the zebra one? I bet that's the least popular) I can pack it up real quick to replace whatever texture you want. 

    The grey tips (maybe to black) and the red Zebra (changing to your Pink).

    All other colours be okay. Thank you for your help. 

  2. 1 hour ago, SpyVsPie said:

    Thanks! This is SE, as is everything I've ever posted. The nails are HN66 meshes with my own pink texture that ends up looking a bit like it's just a missing texture 😅. There really are pink textures there though, I assure you. 


    I'm looking for this colour, and which one be replaced? The red tips or the French?

    Would you share these Nails, 'cause i got no talents in modding. If not, than it is okay too. Sorry for asking :(


  3. At the Panel, when Ellie told us, that would be her player, i start laughing.

    There was a funny and nice chapter with excellent Screenshots again.


    I never asked you, which Version of Skyrim is this? From where are her Nails (HN66?) or did you change the Colortexture by yourself?

  4. Zilphia: "Aaaah, you done the perfect number, and you both are so hot. BTW, That is the part what I am always talking about. Who needs Panties." *smile*



    Me: "Sometimes i ask myself, have you ever worn a Panty or Legwear of any Kind?"


    Zilphia: "Of course. My Crotchless ones. Hey Aria and Phoenix, you should try it at home."






  5. CP 2077 is a very interesting game. I like this setting and look of this Game. But my 2060S is hard working with RTX on. 

    When I find some time in the next days, maybe i would play it for some hours.. Nice shots and easter eggs, tex :)


    Btw here's my Zil-V-a^^

    I must learn a lot, how about the photo-mode works <.<''



    Zil-V-a "Eeeh, can i get my old Body back please. I miss some Parts of my Succu Body."

    me: "Ahem, No!"

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