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  1. NVSE Extender (aka NX)

    This is a plugin for NVSE, providing new script functions for modders.
    This FOMOD install requires my custom FOMM build from right here @ loverslab. The original/vanilla FOMM will not install executable files like dll's. At least, if I remember correctly, it won't. I don't know if NMM will install them either.
    Extender Version: 18
    Released: 5-Jan-2019
    Requires NVSE 4.5.7 or later
    Project source code: nvse extender. Send myself or jaam a message here or there if you'd like to contribute to the project. We are both admins.
    What does it do?
    NVSE Extender provides additional functions available to modders. Some will provide information via the console as well. It uses the save/load notifications to save (and load!) its data whenever the game is saved.
    How do I install it?
    Download the FOMOD for the version you want and install it with FOMM. You do not need the other files, and you only need ONE fomod.
    Advanced users:
    What functions are available?
    There are many functions available. I need to redo this documention to list and explain them all.
    Current implemented function list:
    Can I include this with my mod, upload it elsewhere, etc?
    Sure. You can do whatever you want with it.
    If you screw up your players by installing an older version than they already have, you deserve a slap. If you upload it somewhere else and claim to be the author, you can field the bug reports and write the fixes, while rotting in hell.
    I'm all about letting people do whatever they want with stuff I create, but be responsible about it and don't be a dick.
    What does the future hold?
    Many other functions are planned, they are discussed in the support thread.



  2. BodyMorph

    A new version of this mod is available here.
    Introducing for your modding pleasure, BodyMorph, by A.J. and myself.
    This is a body modification library that allows body parts to be scaled, in realtime, for the player and for individual NPCs. You can think of it as a sort of "back end" that allows adjustment up and down of 16 (at present) bones. Note that as this is a beta/wip, not all bones yet have morphs, and some that do exist may not work correctly.
    The interface is primarily UDF driven with very few functions required for basic support.
    Of course, the full sourcecode is hosted here on git.loverslab.com and the wiki is already populated with enough documentation to get rolling.
    Just use FOMM and let it overwrite what it needs to. This will, at most, be the skeleton -- A.J. has created us a new custom skeleton, with all the bones we believe we need, as well as a ton of new ones that this mod uses to achieve the actual bodypart scaling.
    Players will need a "bodymorph aware" mod for this to do anything for them, it's similar to sexout in that regard, though if they wish to experiment with it the console can be used to manipulate the NX variables on the player or any other actor.
    Please see the first reply in the support thread, by A.J., for a demo plugin that can adjust the player scales -- and a fancy video!
    Modders should see the wiki for more detailed documentations and a simple example.
    - 13 bones (Breasts, ForeArms, Hands, Head, Neck, Neck1, Pelvis, Penis, Shoulders, Spine, Spine1, Spine2, UpperArms)
    - 13 sizes per bone, from 0.70 to 1.30 in steps of 0.05.
    - Large morphs, or many small morphs on one character, result in subtle height changes. We are working on thi
    A.J. deserves all credit for this, as simple player-only morphing is something I and many others struggled with in FONV for a long time, and got nowhere. The skeleton and all the morphs are painstakingly created by A.J., I'm just the code monkey that wrote the ESP scripts, and an FNVEdit script to make my ESP authoring easier.



  3. NVSE

    This is a custom build of NVSE, required by the alpha/beta versions of the NVSE Extender.
    It will remain here until ianpatt or one of the other Silverlock guys updates the official NVSE download page with this version, or a newer version with the features from this one.
    I do extremely minor work on this myself, you can thank jaam for most of what gets done here! I'm only making the download page to keep the question/support issues about this version of NVSE in the Extender support thread to a minimum.



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