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  1. What did I put out wrong? FNV5Edit gives a positive answer
  2. Please, please help. Why is it when you activate this mod I hang when loading the menu?
  3. this version of the mod is compatible with the game's 2.1.1?Pls help me
  4. Pls can you tell me, this version of the mod is coming to version game 2.1.1?
  5. Please, can you make models for bodyslide CBBE? Without him not good:c
  6. Dear skyrimfet, I think your thoughts about mod are very cool. I look forward to your update and fully support you in changing the transformation process. I wish I could help you with something, but I do not can do any scripts or modeling :c P.s I've been wanting to do modeling for a long time. Helping you is a very good motivation. It remains to find the time c:
  7. Hi, skyrimfet. I have a question: when do you plan to update the mod? (approximately) I can't wait)
  8. Hi, guys. I need help. Please, you can talk me about quests-locations?And just locations, which tied with mod. Where they? I found only 1 ( Lotte's). Name them, please. You have bodyslide for CBBE? Or only UUNP
  9. skyrimfet, forgot.I understood you. "On all fours" not bad idea, this is expected by many )
  10. skyrimfet, realy cool that you found a problem. About transformation. Maybe in further ( when will you finish doing the quest line ) diversify the transformation? Maybe, change nose, mouth, more change hand hooves, neck, and body?
  11. Hey,skyrimfet, how about progress in this mod? Moving? I really like this mod c:
  12. I definitely love your ideas! Fully support
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