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  1. Yeah this. I'm very grateful for the repository of mods here the massive knowledge pool all you folks have. Some very talented people here and I tip my hat and my fedora to you all. Given that it's the internet in 2017 though, finding a place to discuss your kinks and not be judged really isn't all that novel anymore. I too am curious to hear what people like us have to say on some heavy subjects, but sadly I think it's mostly the same line your going to hear in whatever your favorite politically-leaning hangout already is. That's a bit of a bummer but expected.
  2. Playing Halo CE, Tomb Raider level editor levels and Diablo 2.
  3. What about immature and dumb alt-right conservatives whose only political knowledge is what they read in Breitbart headlines and 4chan/8chan /pol/ posts? Especially the one's who hate fun and try to ban and censor stuff because it's "DEGENERATE", "DA JOOZ!!!1" and "CULTURALLY MARXIST" (love that one btw) and it hurts their little toddler -like feelings.
  4. In this case I'd say no, because controlling the female avatar just to walk around from fuck to fuck with guys is like directing porn. The focus and attention is on objectifying the woman as basically a virtual fuck-toy for your arousal/entertainment. Now if you're a guy playing a girl in a mmorpg, and you're having cybersex with other known men, leading them on, crafting a persona of yourself as a woman, getting in-game married or always raiding/team-playing with guys and living out a virtual fantasy as the opposite sex...then you might want to think on your orientation a bit.
  5. Tried win 8.1, wasn't wowed by it and went back to 7. Have no reason to ever upgrade to 10 and don't want to with all this drama I hear surrounding it. gg microsoft.
  6. That's respectful. Samurai culture is pretty sweet, real history stuff that is...sometimes it gets too muddled down with anime/pop-culture tropes.
  7. Are you into historical martial arts or kendo? That's pretty cool but yeah I can see why accurate samurai armor would be expensive. Would chain mail be cheaper?
  8. Not really an anime fan like I used to be back in the 90's. But I love the fuck out of Gundam 0079 and Zeta Gundam, fantastic shows - really can't pick a favorite. Akira is one of my favorite movies, def in the top 10. I need to read the manga someday. Let's see...watched some of the show Monster but got bored, hear the manga is better. Oh Ghost In The Shell, the live action movie coming out looks wack though. Ah also Evangelion, especially the movie. I love the themes in the show and the story is superb but I honestly loathe the characters. And the robots are sweet.
  9. Isn't Death Stranding rumored to be the spiritual successor to Silent Hill, like PT/Silent Hills was going to be? As far as wishing for another Team Silent game, sorry friend but those days are long over. The best chance the series has now is in the hands of Hideo Kojima based on PT anyway. His vision was much more in-tune with Silent Hill than anyone else the series was passed on to. Again that's IF Death Stranding is going to be what it's rumored to be. Kojima is pretty well known at this point for misleading audiences with trailers.
  10. Being told by my friend "dude just get laid lawlz xD" whenever I complain to him about grievances I have with the world. He's known me for far, far, too long to know that getting my dick wet doesn't take my mind off things. Binge drinking used to do that.
  11. Severely underrated show and Tim and Eric's best work, imo. Glad you like it to my mang.
  12. My holy grail of adult mods would be the cut prostitution put back into Daggerfall. Complete with the prostitutes guild. Even if it's just simple text-based mods I would be happy. If I was dreaming, the mod would be full H-Doom like with sprite animations, sex with enemy humans and daedra etc. Just dream out loud, of course
  13. Really dumb that the character creator trial was pulled. I have no desire to play this game but I wanted to try making models. Oh well, gg.
  14. Wow what a story. Do hobos kill on sight in your town or something? Feel better soon
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