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  1. Hey just wanted to say that even though these quests are a little buggy, that they ROCK. I like the "bad ends" (like in the plant one and the supermutant vault one) and just remembering them gets me going. To see my PC become a mindless slave is amazing. Appreciate the work you've done
  2. As title suggests, whenever I look at an object, that appears in my right hand screen. I have disabled all AAF related mods and uninstalled as I recently swapped mod managers I wanted to set the ole sex mods up sometime long in the future (not now). If I uninstalled all AAF related mods, why does this continue to re-appear in my game? I'll post load order in spoiler in case I missed something.
  3. As title says they dont get naked and the male character has his underwear on. My other issue is since installing all of this AAF stuff, my characters skin is all messed up. She isnt using her preset either. I would appreciate assistance getting AAF to work as I am never good at these things. Load Order:
  4. We are one step closer gentlemen. Both male and female bodies load in after renaming my Fallout - AI! to 'Fallout - Invalidation'. Now male bodies disappear during intercourse. How do I solve that? EDIT: Apparently I installed something wrong. Installing Sexout -Bodies fixed my issue. Thank you guys, and if I run into any issues again (hopefully not) I'll open up another thread. All this work just to play Pepertje's Zeta Breeders mod lol
  5. I couldn't find the Archive Invalidation.bsa file, but heres what is going on with my fallout.ini: [Archive] SInvalidationFile=ArchiveInvalidation.txt iRetainFilenameOffsetTable=1 iRetainFilenameStringTable=1 iRetainDirectoryStringTable=1 bCheckRuntimeCollisions=0 bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 bUseArchives=1 SArchiveList=Fallout - AI!.bsa, Fallout - Misc.bsa, Fallout - Textures.bsa, Fallout - Textures2.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa, Fallout - Voices1.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa [CameraPath] iTake=0 SDirectoryName=TestCameraPath iFPS=60 SNif=Test\CameraPath.nif Pasted th
  6. Mantrap is a female armor. Male body mod i use is the Breeze's male bodies from the nexus. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it so many times. The installer even said my archive invalidation is allegedly working. Edit: what really baffles me is the fact I used to have my sexout and fallout mods working about half a year ago. I wanted to install TTW, so i had to uninstall everything and start fresh and now we are here. EDIT2: Image is what happens when of course I try to do anything sexual.
  7. Alright I disabled all Sexout mods and went at it. Using the Archive Invalidator from FOMM gave me the black underwear texture on my character, but the male bodies were perfect. Male face,hands, and bodies loaded fine. Using the Archive Invalidator from the tool I listed gave me perfect female textures, but the male's had purple hands and faces. The bodies were still okay.
  8. Hello all, this has been bothering me for around 7 hours. I've tried uninstalling all of my body mods and playing without one (the issue is still there) I have manually installed the Beware Of Girl mod like 4 times, as well as thru FOMM. I have clicked and unclicked the 'Archive Invalidation' at least 20+ times. I've tried different body mods. This skin problem will not go away and I don't know what started it all. Can somebody please help me? EDIT: Ok so I installed this archive invalidator tool and used it and it fixed my issue. HOWEVER, it made my Breeze's body textures purple. https:
  9. I keep crashing when entering Insmouth. How can I fix this
  10. I tried that and clicking on my character and typing 'TC' and they both kind of worked. Playing in 1st person only allows me to run straight, while 3rd person is unaffected.
  11. I thank you for your help, but I must ask one last time for assistance. Disabling Devious Framework did the job (although on Rubber Parade my character did not equip the chastity bra or belt) I am now in the epilogue. Completing the ceremony teleports me into the lobby where I cannot move and The Mistress isn't in her usual spot. I'm literally at the very end. I'd like to make a save before I make my final decision so when this mod is updated I can hop back to that save and keep the rubber on
  12. I'm running into an issue when The Mistress goes to equip the new stronger suit on my character. The mask, gloves, and boots equip.....but the actual suit does not. I get a message in the corner that says I can't put the suit on because my arms are locked, yet I wear no restraints? Could somebody please help? Edit: Every time I try to upgrade my rubber suit, it does an infinite loop of the unequip dialog boxes of the gas mask and suit and the equip dialog boxes of the suit and gas mask (them fusing and being impossible to take off). I don't know how to fix and is frustrating
  13. Farmer isn't up my alley, and I don't really have much time to set up TTW for Zeta or the others. They sound really good and it sounds like I'm missing out, but I have to wait until I got the time. Captured was perfect though. Powerful females being captured and raped (and potentially being corrupted into liking their new fates) is something I love and you hit it spot on.
  14. My good man @pepertje do you still plan to support Fertile Breeder or has all focus moved onto Boston Breeder? Even with the few bugs I ran into, this was a superb mod and the writing and scenarios in this and Fertile Breeder: Captured were perfect. Sorry if you posted the answer some place else, I don't get on that much and don't have much time to spare
  15. Stuck on Callvile quest "The Black Veil." I spoke with Roithar and told the priest about it, but nothing happens when it comes time to attack at Sundown Edit: I ended up using console commands to get past the stage but missed out on killing the mayor and such.
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