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  1. Yeah I understand that nobody can do anything without info, I have the same problem that idk what's causing it. I knew attraction would reset when jumping between households but now it just started happening every time I open the game ;___; I'll keep an eye out and try to report with smth useful next time :'D I'm happy to hear that Turbo is aware and looking into it tho My sims' underwear also reset btw now that you say it... so I'll try to figure it out. I never save in world view if that helps at all and use Save As rather than Save 9/10 times #sims3warflashbacks ^^"
  2. So... all the sims' attraction completely resets literally every time I re-open the game, it's not even funny anymore. Literally every single time I close and re-open the game ALL the households reset. What's up with that?
  3. upon aging up from child to teen my sims get their preferences automatically randomized, they show up both when scrolling over friends' icons in the relationship tab (showing different attraction levels) *and* are selected green/red in the WW attraction menu. when i check in a couple days later (after i've been intomanage worlds or another household, etc i assume) the latter doesn't show up. the actual attraction is still there but it doesn't show in the actual WW attraction settings anymore, nothing is selected, yet when hovering over different sims' icons in the relationship tab i still have
  4. I hope somebody can help me out here: how do I fix WW having generated attraction preferences for my sims but not showing them? what i mean is my sims all have preferences which show up when you hover over other sims' icons and whenever they interact romantically with each other, but when i go into the attraction menu i can't see them, nothing appears to be selected, when i ask sims about their preferences the answer is the standard WW text along the lines of "sim does not have preferences". i can generate attraction and it will stay for a while, but disappear again, like whenever i swit
  5. have you tried pervy copter yet? it hasn't been updated yet but i'll check it out anyway http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=633784
  6. I'm a year late but so is this mod: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=633784 it hasn't been updated for the november patch but it exists!
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