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  1. Unfortunately, I do not yet know how to help you with physics 3bbb, because I still use. However, I see that you like curvy women a little, and I can recommend one mod to you, and in particular the weight gain mod from coldsteelj. Not that I like these things, but it allows you to create extra large round breasts, which is what he bought me.
  2. Physics hdt, and indeed any physics in general is a very good thing, having tried it once, you can no longer play without it. without it, the body will seem unnatural to you
  3. Tall girl from Res. Evil Village trying in Skyrim
  4. By the way, I've also been fond of modifying fallout lately. Please attach pictures of your results, I think we would like to see them
  5. Not that this was in the plans, but I can try to transfer a couple of pa-followers to sse, soon
  6. New yaer and my new follower here: "here"
  7. @DKnight13 I want to ask what textures you put in the cbbe pack, just the original maximum cbbe gave only body textures, where did you get the textures of the hands and head?
  8. I was able to download the file after I logged into my Google account. For those who want to be confidential, this can be a problem
  9. This is the same preset I am used for the test and attached above
  10. LE collisions test 2020-11-17 15-40-46.mp4 2020-11-17 15-50-38.mp4 2020-11-17 15-53-10.mp4
  11. Here it is, drop it into the bodyslide Presets folder. For such a smooth body I use Maximum CBBE MinReal.xml
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