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  1. found a spelling bug, arantale says "oh crab" and it should be "oh crap" this is found while doing the conveyor ride
  2. there is another thing to check. make sure your bodyslide is the latest version. i had the issue listed above, but when i got the newest version of bodyslide it fixed the issue for me.
  3. you might try uploading your game log so someone can look and see what is actually going on in your game, you maybe getting stack and script dumps which someone here may be able to help you get fixed.
  4. this has to be an issue with LAL SE. since i dont have that issue with the LE version and DCL 8.5 or 9.0 beta 3 i didnt have the issue with 8.5 on LE either so it must have been an issue with the port of either LAL or something being different in DCL 8.5 SE
  5. i have read the book you get outside in the courtyard of helgen, went intside and started the chloe quest upto the point of freeing her and then used the activator (looks like the pile of ash) went in to the spider cave killed the spiders talked to hadvar/rolor and then got the quest to go to riverwood. talked to chloe about having to go to the meadery after talking to hadvar and had both quests update properly. you have to get it removed then talk to chloe to advance that part
  6. you can complete both, there is a "pile of ash" on the floor that allows you to bypass the collapse and still talk to hadvar/rolof when you get to them, unless if it got broken in beta 3
  7. @Kimy i have a suggestion for a feature in the MCM, which is a set all to 0 and one to set all to default button. the reason i am asking is, when i start a game via AS:LAL i set all the settings to 0 so that it doesnt try to equip items right at the begining. and doing each setting manually only takes a few seconds, but having an all 0/default click feature would be, IMO, a nice feature to have.
  8. have you considered using DDC which is now part of DD 5.0/.1 for the furniture? it might make it easier to for pc/npc placement in the furniture since occasionally i get the misalignment with the ZaZ furniture which is used with SCB.
  9. did you set the slave collar to anything above 0, if so it is causing, atleast for me, the whore collar to be equipped
  10. not sure if i should post this here or on the extensions mod page. i have a suggestion for a game were the owner will walk through town with the player following behind, they could go to 3 or more (set via a slider) shops. with options of wearing a full set of dds such as a gag, blindfold, arm binder/yoke and the rubber set (gloves, boots, and suit) or naked with the gag, blindfold, and arm binder/yoke. could have it more likely to happen after visiting high harathgar and being confirmed as the dragonborn.
  11. not sure why she isnt moved to the followerfaction when you are on the quest prophet since she has the recruit and dismiss commands and you can have her do normal follower things. might have to wait until after the dawnguard quest line is complete
  12. is it possible to add serana to the list of supported followers? after doing the first mission which for the vampires is bloodstone chalice or for the dawnguard which is recruiting the 2 missing dawnguard members serana becomes a follower that you can dismiss and also has her version of a follow me dialog, but the mod doesnt recconize that she is now able to be a follower. says she isnt part of the follower faction.
  13. @Kimy sasha is a good follower and with her as a dom follower there is some fun things and sayings from her. but i feel there should be more to having her as a follower/dom follower. not sure if you feel that there should be more to do while she is a follower. maybe she could have some quests that start only while she is a follower. different dialog depending on if she is in dom mode. could lead to doing some of the quests from her mother ie the arrears or the advertising quest. maybe even one that has her and the player go to each city and she locks the player in a
  14. i have had it installed long before this play through, and have the rag dolls set to realistic as well.
  15. most people who disable the plugin for xpmse will do it at the beginning of their play through. with disabling dcl plugin at the begining i have had 0 issues with it as of now, if i do have issues later i still have a save before i installed dcl 9.0 which again only has LAL, skyui, UNPB (UUNP) racemenu and USLEP. i always start a new profile (vortex) this way. it also means that i end up with about 4 saves before i start a play though. i am sure when 9.0 comes out of beta this will be fixed, or if needed i can always load 8.5 to get the mcm then switch to 9.0
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