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  1. Just made HHS versions of the Militiawoman and Scoop Digger outfits! Can someone test these? I think the vertex paints are good enough, but that's just me. Militia - HHS.zip Scoop Digger - HHS.zip
  2. Took me a few hours of researching and fumbling about with Outfit Studio, but here you go! It's just a SliderSet and some ShapeData. VTSS - HHS.zip Thankfully enough, it was pretty easy to do since the heels were already a separate mesh group. Though I don't think it'll be as easy for the other armors in the set that don't have barefoot versions.
  3. I'm actually working on the rest right now, though admittedly I'm pretty bad at working on meshes. I don't really know how to fix the mesh with sliders, just the one that's exported from BodySlide.
  4. Nah, I can see the heels and the base mesh for both the skirted and skirt-less versions. Lemme edit this comment when I get screenshots. Edit: So what I did was I took the heels meshgroup from the base mesh with heels and exported it. Then I imported it into the base mesh without heels, imported the heels mesh, moved it into place and chopped the foot off from the CBBE outfit. For some reason, this breaks the other armor additions? I looked inside Nifskope and found that the .nif Outfit Studio exported was missing the BSConnectPoint nodes. Would that be the
  5. I've been trying to get the heels from the CBBE version to work with High Heels System with minimal success. Basically I just moved the heels down in Bodyslide and exported the .nif. But for some reason it breaks the bra, thong, and inner mesh. They aren't showing at all. Any ideas why this is happening? I know it's possible because the Fusion Body conversion supports HHS.
  6. Is there a script mod that adjusts the character's height based on the shoes they wear? Skyrim has HDT High Heels so I was wondering if there was an equivalent.
  7. Oh, right. I assumed the pack I downloaded included PE as well but as you said HDT-PE wasn't ported to SSE. I remember installing a clothing mod that required SMP and PE to be installed at the same time, but looking back I think it was just for LE.
  8. That's damn amazing. You got sauce on that, my dude? Edit: Nevermind, found it.
  9. god SMP-PE is the only thing keeping me from updating to 1.5.80 has it been updated yet?
  10. Has anyone tried making a compatibility layer between OSA and SexLab? Maybe the SL hooks proc OSA animations?
  11. Maybe try it with just ReShade? It's harder to make a baseline comparison when ENB is enabled as well
  12. Apparently FSC has vagina textures already pre-installed, but they don't seem to match up with what CoSIO uses. You guys know which body mods us it?
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