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  1. SO i have downloaded the se version of your animations and it would appear that there is a problem with slal and sexlab or your tags for the actors because the C.anims for example the horse on table are not in sex lab but i was able to spot them in the aroused creature aggresive section but only in the all section not in the horses one.


  2. Good idea but...maybe I have no such time to finish before halloween come unless making some short anim😂
  3. hey is the body physics from the phyche animation available for special edition? thanks

    1. PsycheHHH


      Nope, but......there is a close effect body physics for SE which you can ask "yundao" on Nexus :)

  4. Thanks for your great advice. To be honest, I have no such of time to focus on tags, mostly I focus on animation itself, testing it and remaking it. So, tag issue is always the shortage of my animations. 😂 If possible, could you help me to fix that issue? I will upload your PsycheAnimation.json version to the download page. Sourcefile can be found in thread page 16. (or wait to Sept.2nd till I upload the new slal version) Thanks!
  5. Not mine, someone has asked the author for SE version, but the author offline for a year.
  6. yes, but not for SE, I think it just changes the particle position of emission point.
  7. Tons of thanks for your incredible suggestions 1.In my early work it didn't consider immersion indeed. 2.Absolutely agree with you, but I made it follow my mind, yeah I noticed it seems too much and welcome to support me for other ideas🙂 3.About stages, I really tired of those rigid anims which got all same position. What I wanna do is to make a particular series of anims and I think there is no absolutely immersion when playing animations right? 4.Sorry for my ignorance, could you share me a link of OsmelMC's mod? I seldom focus on other mods.
  8. It's not my mod but a Chinese author in 9dm.com, I don't really know about that, sry.
  9. maybe I forgot edit xml in fomod, but it has new animations
  10. errrrr just be sure you have all requirement set up (SEXLAB, Sexlab animation loader, Fnis). If you mean you can't see the table or something during animations, you may have unclicked "AnimObject" of fomod during set up.
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