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    Zilphia sings for you a small Song, with her warm dark Voice.
    Zilphia: "Hello there. Ahem, okay i will start." *smiles shy*

    I know that i am different, but let me tell you my view
    I done nothing wrong and I learned lot's of new

    I want just give you all a helping hand
    I got a good Heart, why can't you understand?

    I just want to walk barefoot over the grass and dancing all the time
    Spread and share some love, oh yes, that wish would be fine

    Lying together Hand in Hand under a big Oak Tree
    Please come closer to me and you will see

    Maybe i'm lewd and naughty, but my intensions are good
    So open your Arms and hug me, maybe than you've understood

    This little Lady one wants only be one of your Friends...

    ....Come on, say YES, Kiss me and take my Hands.

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.07.28 - So we can dance, walk together through this Land. Staying Together Hand in Hand.
  2. zilvradrow

    Zilphia mocks Amara.
    Zilphia: "Hey Amara, Hands up!"

    Amara: "Huh!? Whats next?"
    Zilphia: "Pew Pew!" *starts giggling*
    Amara: "Really?"

    Zilphia: "Oooh, come on. Please smile, only a small one."
    Amara: "Okay, but only when i get your Cream from your Dick."
    Zilphia: "Sure. You are so cute, whe there is a smile on your Lipps."
    Amara: "You are somtimes so crazy, but i like this." *makes a wink*

    Zilphia: "Hehe. Thanks."
  3. zilvradrow
    Zilphia: "Oh, welcome. You find my little Sanctuary. Well, I'm ... uhm... just a little bit busy." *giggles* 


    Zilphia: "Oh no! I Swear, I do only legal Things here."

    Zilphia: "So, i will show you my favorite Place here. Please, follow me."

    Zilphia: "I see it in your eyes. you like this place too."

    Zilphia: "We arrived. Let's enter this place."

    Zilphia: "What do you expect? I'm a Succubus with a Strip Club. Oops, that Sounds weird, so weird that I cum' without jerking. Yay!"

    Zilphia: "uhm sorry, this one makes silly noises. I will take a look later, what's the trouble with it. Okay, let's go to the Relax area"

    Zilphia: "I hope you're sitting well. Aaaaw, i Love this place, i'm always getting horny, when I'm here."

    Zilphia: "Sometimes i dance at the Pole too, but only, when I'm alone. I must more practice on it, but for youi'll do an exception." *does a wink*

    Zilphia: "Or when you like to undress yourself, you can do this. The girls like it, to dance with you together."

    Zilphia: "Of course you can only sit here and play with yourself or having fun with the other Girls."

    Zilphia: "Hehe, i see. You'll visit this place again. That's fine. Come on, let's go again, before I starting to seduce you, sweety!"

    Zilphia: "So, that was the first room, If you like to see the other rooms, than follow me. - Uhm, what?!"

    Zilphia: "But I understand you, maybe the next time. There are so many other rooms and your Time is precious. Okay, okay! But thank you, that you shared your Time with me."

    Zilphia: "You're always welcome! See you in the Future. Stay healthy and bye! Have a nice day!" 
  4. zilvradrow
    After a Message per Messenger, Zilphia is waiting in the morning for Aria Bal. It's a longer time, after their last meeting, maybe one year or more. The Succubus is happy and very exited about this. After she arrives after one hour, both walking back to Whiterun, before they enter the Town, they're stopping and both starts they lustful play.

  5. zilvradrow
    Unknown Girl. "uuhm, that's the Overworld? It looks Strange. Hey, sweetie can you help me? I'm searching for Zilphia, did you seen her?"

    "Oh, you don't know where she is? Wait,I can give you a Photo from me, if you know where she is."

    "But it is very bright here in your World, let me took this Sunshade."

    "Let me change my Clothes. Aaah! That is better."
    "Please, when you meet her, tell her Charlette is asking for her. Huh? I am just an old friend, she teached me, to be a kindful Seducer."

    Charlette: "Oops, i become horny when i'm thinking about her. Sorry for start my jerking in front of you."

    Charlette: "Aaah, that is so relaxing..."

    Charlette: "Mhhhh tffft sss pfmpft, flmlssllr. Hihi... that was delicious. Oh, you are still here." *giggle*

    Charlette: "I'm such a lewd Girl. Thank you for beeing here." *shy smiling*

  6. zilvradrow
    My first short Videos.
    Zilphia wants invite You!
    Zilphia: "Hey you. Please come closer and be my guest for a while."

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.03.02 -  
    Zilphia: "Hehe, I see it in your eyes, you like it what I am doin'. I'm sure, you want to help me. Maybe next time." *smile*

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.03.02 -  
    Zilphia: "You know my Number, when you're Horny, please call me!"

  7. zilvradrow
    Interviewer: "Ahem, Lady Zilphia? Can i have your attention please? Berwen my Name."
    Zilphia: "Uhm, what? - Oh, Miss Berwen, of course. Moment... so, can i Help you?"

    Interviewer: "Fine, i hope I didn't disturb you, you looked busy. Well?! I heard, you're a very special Succubus, with special interests, can you tell our readers, how it is to life as a Person like you in Skyrim?"
    Zilphia: "I am a Succubus Angel! Well, it is not harder then your life, okay with some trouble with the Vigilants of Stendarr, but they leave me alone now, after they seen, that  my Intensions are good."
    Interviewer: "Okay Thank you. How did you do it? They're a bit uuhhm.... difficult."
    Zilphia: "Some good arguments and a bit Succubus Angel magic." *her right hand wandering to her dick.*

    Interviewer starts to giggle. "Ah, okay, I see. Hmmm. It looks tasty. By the Way, as I arrived you read a book, whats about it?"
    Zilphia: "Thank you! Nothing Special, just about the heroines of Nirn. In this moment you arrived, i read the part about Cassidey the Paladin. There some illustrated Images in the Book, wow, she is hot, I would meet her, when i get the oppurtunity. She is amazing and i think, she's a little bit like me."
    Interviewer: "How far like you, she's not a Succubus.... Angel?"
    Zilphia: "No no, inside her. She give always a helping and manicured Hand, so like me. That is impressive."
    Interwiever: "Okay, you're right with it. Hmmm, why are you always playing with you Dick, you're at this moment horny?"

    Zilphia: "I do this only when I'm relaxed and when i am in Thoughts. Hmmm, okay maybe I'm now a little bit horny, I can't get Cassidey out of my Head. I can stop it, whe you wish this."
    Interviewer: "Its Okay for me. An other Question. You Help other Succubi and you're married with one. Does this have any particular reason?"
    Zilphia: "Oh yes. I help them, to be themself. Some of my Clients are my friends and many of them are Victims, they dind't have a Choice. The real evil People are Mortals, line Norcormancers or Summoner. My Wife Ceraph got a very sad Background story, she was one of these Victims. When I not helped her, she would be totally corrupted. Now she looks outside like a Succubus, but inside her, she is still the same Person like before. Maybe one day she can be the same again, when she won her inner fight."
    Interviewer: "Sounds Strange, but I think you do the right thing."

    Zilphia: "I hope this too. Uuuuh... "
    Interviewer: "Whats Up? Are you thinking about your Wife?"
    Zilphia: "Yes and no. I thinking about my wife and myself, we have lewd Sex together, during we invite this blonde sexy Paladin."
    Interviewer: "Weird thoughts, Lady Zilphia. Your wife know this?"
    Zilphia: "Of course, my love is hers, but a nice Threesome is more fun. Ceraph and I are Faithful and when we like both one Person, why not?"
    Interviewer: "Ah, I understand. Okay, thank you for this small Interview and I wish you all the best for the Future."

    Zilphia: "No problem, it was an honor. Miss Berwen, wait a moment please! Do you want some Succcu cream for at Home? You can use for your Skin as lotion or you can drink it."
    Interwiever: "Hmmm, why not. I can try it."
    Zilphia: "Fine... oops, there's some in you face now, sorry."
    Interviewer Berwen rubs the Cream on her face: "Uhhh, It feels good. Thank you again. Maybe one day we meet us again. See you!"

    Zilphia: "For your Skin, twice a day." *reaches her a Bottle of Succu Cream* "Okay, have a good journey back home."

    Zilphia: "Aaaw, such a kind Person. Why are not all Mortals like her?" *sigh*
  8. zilvradrow
    Zilphia: "Hey Aria and Phoenix, nice too see you again, what a pleasure and surprise."
    Aria: "We are here and we want only say thank you, what you've done for Saph."
    Phoenix: "Yes, but it is a bit strange, to see her with this immense... ahem, Dick."

    Zilphia: "Oh, you don't like it? Well, she have a very crazy Mind, but you can be sure, she is still the same person as before."
    Phoenix: "I know, i said only, it looks Strange on her."
    Zilphia: "Ah okay."
    Aria: "Phoenix and me are now here, to say thanks you, that you done this for her. Aaaw, look Phe her fleshy one rising up."
    Phoenix: "This cannot be overseen." *giggles*

    Zilphia: "Uhhm, sorry. This happens always, when I'm thinking about this with Saph."
    Aria: "No problem, Zil. When I got a Dick too, I would have a hard one too."
    Phoenix: "I would believe it, as often as you are horny."
    Aria: "Hey..."

    Ceraph: "Come on Darlin', Have some fun with 'em."
    Zilphia: "Iiek. Why are you sneakin' from behind, Sweety?"
    Ceraph: "I know you as best, Zil. I'm married with you."
    Zilphia: "Aaaaw, i love you so. That is the reason, why we're so similar. We trusting us."

    Aria: "Hehe, come on Phe, let's do this, why we are coming for."
    Phoenix: "Fine. Hmmm, maybe we should run more often at home Bottomless like Zil."






    Zantrah: "Why are you not enjoy this, Cera? Are you jealous."

    Ceraph: "No... ...Okay, maybe a little bit. This is Zilphi's Reward, I can having sex with her later." //Thinking *By the Nine, i want to put my Dick in Zilphi's sexy Ass... While she's licking  their Pussies..."
  9. zilvradrow
    At one evening, Aria asked Zilphia, if she can fulfill a little favour from Saph. Zilphia said yes, but she didn't know what is her wish. Aria told her, only she can do this, not an other Person, because she have the power to do this, without any risk. 
    A few days later Saph visits the Manor, to request herself, to be corrupted into a Girl with a real Dick. Zilphia told her, that she doesn't do this without Saph's permission. But Saph said yes, it was her biggest wish, to get a real one. Zilphia smiles, as she heard her request and one moment later, Saph gone on her knees, touched Zilphia's Dick and starts to suck the big one between her legs.

    Zilphia: "Uhm, i don't know, why you want a dick? Are you really sure?"
    Saph, while her tongue touches Zilphia Horsecock. "Of course, you got one, why not me?"
    Zilphia: "I am a partially Succubus, you're not."

    Saph:"Shut up, sweetie. I know you like it too." And in the same moment she put the tasty Succubussnake into her Mouth, during Zilphia looks a bit confused.
    Zilphia: "You're such a crazy and weird Person, but okay, it is your wish."

    After a half hour Saph gets her Succubus Cream and Zilphia enjoy this strange but lustful procedere. She can't really realise it, but she hopes, that Saph knows, what problems are maybe coming.
    Zilphia: "Wow you swallowed every drop, your'e crazy, but remeber it will takes some times, until you get your own Dick."
    Saph: "No problem, Zilphia. You've done your Part and I am very thankful for this, that you fulfilled my greatest wish. You are a very kind Succubus and when the time is come, you'll get your reward."
    Zilphia: "Ahem, no. That is too much..." Saph smiles, then she gives Zilphia a short Hug and walked away, she can't waiting for the result.

    Later in the Garden: "By the Nine, why? I am just a lusty and horny joke for you?" *sigh*
  10. zilvradrow
    Our Little Manor

    Main Cast
    Race: Succubus/Angel
    Function: Owner of the Manor
    Role: Head of this Group of Mortal friendly ex-Demons/Daedra. A Bow Specialist and the Healer.
    Quote: Sorry, I was in thoughts... again.

    Race: Imperial/corrupted Succubus
    Fuction: Zilphia's Love interest 
    Role:  Steward of the Manor, got a sad Background. But here she is feeling well und safe. Potion Maker.
    Quote: I am so proud the be a Part of this Group.

    Race: Succubus
    Function:  Zilphia's Cousin 
    Role: Always drunken, a bit Introvert, Sorceress and the trickster.
    Quote: Hey Baby, do you want an Ale?

    Race: Female Succubus
    Function: Cook of the Manor and Half-Sister from Ceraph
    Role: The Youngest of this Group, exellent weaponless combat skills.
    Quote: Zilphi, can you wank into my Coffee... I need cream.

    Special guest:
    Aria Bal (and her lovely Wife Phoenix)
    Race: Daedra
    Function: A well seen Friend of all
    Role: Hey, it's Aria... the ultimate and only A R I A 
    Quote: I have only three Thoughts in my Head. Phoenix, Sex and fighting - in this Order. 

    This are my first steps on Skyrim SE.
    I don't really know what I will do with this Plot, maybe i want to start some small Scenes, with a not so serious touch.
    Small stories about a group Succubi, who live in Peace in Skyrim ilke a normal Family, with some absurd Situations. 
    I am not a good story teller, but i will do my best, when the reactions are mild mannered and mostly positiv.
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    My first one, with her it all begun
    Zilvra Arabrahel
    Mild mannred Succubus
    Age: 183
    Race: Succubus Dunmer
    Married a female Angel/Valkyrie

    Adagiona Arabrahel - Zilvra's Daughter
    Race: Succubus, Angel Hybrid
    Age: 81
    Nun of Mara - it's not a joke
    Women loving Futa

    3rd Character 
    Lady Capt. Northwind 
    Race: Nord
    Age: 27
    Privateer and Adventuress

    4th - 1st with What.. if... Lore
    Age: 33
    Race: Kaleen

    'Lady' Zilphia Regina - The Succubus with the Heart of Gold
    Race: Not definied - Succu-Angel
    Succubus of Dibella
    Age: 122
    Loves Women with or without Cock
    Re-corruptess of other Succubi

    and now my Actually Dova
    Dibelreth Virian
    Race: Dunmer/Nord
    Age: 24
    Healer, Arcane Archer
    Lesbian with Dick

    This Page is just an overview for myself, and i am thinking about to make a story with Dibelreth, but i am not sure, 'cause my english is more - meh!^^ And I am not a good storyteller... Maybe... 
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    Name: Lesbeth Margaret Miller (born as Schultz) - Nickname: The Succubus of Boston
    Born: 5th November 2049 in Reading (Pennsylvania)
    Height: 1.68m - 5 Feet 6 Inches
    Weight: 54 kg - 119lb
    Gender: not definable, but is considered female*
    Race: Human - Specification - Nuclear Fallout Mutation 
    Hair: Brown - now Black
    Eyes: Blue - now purple
    Skin: Almond - now dark red
    School graduation: at Berks Catholic Highschool Reading - 2067
    Career: Training as a retail clerk - completed in 2071 at General Electric
    Relationship: Married in 2074 with Sean Miller (deceased) - Solo
    Sexual interest: Bi - but she tends more to be lesbian
    Hobbies: Cosplay, Fitness sports, Wrestling, social engagements
    Dress style: Skimpy and provocating in Black
    Favorite Music: Classics and Symphonic Metal
    Quotes: "I'm what I am - just the kind and sometimes the naiv person who wants to help." - "Fuck you Sucker, don't touch my fuckin' Tail or I stick it in ya candy Ass!"



    *on some days, she have a Penis too, caused by sexual dreams.

  13. zilvradrow
    Well, on Friday i bought Fallout 4 as Gotye. I was a long time interested in this game, but I never dared to do that. 
    I am happy with Skyrim, but i want to try an other Bethesda Game, also i Install it. During the installation i searched for some Mode, 'cause i want to play FO4 on the same way like Skyrim - Adult.
    After i installed all interesting Mods, i started the Game the first time, but it doesn't. I forget F4SE xD 
    I learned that FO4 Mods works a bit different, than the installing of Skyrim mods., per Exammple there's no FNIS or similar.
    As have finished this small problem, i've seen ingame are the settings are different, ^ is here ö, Inventory is avaiable on Tab and so on. In the first hours it was very difficult, because i was in my Head always on Skyrim Settings
    After the Character edit my Char look so.

    But i wasn't happy with her look, so i searched for a Succubus Armorpack and I changed her to this look.


    Okay, in my mind she looks now much more better than her first look, but she was not perfect. So i start to look for an other Skin colour and other Horns. Well, the horns of the TeraSuccubus Modpack are nice, but too big. Even i looked for pointed ears. And now she have the look, what i want for her and this is her current look, the Tail is hidden.


    Only with her Face i am not really happy, but i will change it, in the next days. I miss here the Racemenu from Skyrim, The Looksmenu is not really my cup of tea. I miss a lot of sliders. 
    But now my Succubus can explore the Wasteland!
  14. zilvradrow
    "Some of you ask yourself, why am I the way I am? Really, i don't know this too, it just happend. Sometimes i think my Mistress want it so, 'cause she is maybe like me." *she is silent for a moment, after three minutes she continues* "Hmmmm, well. I can't find an other option. But hey, it could be not the worst, that makes me unique. Of course i met an other Daedra and she is very kindly to me and we like us from the first Moment and we have talk 'bout different things - okay most of them were kinky and lewd. Well, we do not deny our way, at least not to ourselves, also i talk with her wife a few words. I believe she likes me, too. Such a nice and kind Person. Both Women makes me a bit nervous, because i don't know a lot of them, Still waters are deep, that is what i think about the reddish Woman, the bluish acts carefree on me, like a small child, hehe. Not so far from myself, i makes often stupid things." *starts to giggle* "Well, I am a succubus, that's a fact, but i like it, having fun. Of course I also Moments, when i am thinking about serious Things or I'm getting philosphic, but our life as Daedric Seducer on Tamriel is everything, just not easy. I cheating my way through life, but this is the wrong way, I know this. Sorry for this, but please don't judge me, if you didn't know me." *looks innocent*
    "I travel a lot through Skyrim, but always when I see a Stranger person, i'll flew. I won't hurt them. I waiting a longer Time in a Hide, until they passed my way. Also i've seen a lot other Mortals and watched them, and sometimes i saw many cute and sexy Girls, but I am to afraid to show me... okay there's maybe an other reason, it could be confusing when they see me without Pants, 'because i didn't like Pants and when you take a look at my crotch then you know what i mean. There are always two options: 1st you run away and the 2nd you attack me. A red skin, a Tail, Horns and a large dick are not often really helpful, even if my intentions are well meant in danger Situations. I don't know what you are thinking about this, when you see me? Mainly Confusion will be at the first place. Often is no time for Thinking, I run and help. Now you ask yourself, why she didn't travel in her Mortal Form. Okay, damn strong argument. In my Mortal Form i have not the abilities when such bad Situations happen. I am so used to my true form and think that I can be more helpful. When the bad Situation is cleared, then i can choose between stay or run." *she takes a Mug with Wine and she drinks* "Sorry, my mouth gone dry. Where i Stop? Okay... in the most situation I get a simple 'Thank you, Daedra.'
    "I answered them with a little smile and nodding my Head. Then i look foward, that i leave this place, only two times i got more than a Thank you. Wow, that was impressive and very important for me. We are in contact with each other till today and i can say, we are good friends. One is from Mournhold and the Other from Vvardenfell, both are Dunmer. That is maybe one of the reason, why they don't attack me or run away. The Drakelves and their fondness to the daedric Princes. I can't understnad this really, even as one of those not." *she looks at you*
    "Oh, that was not my intention, I wont boring you. But thank you that you stay for a while. Do you want something to drink?" *She takes a look into her Bag, and takes a bottle Mead and reach it to you* "On your well-being!"
    In an own thing
  15. zilvradrow
    Here is an older Bolg of mine, which I had already created elsewhere. I apologize before for my modest English. I'll hope you like it. 
    BTW, i didn't use any heavy ENBs oder Photoshop - Graphic is predominantly vanilla
    The Kaleen - Zilvra's version

    From Tamriel far far away small Island in the North of Nirn, nearly of Atmora in the east lived a small Colony of the Mystical People, named the Kaleen. The highest population was 880 - 9/10 were Females and the rest Males. By a tragicly disaster they erased to a Population of 20-30 Kaleens, they flew across the sea all over Nirn. The most of them stranded in Skyrim or Morrorwind. The Home-Island they named Kal'metra. The largest local union was Val'mesta, with a population of 450. Kal'metra have a size of 42 square Miles, with a Tundra like vegetation. In the south-west was the biggest forest, with a size of 8 square miles, called Kal'woodash. Kal'hoov in the South was the only real Harbor of this Island and had a population of 120.

    The Kaleens uses strong magic Powers, so the most of the Females were powerful Magicians and Magika users. The Males were good Melee fighters, mainly as Shadow Warriors, with a strong dextertity regenaration. 
    Appearance and Attributes: Females height - 1.60m til 2.05m, Weight - 45kg til 80kg. Males 1.70m til 2.20m with a weight between 60kg and 90kg. The Kaleens have all Horns, glowing eyes and a Tail, even a special Skin-Colour, mostly blue, purple or red. Their eyes have the matching skincolor. Alle Kaleens have a sportive/athletic Figure.
    Aging. A Kaleen can reach the ages over 800 Years. Following Stages they have - 20 Years Childhood - with 30 years they are fully adult and the aging is stopping and continiues with 600 years. A Kaleen will be of age with 25.

    An adult Kalleen

    Although Kaleens look like demons, they are mostly friendly and have their roots in the Faith of the Aedric gods, like Mara, Dibella or Julianos. Only in a few exceptions is Azura to find. Otherwise, all other Daedric deities will be detested.
    Procreation and Birth/Death rate: Due to the low male population, there were only a few births per year. Most of the time, an average of 15 newborn kaleens were born each year. Some very magical gifted women developed a ritual where they also created male genitalia on themselves, but only a few were fertile. On the other side the death rate was 10-15 per Year, so there was a slow rise in population.

    Two Kaleen with presenting their Jewelries.

    Traditional customs.The Kaleens always dressed so that the genital area was visible to all. In return, it was frowned upon to bare the upper body. That had the following reason. Her genital area was embellished with piercing and the more a kaleen worn, more nobler it was. This also had an upper limit - One piercing for the navel, a maximum of three for the genital area. Only the higher leaders were allowed to wear 4 or 5. Number and importance - the first was for the age of majority, the second for the completion of a magical ability test, the third for honorable behavior in society. The fourth and fifth were for the tribal leaders, or for the queen. The navel piercing stands for fidelity and preservation of Kaleen traditions. Often tattoos can be seen next to the piercings. So the Kaleens could always see each other, which position held a Kaleen in the society. Therefore, it is also normal when the kaleens in the genital area kiss each other, either for greeting, to pay respect or to show their love for each other. This strange tradition can sometimes take up to 10 minutes. The kisser goes on her knees, often the kissed one also goes to the knees and both kiss each other side by side lying next to each other, often with tongue, until both have their sexual climax at the same time. Even among relatives, this is completely normal and has nothing to do with incestuous behavior. Similar to shaking hands. This ceremony has since been adopted by some human races.

    The Beginning of their Welcome and Greetings ceremony

    The Main Part of the ceremony

    The Welcome Ceremony with an invited friend

    If a Kaleen was to owe something, be it through a crime, she would be pilloried, her piercings removed and her tail tied so everyone could see how dishonorable she was. In a murder, a Kaleen was banned from the community and exposed to the wild, naked and without weapons. Should the condemned survive and return to the tribe, she was pardoned and placed at the bottom of society, often as a lackey for other kaleens. If the rival manages to earn honor again, then this Kaleen can be re-integrated into society - if the Kaleen wants it and shows remorse. So far, this has only happened twice, and all Kaleen hold their honor for the greatest belongings they have and live peacefully together.
    All Kaleens are good Farmers and Fishers and their eating habit are a Vegan and Pescetarian kind. Of course they eat Flesh too, but that is less common.
    The Kaleens lived in climatic cold conditions, the cold does not bother them much, rather hot days are causing them a lot of trouble. Kaleen are warm blood living beings and their blood is bluish.
    Hierarchy and School lessons: The Kaleen lives in a Matriarchy and Democratic Society. The few Males have the same rights like the Females, but they're not so powerful like the Females. Their existence is based on the conservation of the breed, but they are very much appreciated. The males are usually very talented craftsmen and take care about the buildings of their people, which is a matter of honor for them. But they are also skillful warriors who go hunting, they are shadow warriors. Education will be learned in Sessions by the tribal leader or wise scholars. Cyrodiilic Reading/Writing,  Mathematical Physics, History,  Social Education, alchemy and magical Trainings are Main school subjects. Aldmeri, Politics, Music and Cooking are Extra Subjects - many of the Kaleens voluntarily learn one of these optional subjects. Battle Lessons are done by the Battlemaidens. The hiearchy is build up from Low to High. Craftsmen, Farmer & Fischers - Social Mentors, Scholars and Nobles - Mages and Battlemaidens - Tribal Leader - Queen. The last Queen was E'thaaryyna the 4th. Her diplomatic relations to Skyrim and Morrowind was the first step to make Trade with this both Realms. She dies during the Disaster in a Age of 597 Years, with 95% of her People.
  16. zilvradrow
    A small 'crossover' with only a few Words at Aehter Suite. with a special guest - Aria Lustfal Bal

    Zilphia Regina: "That is surprizing..."
    Aria Lustfal Bal: "Don't talk, just Kiss!"

    Zilphia Regina >> Uhm... <<




    Zilphia Regina: "Ooops, this is not my Intention, It just happen. Really!"
    Aria Lustfal Bal: "You're such a cute naughty Bitch, Succubus. Let me see...."


     Me: "Damn!"
  17. zilvradrow
    The friendly succubus

    Hello, dear mortal.
    Hey, calm down first, I just want to introduce myself. Some know me as Zilphia Regina, unfortunately I don't have a real last name, but I don't think that's what I need. Hmmm, what do you want to know about me? What questions could you ask me? Please sit down for a moment. Do you like a mead, I pay.

    So, I'll just talk about it and tell you what comes to mind.
    I am 122 years young, well in relation to the fact that I am a touched, just ridiculous, among my peers I would probably still be a child. My size is 1.62 cm, or 5 feet and 4 inches, but do not underestimate my delicacy, I say what I think, if somewhat more reserved. Probably the most striking thing is the contrast of my hair, many of my counterparts often have black hair, but that's because they're pureblood, it's complicated with me. I'm trying to explain quickly, my first mother was a succubus, which was also very divergent from her kind and my other mother was a Valkyrie, one with long white hair, from the diaries of both that were given to me, my mothers have been real beauties. A succubus is by itself a feast for the eyes, but a Valkyrie is muscular in her capacity, and graceful appearance - I've probably had a lot of luck that I have received a lot from both. The exterior of the succubus and the interior of the Valkyrie. Hey do not laugh, I'll tell you no nonsense, I have feelings too.
    Well, surely you are asking yourself now, how is that supposed to work? I'll say it works, because I've the Luck that I'm not very hungry, I'm not going anywhere, especially since I'm against harming innocent mortals and the Valkyrie Part keeps me from doing this. In short, I do not harm any fly. Exceptions I make when criminals and assholes do not deserve it otherwise. I'm having fun messing up these mortals the day. Dibella no, I'm not tormenting her, I just embarrass them to the bone.

    Well, as you have just noticed, I follow Dibella and I regard myself as an advocate of their dogmas, in the temple of Markarth I am a welcome guest * giggle * Who likes to blame me, it just fits. At first it was not so easy and it took a lot of persuasion until all the sisters trusted me - at that time I was not 20 summers old, meanwhile i am now a sister honorary. Even the guardians of Stendarr leave me alone, but that's another story I can tell you another time. Even though I'm a succubus to the outside, I prefer to be treated like a normal person.
    Of course, I have another form, so I look like a nomal mortal, but I use this form quite rarely, because I stand to my appearance and many holds already know me.
    My strengths and weaknesses are closely linked, my kindness is one of them. I often travel as a healer and master the bow quite well, I am very diplomatic and help where I can, speak. My biggest weaknesses are the women and my naivety. Oh yes, I have the ability to resist other Succubi, and by my particular way, I've managed to get other Succubi on the good side or keep them from killing headless. Oh, what you probably noticed, I have no wings, I use these only when I need them. In closed rooms, these are not always an advantage.
    Hmmm, that did not escape me, why are you constantly looking into my crotch? Oh I understand. I have it now and I like to use it, but only women come to the honor, unfortunately I do not like having men in my bed. I like the special scents of women. What else can I tell about my penis? I can choose which From he should have and how big he can be so from 8 inches to 16 inches. Amazing, right? That is also a reason why you will never see me in a panty - tooooo tight.  Ouchy *giggle again*

    What is my pleasure? Sex with women, sex with succubi, sex with myself ... Hello? I'm still a succubus. Oh, I like to sing, but veeeery crooked, take care of my appearance, then I like to cook and I like good humor. I do not like Daedra princes like Vermina, Namira, Molag Bal, Clavius Vile and Sanguine. Only with whom I have no problems is Azura. Likewise, there is an emphasis on ignorance, indifference and resentment at the top of my blacklist.

    So my dear mortal, I hope I haven't bored you to death and thank you for listening to me, I don't often get the opportunity because I'm busy running away, because not everyone wants to talk. *a slight sigh can be heard*

    Oh, just a moment, do you want the blessing of Dibella?
  18. zilvradrow

    After a long day, Koko, Hel and Dibel meet in the Bannered Mare for food and drink. They all sat down at a table and let themselves be pampered by the delicacies. After everything had been eaten, Koko looked at the two rather unusual women for a longer time, she looked first at Hel and then at Dibel and after a long moment of silence, curiosity exploded out of her.

    "Say, how did you get to know each other then, especially since it's quite unusual to find two like you, hermaphrodites are not like sand on the sea?" Dibelreth looked wide-eyed at Kokoro before turning her gaze to Hel, smiling in love.
    "Well, where do I start, you know, we both come from Vvardenfell, you grew up in Balomora, and I in Vos. We both decided to leave Vvardenfell to get to the academy in Mournhold, after both of us were taken We were both given the same instructor, so we got closer and closer to each other, even though it was not easy for us at the beginning because we saw ourselves as competitors. "

    Hel starts to smile and nods to Dibel with each word, then she takes the floor. "Well, it was that hot day after our training and late in the evening, I always preferred to be the last to wash myself to avoid being seen as I am, only very few were privy and knew. But suddenly Dibel was also in the bathroom and got an erection after I saw her, how old were we then? "

    Dibel responded after a short while to the consideration "I was 16 and you 17. For me it was no different Actually, I wanted to go in earlier, but the bathroom was always busy, since Hel forgot to close, I was almost naked in front of her. It was strange to see that she also had something between her legs, but in order to lighten the situation, I also took off my panties and showed her my growing extra as a counterbalance. We both looked at each other in fascination, and so it came over us both of us and we began to explore our special bodies, after that it became dirty. "

    Hel and Dibel began to giggle, while Koko listened intently to the two, sipping at the Mead with relish. Koko liked the two dark-elves women, especially since they were an eye-catcher, because Koko herself is only interested in such beauties. The blonde Half-elf knew the two for almost 2 years and had with both already one or the other sexual experience with them. She looked at the two women and smiled contentedly, especially in her mind she was playing a refreshing threesome. Although Hel and Dibel had dicks, they also had their pussies, their damn tasty pussies, so Koko did not bother to give them a blowjob, while she herself was spoiled by one of her friends with the tongue. Even though the two were married to each other, she was glad that she herself was often allowed to attend her frivolous games. "Thank you two, you told me that, hmmm, what are you going to do, sweethearts?"

    "First we pay, then we leave the tavern together, Hel and I were hoping that you would ask for it, I think we three can all take a luscious dessert - is not it honey?" Helmine nodded her head in smiles, brushing a strand with her long red fingernails out of her face as she reached for Kokoro's hand with anticipation. "Then let's go.", Then she raised her other hand and indicated that she wants to pay and shortly Hulda came to the table and accepted the payment. Shortly thereafter, the three beauties were seen leaving the Mare.
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