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    All nude female bodies look the same

    In general for FONV all humanoid NPCs have the same body. It isn't like Skyrim with the different races. Raiders and ghouls have different skin textures but use the standard NPC model. Now if skin tones and all is exactly the same something went wrong on your end. Everyone human and non-feral ghoul share the same body shapes for their gender though.
  2. fluffylewdlab

    Death alternatives

    Sorry for late reply, but if Unethical Deeds doesn't show anything (UD can work without Sexout and it functions normally but does a vanilla fade-to-black for sex scenes instead), and Sex Assault doesn't work, you probably don't have Sexout Core and all that installed correctly.
  3. fluffylewdlab

    Sex Screenshots - Post your ingame adventures here!

    Don't get cheeky with the Legion or they'll put your mouth to good use. Clearing Nipton Town Hall has some extra complications at times...
  4. fluffylewdlab

    Better T6 & T6M

    It's a set of T6/T6M bodies and outfits, with some heads and hands. T6 and T3 share the same general UV maps though so you can mix and match, although T3 is trash anyway and should be dropped unless it's special outfits no other body has.
  5. fluffylewdlab

    Weird gun glitch when walking

    Did you add any animation mods? Go to Data\meshes\characters\_male\locomotion\ and rename the file "2hrforward.kf" to "_2hrforward.kf" and then reload the game see if it behaves the same. If you don't have such a directory or file then disregard as that isn't your problem.
  6. Mutants should work via combat sex and/or rape type events, also consentual (if you can call it that) with SexKey. ED-E is because there simply is no sex animations for Eyebot. Mutants, Deathclaws, most creatures have some standard animations with Sexout core, it's just there are few mods that allow non-combat interactions.
  7. fluffylewdlab

    Bruises When Hit mod?

    Could you do it via shaders like the cumstains in Spunk?
  8. I've had the same issue, haven't used half the mods you have, but did notice it was hard to get any consentual creature interaction to work. With Rex, it is possible the "Companion Sex" part of Unethical Deeds would work with him. I haven't tried personally but it seems to work alright to get companions to approach you looking for some intimacy. I know it doesn't work for ED-E but it should work for Rex (assuming you have creature interactions all enabled in SexoutNG and any mod settings), as atleast he has a compatible skeleton; I don't know of any Eyebot skeleton sex animations.
  9. fluffylewdlab

    Sexout Bang

    Why doesn't the mod just use the SexoutNG variables for that? The menu where you can set frequency for certain acts? Are those settings pointless?
  10. fluffylewdlab

    FNV What mods are these?

    I don't think DNC specifically has that necklace, it looks like Cass' rose amulet on one of Dragbody's seam concealer necklaces.
  11. fluffylewdlab

    Camera after sex glitch.

    Well the fall-to-the-ground after sex can be rape KOs, you can turn that off and/or lower the duration of them in Sexout MCM menu. Also have you added any animation mods that effect the player character standing back up from a fall/knockdown? Maybe that's not letting Sexout return to regular control.
  12. fluffylewdlab

    Unethical Deeds EE (WIP)

    Why do mention MCM? The newer version does have problems with it's MCM menu, a new option was added in the Forced Talk submenu, and anything that is listed after the new option fails to function. I looked in the scripts and it had something to do with the variable value numbers not being updated for those old options' new "position" in the list, but when I tried to fix it (copy script source, edit it with the "fixes" I *thought* it needed, put it in as an override in a fix patch, then compile the new script in geck in the new esp), it didn't work. I don't even know if it's the same as what's causing the save bloat. This one has to do with Companions. You won't get that message if you have any followers at all (modded, ED-E, etc.). It only occurs when the Courier has no Companion, the script is easy to find, I don't see any glaring flaws with it except I thought the "default" return value if none of the checks for companions pass must be messed up, so I don't know what point of that script is broken to return a bad value. Wow, that sounds really wierd. I don't see why UD or Forced Talk would do anything like that though. Was it during the finale of Come Fly With Me? I don't see how but it might be possible something like that scripted Bright speech triggered all the NPCs involved down there to want to talk to the Courier after the sequence was over and they were supposed to fly away, instead they are stuck getting to a Courier it's impossible for them to get to. This is pure conjecture on my part though. But in general you shouldn't have or need ForcedTalk/SmallerTalk/Etc running all the time if you're doing quest or other game scripted events, you might try disabling it, reload a save from before you went up the ladder then see if it happens again.
  13. fluffylewdlab

    Need help starting out

    No, SCR just holds common resources for mods to reference. To enable sexual interactions you need another plugin; easiest way is something like SexKey (really basic, hit hotkey on NPC/creature and activates a random sex scene), or SexoutSexLite, which is a basic dialogue-interaction plugin, you ask if an NPC wants to bang, can suggest finding a third, suggest where and what to do (loosely), to activate a sex scene. No consequences from them really though. Unethical Deeds is a pretty-good all-in-one for some other aspects (like combat consequence sexual interaction), with configurable options for what you want. If you just want a basic NPC hookup mod that is light and functional, SexoutSexLite would be fine.