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  1. Skjall

    CBBE / BodySlide and Outfit Studio

    Since I decided to play Skyrim again, I decided to mod SSE instead oldrim, and I think I have question, most likely from the n00b category. Is there a decent way to convert my old uunp body shape to CBBE and to keep at least minimal semblance to the old one ? I mean instead of starting from scratch. TYVM in advance.
  2. Meme with a beard is still a meme. Also, you suffered for 6 hours before finally succumbing to the need of response. That's a feat in it's own OK. Time to lurk again.
  3. Sweet baby Jesus. It actually works. Mostly I'd marry you and bear your children for this, but since I'm a dude, bearing children is not an option.
  4. Skjall

    Tutorials too difficult

    Son, if you have no idea what esm files are and what to do with them, you have much greater problems than supposedly vague mod descriptions. I'd advise starting with simple weapon or armour adding mods, re-textures, and learning absolute basics of modding.
  5. It might have been answered somewhere but unfortunately I failed to find it. What's causing constant dialog if I want to add some npc to valid fourplay companions, not allow him or do nothing? This pops out all the time and I can't figure out what's causing this. It completely blocks normal speech tree. thanks in advance Edit: It had to be some hiccup. Later that day I managed to make Preston my buddy, which unlocked standard dialogue again. But why it looped for so long is still beyond me.
  6. Yessshhh. The first one did the trick. My game for some bizarre reason refuses to aknowledge simple ini settings changes. This in-game changer did the trick. TYVM.
  7. OK. I think I have hit the wall here. All my camera settings in fallout.ini are set to 0. I even made it read only. I also added [camera] code to other potentially important files. And yet 3rd person camera refuses to position itself behind my head. Are there any mods/UI elements/animations/scripts able to override my camera settings without me noticing ? And if so, are there any known specific camera abusers out there ?
  8. SPERG also has it's own unarmed combat. Go to it's options and change automatic to manual. You'll get two fists in inventory and you will stop "entering combat" every time game wants to restrict you.
  9. That's why we need MCM check-boxes to tick either rnd/ineed progression or keep it vanilla 1-2-3-4 stage for Airianna and others not using any needs mods. Just like an on/off box for drunk visuals we already have.
  10. It will not make a difference. I noticed exact same effects you describe unfortunately. It will not. Drinks from RND are "different" from standard vanilla drinks. We will need a patch to link drinks from Drunk with effects and actual bottles from needs mods. This mod is already good at it's current state, but it appears we need to tinker with it's code a little bit more to make it truly awesome.
  11. Skjall

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    I know this is completely irrelevant to the topic, but is this Hitman's elf as your desktop wallpaper ?
  12. Great idea. But please remember to add RN&D compatibility. There are already few levels of inebriation, blurry screen effects, and a stumbling walk animation when drunk. There's also a blackout when you pass out. Definitely will have an eye for a mod.
  13. Nexus user base is a cesspool. One should use it only for downloading files, before they get taken down and refrain from dealing with most of it's users.
  14. Skjall

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Dude, you deserve respect from the people of the street. Waiting patiently
  15. No wonder, she's sad. Who would be heartless enough to shoot such a nice bunny. Cuteness overdose