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  1. maybe I forgot edit xml in fomod, but it has new animations
  2. errrrr just be sure you have all requirement set up (SEXLAB, Sexlab animation loader, Fnis). If you mean you can't see the table or something during animations, you may have unclicked "AnimObject" of fomod during set up.
  3. Usually I will update previews first, then update animations pack in next month.
  4. I try many way but still no luck, I can't figure it out😓
  5. That expression available only in my preset, so I don't know how to extract it.
  6. Maybe I will separate it by using fomod in V1.1.4 when I notice my animations grow a little bit huge.
  7. OK, I will delete that links, maybe even WIP lol. thank you my bro!
  8. Toooooons of thank for your advice!!! I'm looking for tutorial to make mod, but most of them just tell me how to level design, navmesh, create a npc......but script part is hard to find (I think), I really appreciate it if you share some examples for me.😀
  9. using sexlab tools can edit their tag, or you can edit it in SLAnim\json\PsycheAnimation.json
  10. Helpful, but how to make the npc in ZazFurniture play animation from static to react, just Actor.PlayAnimation("struggle") and then turn back? (Sry im a noob modder😂)
  11. Alright, if I let npc play idle animation with object (like my furniture anim) without using furniture, hitting makes her change idle to struggle (also with object), is that available?
  12. Recently I wanna do a mod about whipping. I don't know if it is realizable: When a NPC stuck at furniture (like tara's furniture), the other can hit the npc by whip or punch but with no damage, just play react animation like struggle, npc can play different animation, also voice according to weapon type when npc get hit. I think the main process is: NPC use device->play idle animation. (like tara's furniture idle animation) NPC get hit->play struggle animation. NPC struggle animation end->return to idle animation. Anybody know how to do it? I really want it!
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