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  1. My modding abilities are very limited, no idea, how can i change this. I'm not the sharpest tool on this Planet. Thank you for the Info. BTW - the longer I look at your girl, the sooner I have to think of a dragon lady
  2. In the first moment it looks a bit weird, but a double Dick -> double fun. Got her tail an own Skeleton/Collision. The Tail from my Succubus, got no collision Features..
  3. because she loves to run in bottomless and crotchless Outfits. (and me too)^^
  4. Zilphia sings for you a small Song, with her warm dark Voice. Zilphia: "Hello there. Ahem, okay i will start." *smiles shy* I know that i am different, but let me tell you my view I done nothing wrong and I learned lot's of new I want just give you all a helping hand I got a good Heart, why can't you understand? I just want to walk barefoot over the grass and dancing all the time Spread and share some love, oh yes, that wish would be fine Lying together Hand in Hand under a big Oak Tree Please come closer to me and you will see Maybe i'm lewd and naughty, but my intensions are good So open your Arms and hug me, maybe than you've understood This little Lady one wants only be one of your Friends... ....Come on, say YES, Kiss me and take my Hands. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.07.28 - So we can dance, walk together through this Land. Staying Together Hand in Hand.
  5. Zilphia The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.07.28 -
  6. yes, of course. @FutaNemesislol Uuhh! So many beautiful Succubi. I like the one with Glasses.
  7. Ah okay, i will try this Thank you! @EkaterinaBraun she looks nice.
  8. Ah, okay. That is sad. But the RX 570/580 is a good GPU too (when you got the 8GB version) here some images, that you can see, what i mean (or not) xD
  9. What kind of GPU is in your PC? I use a RTX 2060S with AA and working ENB (Mythical ENB) on 1440p with maximum settings What Mesh... ahem... The one in Bodyslide, when i need the Body Preferences for (pE ) The Latex Witch, theres only the from the originalc 3BA Mod inside, not yours (for rebuild the Armors with your Vaginaless Body) Arrrghh... my stupid and limited school English xD
  10. Only the one from the 3BA with Vagina sliders, your one didn't overwrite the original. But it is no Problem. With the other outfits it works fine. BTW try instead of FXAA -> MSAA - maybe this would look better (if you use a Nvidia GPU)
  11. @donnerwetter I tried your last version and it looks better than the both first tries. It is normal that your Version don't have an own Preset for BS? There's only the standard 3BA Preset in BS. BTW your Girls are really gorgeous and beautiful. I like that they have painted Nails too.
  12. Zilphia mocks Amara. Zilphia: "Hey Amara, Hands up!" Amara: "Huh!? Whats next?" Zilphia: "Pew Pew!" *starts giggling* Amara: "Really?" Zilphia: "Oooh, come on. Please smile, only a small one." Amara: "Okay, but only when i get your Cream from your Dick." Zilphia: "Sure. You are so cute, whe there is a smile on your Lipps." Amara: "You are somtimes so crazy, but i like this." *makes a wink* Zilphia: "Hehe. Thanks."
  13. Buy a RTX 3090/RX 6900 XT?^^ Maybe a fresh Install could help too. Well, it's a lot of work, but it is the cheapest variant.
  14. For you Hands an Feet, you must change them into the 3BA Meshes too. maybe this fix your seam problem
  15. I tried your 2nd version of this mod, but the result is not very different as above. I think that is IMO okay for me. With the Latex Witch Bodysuit it doesnt really work. It doesn't matter. Thank you for your help
  16. I fixed the pale Body with a simple reinstall of the body texture. Here is the result...
  17. SSE and 3BA - Fair Skin But I think, it is a problem with the Outfit. When i put the Clothing off, she have a pale Body. I Think, I have something forget^^
  18. So i try it, but it looks different to yours. It looks like more than a scar.
  19. Looks interesting Does it works with all kinds of Schlongs? Or is this a Stand alone?
  20. Zilphia teaches Amara how to fuck a Mortal, without draining their life.
  21. Zilphia: "Oh, welcome. You find my little Sanctuary. Well, I'm ... uhm... just a little bit busy." *giggles* Zilphia: "Oh no! I Swear, I do only legal Things here." Zilphia: "So, i will show you my favorite Place here. Please, follow me." Zilphia: "I see it in your eyes. you like this place too." Zilphia: "We arrived. Let's enter this place." Zilphia: "What do you expect? I'm a Succubus with a Strip Club. Oops, that Sounds weird, so weird that I cum' without jerking. Yay!" Zilphia: "uhm sorry, this one makes silly noises. I will take a look later, what's the trouble with it. Okay, let's go to the Relax area" Zilphia: "I hope you're sitting well. Aaaaw, i Love this place, i'm always getting horny, when I'm here." Zilphia: "Sometimes i dance at the Pole too, but only, when I'm alone. I must more practice on it, but for youi'll do an exception." *does a wink* Zilphia: "Or when you like to undress yourself, you can do this. The girls like it, to dance with you together." Zilphia: "Of course you can only sit here and play with yourself or having fun with the other Girls." Zilphia: "Hehe, i see. You'll visit this place again. That's fine. Come on, let's go again, before I starting to seduce you, sweety!" Zilphia: "So, that was the first room, If you like to see the other rooms, than follow me. - Uhm, what?!" Zilphia: "But I understand you, maybe the next time. There are so many other rooms and your Time is precious. Okay, okay! But thank you, that you shared your Time with me." Zilphia: "You're always welcome! See you in the Future. Stay healthy and bye! Have a nice day!"
  22. @EkaterinaBraun If you try some Face Presets and you optimize one of them, your Ladies would look more invidual. Your Ladies are so looking stressed/angry
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