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  1. this is why I love your face (despite not knowing what your face looks like)
  2. I'll just be waiting around hoping someone will have the magic powers to convert this to SE *cough* @nomkaz *cough*
  3. STOP CHECKING THE CODE AND DO SOME HUMAN COMMUNICATION FOR ONCE! Jesus christ just send him a god damn message instead of making mountains out of molehills, maybe the way you are trying to approach it might not be possible in the game engine and he might have the solution.. He has been modding skyrim for a looooong time now, might I add SUCCESSFULLY! Rather than just say "hey I could use some help with this" you decide to look into the code instead. you are unbelievable... maybe you need some help: https://www.wikihow.com/Talk-to-People Trust me I WANT your mod to succeed! I really do! But you really are the biggest hindrance to your own mod the way you refuse to ask people for help. If I was to guess Inte ran into the same issue and he came up with the current work around which at least in SD+ case has the actors approach the outside of the cell, then be teleported a few feet into the cell, sure its not as immersive as walking in, but it fucking works
  4. I wouldn't know, but you know who would? Inte.. You know why Inte would know? Cause he's already addressed this issue with BOTH cages AND jail cell doors in multiple locations. Seriously its a simple ask and im sure he'd be more than happy to help if you did.
  5. Yes and he solved that too, just speak to him already..
  6. Inte might have the answers you are looking for: he basically fixed the issue for deep bluefrog
  7. I had the same issue, quick question do you have the most up to date nasty critters installed?
  8. Yup it appears I am an idiot, I missed that file. Issue now appears fixed
  9. Eh I downloaded the changed files for SD and dialogues and repacked it into the current version of SD+, I think thats what you're supposed to do right? Good news is now only blacksmiths offer the appropriate blacksmith quest from my testing. The bad news is that the sexlab stats issue remains present, again despite being the victim in the animation (for submit and plead) and having the PC in the correct victim position, sexlab is still registering it as consensual (player aggressor). No changes on that front.
  10. am happy to see you back and eager to see your fine work in action once again JoeR, pretty sure you are one of the reasons any of us play fallout 4 at all these days. However I do urge you please don't burn yourself out my friend. You are far too talented for your own good and we can be patient, you've earned that much in the past
  11. In addition to my post on SD+, I thought I'd also just mention almost all NPC's offer the blacksmith quest now, including a random dog I came across. Pretty sure that's unintentional right? I mean dogs lack opposable thumbs, how could they even hold the hammer?
  12. Not sure if this is linked to SD+ or Dialogues, I've noticed you've fixed the position on the actors within the scenes so now the PC takes the victim role in the animation. However according to the Sexlab statistics the PC is stated as the Aggressor and the owner is instead considered the victim. Now from my testing I noted this occurs in all instances where the PC and the owner act on their own in a sex scene, this pushes the owner into the Pet state after release despite the player choosing submissive options. Aporos also identifies the sex scene as consensual. The only time that the player is considered in the victim role is in gangbangs where it appears to work properly.
  13. I wouldn't get your hopes up, there hasn't been an update in over two years, despite claims its still being worked on. Every now and then Zaira will claim that X & Y need sorting before Z can be sorted, then vague claims that its only been for german users at the moment cause of bug testing, then usually goes on to blame it on skyrims difficulty to mod or somesuch. Quite frankly as far as most people are concerned, this is deader than a Dodo who just OD'ed on cocaine and paracetamol mixed with bleach.
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