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  1. sorry to Bother You Again, I can't find the option. Is it possible to include some capture of where I should find it
  2. any patch for bodyslide, preferably uunp bodies?
  3. excuse my ignorance, but how do I do that? these are commands or are in the MCM menu
  4. I love your mod, but I would like to ask your help or the community. I don't like the belly of my npc to be inflated absurdly, this causes the character model to deform, in some cases has grown so much that it has caused the game to close abruptly, I have the option to disable belly growth? I should note that I am using version 11-02-2019
  5. someone with all the clothes and armor on the original page are down.
  6. several of the files are down, does anyone have the entire collection to download?
  7. thank you for sharing your work, have you thought about doing an all-in-one, with the mod you have done. Not to occupy so many slots
  8. do not know if it has been talked about before, so I apologize before for the double post I have downloaded several costumes that contain the files bodyslide with typography chinese or Korean, but the Bodyslide is not recognizing the displays as blank spaces; I can do to recognize them?
  9. Thank you for this wonderful set of clothes for our chicaas. A question, hen actualizaras to the version 2 UUNP of this fantastic mod?
  10. It is possible to do to transform this mod in uunp http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1425.html
  11. A big shout out to the members of this forum, my English is not very but I hope you will help me.I'm looking for tutorials how to create clothes for the sims 4; you change the textures but I would like to create my own models. I've managed to find some but they are for the sims 3 (do you serve the same tutorials?(. If someone can help me very grateful in advance
  12. There are some version uunp of the clothes? I found one perso does not work the slideweight and now that you added more things it would be interesting to see them
  13. As a side note: You really should upgrade the 1.61b. The only reason people have "problems" with 1.61b is either not updating other related mods (only 2 mods I know of that don't work with SL1.60+ - check here) or not following the instructions to upgrade. It is not for the mods that I use, I don't want to start the animations
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