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  1. loverslab_vrhand_sub.mp4 This game is specifically made for the Oculus Quest series. It doesn't require a PC (no side loading necessary) While there are many complicated VR adult games, this game series focuses on simplicity, practicality. If you have an Oculus Quest, I suggest you try the Immersive Fap Session with this. Find the games here. Open in Oculus Browser. - https://sexywaifus.com/_vr/simpleselection-vr.html * This game series has Premium versions, but the demo versions have all the functionality, only the vari
  2. Usually women like dramas (stories), I have a series of story contents called VR Comic. And it has woman's POV button. It works on Quest natively, and works on PC, too. I leave the link https://sexywaifus.com/_vr/simpleselection-vr.html
  3. Though no reply, quite a few people visited the site from this post. I guess there are Oculus Quest users in the forum. Recently, Oculus Quest Hand Tracking support is added. Here's one minute video showing hand tracking gameplay. Hand Tracking is still an experimental feature of Quest. It doesn't work right out of the box. It needs a visit at chrome flags page. Here are the details. https://blog.myhtml5game.net/?p=2505 1min_enc.mp4
  4. This is a series of Web VR Games which works on Oculus Browser. It runs on Oculus Go,Quest,GearVR easily without the need for streaming,sideloading. This is a game you play for 10 minutes top, slumped in your rotating chair. The genre's Casual Game. So if you want a real gameplay and interaction, you don't want this. VR Stuffs are gathered here https://sexywaifus.com/_vr/simpleselection-vr.html To open on the Oculus Browser, google myHTML5game to find it. These are all free games Screenshots from the VR Comic series Screenshots of VR Sta
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