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  1. I checked my last Exception File and it gave me this. <desyncdata>Exception while running interaction Interaction &lt;class 'sims4.tuning.instances.painting_View_Passive'&gt; on object_sculpture:0x023f0701a871014a; id:9429, sim: (AttributeError: 'object_sculpture' object has no attribute 'get_focus_bone')&#xD; so my question is how do i find this Objects that is causing this last Exception File ? Or is the Sim the problem ? i already searched through the internet but couldn't find an answer to my problem so i decided to make a new Thread. Thanks lastException.txt
  2. Hi everyone ! I got an issue with my Last Exception File but only if i start a Social Event from Brittpinkesims . I get this orange Box telling me some of my mods is causing issues and looking at my Last Exception File i see a lot of WickedWohoo but since i don't really now how to detect what mod is causing a conflict with WickedWohoo i'm asking here for help . It only appears when i start a CC Event like the Brittpinkiesims Graduation Event when i'm not playing it everything works fine. And i downloaded the new Updates for all my Mods Here is my Last Exception File lastException.txt